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    I have shortly made some benchmark comparing eMMC and microSD (Mini M8S II).

    16GB eMMC:

    read 43,1MB/s

    write 19,9MB/s

    16GB Lexar microSD (LSDMI16GBBEU633A):

    read 50,8MB/s

    write 24,3MB/s

    For the Mini M8S II mediaplayer I see no reason why moving LE to internal.

    I've made LE running on my new Mini M8S II (2GB RAM) with S905X, but it's pretty slow. At the moment it's running on a MicroSD card.

    How can I improve the performance.

    It is also not clear to me, which device tree I have to use, as I'm still using the default one.

    What is the correct one and what are the differences? Thanks.