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    3D switching sometimes causes a crash

    Since I have a 3D TV and the restarts are kinda annoying...

    Can I somehow help to solve this problem?

    Logs? Good thing is, for me the crashes seems to occur every time I switch from 3D to 2D ;)

    Another thing I discovered today was, that I had a movie I wasn't able to switch off the subtitles.

    The subs were present with two files, one idx and one sub.

    Only of I changed the extension of the sub, the subtitles weren't present anymore.

    Subtitles within the options were disabled all the time. For testing I changed them to on and saved the setting for every movie.

    After that disabled it again and saved for every movie again, too.

    With VLC on my PC, I was able to disable the subs, so they weren't hard-coded.

    Can't say, if this is this build specific thought.

    Edit: Oh, if anything like format info is needed, tell me. Personally I haven't found anything strange within (traces of subs f but example), but I am no expert.

    Edit 2: I was just reminded...

    Sometimes, right after the start, I have the problem, that the volume is turned all the way up and I can't change it.

    A restart solves this everytime (never had it twice) and it only occurs on start, not while using kodi.

    People having issues with audio:

    • have you seen "Updating device tree from [i]device tree name[/i]" on update screen?
    • can you try manually replacing device tree if you run from SD card?

    1. dtb.img gives me error message, no system image found (or similar). The gxbb_....dtb file won't even be tried.

    2. Trying right now, but need to know where to look. (Asking google right now ;) ) found it :rolleyes: Trying right now
    Edit: Manual replacement is working

    I have a 3D TV, how can I test the new feature? (I have to change the mode myself and I only can use sbs and hou)

    Another thing that never happend to me before ...
    After updating (incl. device tree) I have no sound anymore :(

    Edit: wait ... I just connected to my hub again to put another update file in the folder. THe old one was not deleted -> device tree haven't got updated.
    Edit 2: Updated by renaming to dtb.img, but still no sound
    Edit 3: Updating LE again.
    Edit 4: Still nothing. :( Sound with android works.

    Looking into the audio output settings, I only can choose "Pulseaudio" (Default, Bluetooth Audio). I am not sure, but I think this is the wrong one for me, I had this on the other setting before.
    Now it is grey and I can't change it anymore.
    Dev build was working fine.

    Using the "gxbb_p200_1G_wetek_hub.dtb" for updating wasn't possible for me, somehow.

    The fix will make it to a next build, both Jarvis and Krypton. I lowered the margin some time ago from 16 to 8 as it still fixed the video I had and I thought it was needed to fix memory usage. As it turned out the reason for high memory usage is different, we can bump the margin back to 16.

    Yesterday I found I post from you, where you mention two other settings to change for a nicer 4k HVEC playback:

    Is this recommended for high bitrate FHD HVEC files too?

    According to your switch to the krypton build, I think amlogic released the necessary drivers/kernel (whatever)?
    I have read a while ago, that krypton and s905/amlogic can't play together nicely yet because of some incompatibilitys?

    mergleb Perhaps. Try running it from a different stick or SD card.

    Stimmenhotel It can be very short but has to reproduce your issue. Last time I got a sample it was only 20MB but perfect to test.

    Tested it again. If 280-350MB is too much, you can tell me.
    Upload should be finished the next 20 minutes. I will put a log in the folder too (MEGA-Folder, check PM can't send you PMs :( )

    Here is the folder, tell me if I can delete it.

    it is freezing after 4sec everytime.

    Just tested another movie ... Same thing. But I think I was able to watch HVEC already. At least I tested to play it, somewhere before .008.

    I have a new series on my NAS.
    This time it is a HEVC one in fullhd.

    I know hvec is working for other files.
    Checking the known issues, I checked the bitrate of my series. (See below)

    I will get sound as normal, but the picture freezes after a few seconds.
    Is this the following issue? My system still can be controled.

    • Opening some high bitrate HEVC files/streams may lead to system lock - this is a bug in Amlogic hardware decoder memory allocation code.

    What Android? This is LibreELEC only build. There's no Android here...Or Am I missing something?

    I am using the wetek hub, android on nand and libre on sd.
    The same error was shown to me and I was told to fix it by setting the right resulotion in android.
    Worked for me.
    I bet here are many wetek hub users right now ^^
    I can't decide between this and wrxtasy version for the hub

    Oh yes, on .004 I can't shutdown libreelec/the device propally.
    The power indicator still remains blue (on) and the hub is not responding to any key commands.
    Don't know if this is this version or libreelec or maybe only the hub.

    Hi Jed
    Resolution and refresh rate are 2 different subjects/options here. Go into Kodi settings and turn off adjust display refresh rate to match movie. I may or may not be right but without really knowing your TV's capabilities i am guessing the refresh rate changes to match the video but the tv cannot play the movie or stream that the tv cannot display.
    There are settings to sync to display but just google about these settings in kodi.
    Good luck.

    Change TVs display refresh rate needs a compatible TV?
    I used this feature on my mk808b+ without problems. (maybe it wasn't working after all?)

    I will try by turning it off again.

    I have disabled the two settings for syncing the display rate.
    "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" and "Sync Playback to Display"
    Did not help... :(
    I will try to create a log tomorrow.

    Okay, I have a Philips FullHD TV...
    1080p should be no problem at all.
    Automaticly libre starts with 720p resulution, if I try to change it to 1080p graphical glitches apperar. Similar to the ones deezel posted.

    Now I tested a movie. FullHD and it looks the same as I would switch to 108ßp resolution.

    Another thing..
    On this build and on the on by wrxtasy I have a grapical glitch on the right side of the picture. There are a few pixels of the left side, that are missing on the left side itself. (picture moved a few pixels to the left, the cutted part is shown on the right)
    Edit: Have to check if this occours on android too...

    This is on android too, no libreelec problem (Still any ideas?)
    There was a setting on my TV that fixed it. (Overscan?)

    If any logs are nessesary, please tell me.

    MK808B+ updated and no problems or lost settings.

    Fresh installation + south park addon out of the official kodi repo -> audio stutters
    After changing a few settings in the system->audio tab the stutters are gone. (I have to look which exact settings that was)

    Changing any of the sync hz with tv etc haven't worked. V-Sync either.
    Changing the synv with tv setting, were I can change a time to wait, helped a litte, but the sound was gone for a period and then was okay. (Hope you can understand what I mean)

    So, the only settings I really needed to chagen were inside the audio settings.

    You are right, maybe I choosed the wrong one.
    Is kodi creating one everytime I play something?
    When will the zip be created?

    This time I checked it before uploading.
    Played a few streams after another. (just for max 30 sec.)
    for example the last one was stuttering until sec. 20.
    the one before wasn't stuttering at all, BUT! the kodi navigation/notification sounds. (WI stopped the stream everytime, no playing in backgorund).
    I discovered, if the kodi sound is ok, then the stream will stutter. IF the kodi sound stutters, the stream will be okay.