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    You may be not so sensitive to that problem. I assure you it's there and it's not specific to that encode I've linked.

    Sometimes it stutters but sometimes not doesn't make much sense for me.

    here is the video i captured while playing your test file, there is no drops based on the codecinfo


    just tried the file using and LE9, it's a hit or miss, sometimes it stutters but sometimes not. so not sure if it's specific on that encode.

    i always watch movies with subtitles on and doesn't encounter the stutters at all. 95% of the files are 1080p scene rips with external .srt. All have the standard 23.96.

    You are running LE9 which is not even on alpha stage.

    There is no perfect box.

    Thanks, not sure how Gendo's LE9 build managed to fix that.


    i may found the issue. its the inputstream addon.

    Starting with a fresh install of Kodi.
    Add-ons>Download>Install from repo>Kodinerds>Addon repo>Netflix addon repo>Install
    Back to Install from repo>Netflix>Video>Netflix>Install>0.12.6>Ok
    Open Netflix>Login>Enjoy =D

    -> this works

    since we have auto update enabled, once inputstream addon gets updated automatically. then netflix will not work anymore. not sure why its incompatible with your build.

    I will try again. Just FYI, i just tried using your devel build and netflix works.

    I have a TX3 pro running LE9

    Gendo's build installed on internal

    Adam's build installed on usb

    Just to give the steps I did

    1. Install latest build on fresh usb

    2. Libreelec booted fine.

    3. Fixed some settings like time and network.

    4. Noticed that inputstream is disabled. I've enabled and updated.

    5. Installed Netflix Repo and then installed Netflix addon.

    6. Logged in successfully, tried to play a video, netflix tries to play to it. Screen hangs then after about a minute Kodi restarts, but not LE.

    7. Tried this command --- curl -Ls | bash

    8. Restarted the box then tried playing a video again but same result.

    Local and network videos played fine, I have no issues except for netflix not working.

    Here are the debug logs, I've captured

    LibreELEC:~ # paste /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log


    LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | paste


    Just for troubleshooting I tried installing Gendo's on the same USB, and netflix is ok.

    fresh installed latest build on usb. installed latest netflix version. after clicking netflix video it tries to play, but eventually crashes kodi.

    one thing i've noticed is inputstream adaptive is disabled after fresh install, you need to enable addon then update.

    LibreELEC:~ # paste /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log


    LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | paste


    same video works on Gendo's LE9 build.