[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • hey guys I have this running on the h96 pro dongle. My Bluetooth does not work. Is this down to the device tree I have downloaded?

  • Have you reboot your box after changing these settings?! Sometimes i´ve to do it. Try select on picture 1 the HDMI output.

  • Thank you for your work but its still not working with IR remote after update :(

  • That solved it! I didn't think that ticking True-HD would disable sound completely! Thanks a lot!

    You are not going to be able to passthrough DTS-HD MA and Dolby True-HD via optical .

  • - deinterlacing - noise reduction is permanently disabled in this version

    Does this fix the weird issue you get when watching live tv where the image looks like its degrading image?

  • Yes it's a deinterlaced picture fix that will remove picture ghosting and possibly sharpen up the image.

    You can do it yourself:

    echo 0 > /sys/module/di/parameters/nr2_en

  • HI wrxtasy

    I am running on my U9-h. I am using it only for playing 24p 4k HDR movies via NAS. Is noice reduction on by default in even

    playing only 24p material ?

    If I install your build above. Do I get any picture quality improvements regarding sharpness then ? Noice reduction off ?

    The chroma and bit depth setting above. Does not the system switch to this mode automatic playing 24p 4k HDR content even in ?

    Thank you for your help and fantastic work with the builds.

  • ** WARNING ** always do a LE .tar backup using LE Settings and save the file from the Backup folder to an external PC/Mac:


    Noise reduction is usually only enabled when hardware deinterlacing. ie when viewing OTA deinterlaced TV or deinterlaced DVD's.

    Turning it off permanently improves ghosting and smeariness when viewing that type of content, usually TV's do this type of picture post processing better.

    Chroma and bit depth usually has to be enabled via issuing a Terminal command after you have logged into LibreELEC.

    The new Kernel by default outputs 4:2:2 Chroma at 8 bit depth.

    I've added some options in Kodi Settings > System > Down the bottom > Community Features

    Based on GDPR-2 's Kodi Leia additions

    Simply enable 422,10bit if you are viewing 4K HDR 10bit content and want greater color depth to possibly reduce color banding.

    You can leave this enabled for regular SDR content as well, the kernel handles auto switching between REC.709 and BT.2020 for SDR and HDR.



    - there may be some Audio issues with this release after using audio passthrough. Straight 2.0 PCM audio is fine.

    - the previously jerky video playback when watching H264 OTA TV seems to have disappeared as well.

    (I'm using the Kodi PVR settings, Playback > fallback framerate option)

    - for those with a decent 2.1 only audio system and playing 5.1/7.1 audio downmixed to 2.0 PCM.

    Set the experimental "Include LFE in stereo downmix" audio option to 100% for extra audio punchiness from the subwoofer.

  • Thank you for the information.

    I use kszaq build which is working perfect with HD audio passthrough to my Marantz reciever. Can I with this build improve the picture

    quality by enable 422.10bit manually ? I am asking because I do not want to have any audio issues now when the passthrough is working so well

    with this build.

    If so.

    Using the command below via terminal SSH

    echo "echo '422,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr" >> /storage/.config/autostart.sh

    Will this be permanently added to autostart.sh ? I can reboot the Minix and autostart.sh is not changed back to default ?

    Sorry I am completely new to Linux but I am learning.

  • wrxtasy

    I'm having a hard time figuring out which kernel your build uses. Is it based on kszaq's builds?

    The automatic REC.709 and BT.2020 switching, does it normally run in 422,8bit and only switch to 422,10bit when HDR content is started?

    That would be perfect, because my TV switches into BT.2020 SDR mode when I run it at 444,10bit, which oversaturates everything.

  • Does suspend and wake up work correct on

    I enabled suspend in sleep.conf and my Minix U9 goes into standby immediatly (green light on).

    After hitting the power button, the blue light turns on, but I get no picture.

    Anyone having same issues or even a working setup?

  • Everything looks good except IR remote :(

    Audio in menu is a bit louder/different but optical passthrough (DTS) is working fine for me.

    Your build is great, i know its hard but can you try to fix ir again? Thank you

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  • I’ve just tried to update to this build (MEGA). and now my box won’t boot it is stuck on the mecool logo, it’s a m8s pro S912 and I updated from installed to internal.. how can I fix this? I can’t connect over the network


  • Yes it's a deinterlaced picture fix that will remove picture ghosting and possibly sharpen up the image.

    You can do it yourself:

    echo 0 > /sys/module/di/parameters/nr2_en

    Already have that set so it can't be that.

    See all the red dots everywhere gets worse the longer you leave it, happens with live tv or recorded live tv. I think it's a 25fps problem as it doesn't happen with anything else. Changing the channel for live tv or skipping forward or backward for recorded tv fixes it until it randomly happens again

  • wrxtasy, thank much for this terrific build, which makes it super easy for enabling 10/12-bit and keeping it that way through reboots/power on/off's. I'm not having any HD audio, including ATMOS/X, content, but have only tried a couple of test clips & movies so far.

  • Cheers hdmkv.

    The Audio issues I was having (complete silence) was after watching video content with 5.1 AC3 audio and then trying to listen to 2.0 PCM.

    Seem to be an issue with this new AML Linux Kernel - which for those reading is this ONE. I've also seen this issue reported elsewhere now as well.

    A dazed not sure what is going on there with your OTA TV viewing. It's possibly the new AML Kernel or you actually have a hardware defect, could even be an overheating issue. I've not seen such red dots when I've been watching mpeg2 or H264 TV.

    Wizzi07 it might be some sort of issue with a device tree. You might find newer compatible ones in the .img device trees folder included in the following post:

    [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

    If your device is cactus see the Freaktab forum and reflash Android Firmware with the USB Burning tool software:

    S912 - FreakTab.com

    Of course you will have to flash the image first to a SD card to access the device tree directory.

    The LE team and myself are not going to support or recommend Internal eMMC installs - there simply are too many people coming unstuck when doing it.

    The failsafe, bulletproof (if you do not use in Android - the AMLogic Burning tool) LE eMMC copy method is this:

    [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data