[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • No matter which Libreelec version I use, I get freezes when using FTP streaming with some files (the file won't even start, only the loading icon spins endlessly). How can I find out where the problem is? I'm using Filezilla FTP Server. When using the flashed original Android and Kodi 16 everything works fine.

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  • are we still using Kodi Krypton release with this LE version? I can not find these information in first post and google search is also not useful. I am asking because of my external database which got created with "LE 8.0-8.0.2.d" and other clients on Kodi Krypton.

  • Yes, LE 8.x is Kodi Krypton. I don't provide Kodi Leia images and won't do so at least until Kodi 18 reaches alpha stage.

  • kszaq , great build as always. Works nice with Play2. Is possible to add full wp2 remote buttons support in your build like in raybuntu builds ? Now few buttons does not works (I can't map in keymap editor app).

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  • zbigzbig20 My builds grab remote.conf from Android and automatically remap buttons. Not all of them are covered for all remotes, simple because I don't have all the remotes or because it would interfere with other remotes. For WP2 you can download remote.conf from official LE, reboot and all buttons should work:

    cd /storage/.config
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/master/projects/WeTek_Play_2/filesystem/etc/amremote/remote.conf
  • Hi,

    I also stil can't connect to PC samba shares since I updated from 8.0.2e to 8.1.2 (just returned from holidays)


  • I'm trying to update via SSH - update folder and reboot via putty command. I'm temporarily on a wireless network while on vacation and cannot connect to either SSH or putty. Both the kodi box -S905X, 2g/8g and laptop are on the same network via wireless, but don't see each other - ie: kodi box is not shown in Network Locations under This PC in Windows 10. I have set up the kodi box with a static IP. using IPV4.

    I have tried to find some answers on how to connect by searching Google, but am drawing a blank. Can anyone suggest a way to connect via wireless from laptop to the kodi box?

    MXIII-G, M8 and Beeklink MXIII Plus LE 8.2.2 - Demetris, Mecool M8S Pro+/Abox A1, Abox A1 Max Coreelec 9.0.2. Thanks to all.

  • This is most likely a setting on you router / wireless access point. Mine disallows wireless clients to connect to each other by default as a security measure.

    Wetek Hub: LibreElec (Philips 42PFL8404)
    MK808B+: LibreElec (Samsung UE55H6270)
    OTT MXQ Pro 4k (S905): LibreElec (Denon X1200W, 7.1, LG PF1500G)
    AKASO HM8 (S905X): CoreElec 9.0 dev build, Acer Revo 3610: Milhouse test

  • Samba working fine for me on 8.1.3 (Mini MX 2G). Never had a samba issue, been using all builds and updating via samba each time.

  • Samba working fine for me on 8.1.3 (Mini MX 2G). Never had a samba issue, been using all builds and updating via samba each time.

    Same here.

    Nexbox A95X 1GB Ram 8GB Rom Amlogic S905X
    JVC 55" 4k UHD 3D Smart TV
    JVC 40" 3D Blu-ray Sound bar

  • After installing new KODI BUILDS On my X96 the 8.1.2 everything workes great. With 8.1.3 build system crashes after installation of new KODI builds and get a black screen. I did not had any problems with the 8.1.2 Libreelec version. Great job sofar. It would be great if it was possible to get an stable KODI version for Android X96. In Android KODI version, screen is stuttering. also after using Ares Wizard advanced settings and special Advanced settings. With Libreelec movies are not stuttering at all when Ares Wizard advanced settings are done. So Libreelec 8.1.2 version works perfectly on x96.

  • Quote
    3D switching sometimes causes a crash

    Since I have a 3D TV and the restarts are kinda annoying...

    Can I somehow help to solve this problem?

    Logs? Good thing is, for me the crashes seems to occur every time I switch from 3D to 2D ;)

    Another thing I discovered today was, that I had a movie I wasn't able to switch off the subtitles.

    The subs were present with two files, one idx and one sub.

    Only of I changed the extension of the sub, the subtitles weren't present anymore.

    Subtitles within the options were disabled all the time. For testing I changed them to on and saved the setting for every movie.

    After that disabled it again and saved for every movie again, too.

    With VLC on my PC, I was able to disable the subs, so they weren't hard-coded.

    Can't say, if this is this build specific thought.

    Edit: Oh, if anything like format info is needed, tell me. Personally I haven't found anything strange within (traces of subs f but example), but I am no expert.

    Edit 2: I was just reminded...

    Sometimes, right after the start, I have the problem, that the volume is turned all the way up and I can't change it.

    A restart solves this everytime (never had it twice) and it only occurs on start, not while using kodi.

    Device1: Wetek Hub: LibreElec by kszaq 8.1.3
    Device2: FireTV Stick + SMPC 16.4.2
    Device3: MK808B+: LibreELEC (kszaq)

  • I've made LE running on my new Mini M8S II (2GB RAM) with S905X, but it's pretty slow. At the moment it's running on a MicroSD card.

    How can I improve the performance.

    It is also not clear to me, which device tree I have to use, as I'm still using the default one.

    What is the correct one and what are the differences? Thanks.