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    Since updating from version to any version above (, and i realize lags on certain live tv channels (using vu+ addon). These lags only appear when switching to a certain tv provider, all other channels or providers are playing without lags. After downgrading to version the channels of this provider are playing without any lags. Any idea?

    Just found this post but could not test it yet. Maybe a solution:

    [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

    Quote from Vigilant

    I found a solution for those who want to use hyperion-addon on this build. You must reduce the polling frequency of aml-grabber to 10 Hz. This is enough for normal operation.

    no. but you could use it to connect to any source (4k, HDR) and an external grabber solution (grabber+RPI).


    Source (whatever including 4k and HDR)--> vertex -->

    vertex out a to TV (4k and HDR);

    vertex out b (scaled to 1080) to converter - > grabber --> RPI (running LE and the Hyperion addon) --> leds

    As far as I know the vertex is the only hardware solution which can put out 4k + HDR on one HDMI outlet and simultanously 1080p on another HDMI outlet.


    I connected a hd44780 display (20x4) via i2c to a raspberry pi 1 rev 2. The i2c uses a PCF8574A chip. the port of the i2c is 0x27.

    I have installed both LCDproc addons and set hd44780 as driver in the LE LCDproc addon.

    Further i enabled i2c in the config.txt:

    my LCDd.config looks like that:

    ls /dev/ | grep i2c outputs:


    If i disable the LCDproc and enable it again the other addon displays, that it is connectet.

    However the display only shows squares in line 1 and 3. I dont even get a welcome message.

    Could anybody help me please?