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    Hi zmokkie

    I see now difference. It is just as fast as on SDcard. So I think SDcard installation works perfect on X96. And when you want to use Android again, you only have to use boot from android in power menu. I would not advice to install to internal, because it is not faster.

    So I have tried it, but now it is not possible anymore to recover to Android again. Not with TWRP and not with USB burning tool. I only stuck in X96 bootlogo when entering reset button. And when usb image is not visible anymore, it is not possible to write the factory image back.

    I tried to install to internal with SSH. Now X96 works without SDcard.

    But when I try to go back to Android it is not possible anymore. I have used a toothpick for the resetbutton in AV port. X96 Boot logo appears. But TWRP recovery does not start and Internal recovey do not start. It only hangs in Boot logo. I tried via SSH command reboot recovery. Again X96 logo appears but hangs in it. Is there another possibility to install Android again?

    Version 8.1.5 is working perfectly on X96 2GB. Now I am going to try installation on internal. I have to find out how SSH works. I will let you know if it all works.

    On SD it works great. The standard remote control is also working great with this version. And shuttdown is working good too. TV is changing mode to earlier HD port. It is even possible to change language to the same language as TV. Great job.

    After installing new KODI BUILDS On my X96 the 8.1.2 everything workes great. With 8.1.3 build system crashes after installation of new KODI builds and get a black screen. I did not had any problems with the 8.1.2 Libreelec version. Great job sofar. It would be great if it was possible to get an stable KODI version for Android X96. In Android KODI version, screen is stuttering. also after using Ares Wizard advanced settings and special Advanced settings. With Libreelec movies are not stuttering at all when Ares Wizard advanced settings are done. So Libreelec 8.1.2 version works perfectly on x96.