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    Could someone please tell me the relation between remote.conf file and actions in kodi?

    I'm using a harmony one plus remote, configured as "minix u9" and a matching remote.conf (I guess).

    I'm using kszaq's latest stable build -

    Some buttons bring up some actions within Kodi, but not always the actions they are supposed to.

    How or where can I reassign the buttons?

    Some hints on where to start would be appreciated.

    Does suspend and wake up work correct on

    I enabled suspend in sleep.conf and my Minix U9 goes into standby immediatly (green light on).

    After hitting the power button, the blue light turns on, but I get no picture.

    Anyone having same issues or even a working setup?

    I did some more investigation on the stuttering issues with german progressive tv channels (also the interlaced channels had some juddering - as if fps were missing):


    When using kszaq's latest stable build (Libreelec (2018-01-06) for S912), everything seems to be ok.

    Standard (default) settings in Kodi, hw acceleration turned to "always" for every option.

    h264 1280x720 TV channels run fine, hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing is used (playerprocessinfo shows me so) and I have no judders.
    h264 1920x1080i TV channels are also ok, no skipped / dropped frames.

    Output is set to 8bit (default).
    When set to 4:4:4 (4:2:2 or 4:2:0) 10 bit, I get the green screen you know and fixed in your build.

    When using your optimized build, I get the judders and stuttering I mentioned earlier.

    h264 1280x720 TV channels are unwatchable,

    1920x1080i channels have slight judders and deinterlacing errors.

    I also have a lot of dropped frames.
    Although playerprocessinfo tells me, hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing is used.

    Output is default, 8bit.
    When using 10bit output, the green screen issue is gone (you know about that), but hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing also do not work properly.

    Can I do more testing or provide you with more information?

    Is it a known issue, that progressive tv streams (like in germany ARD HD or ZDF HD) do not work correctly?

    I get very heavy stuttering and no audio?

    Is it a kernel / hardware decoding issue?

    Is there any command via SSH to see the actual output (8bit / 10bit / 12bit)?

    It's not that I don't believe my Minix U9 outputs 10 bit - but my TV gives very little info about it and my AVR (that did this before) is 1080p / 8bit only.

    So it would be nice to have these infos via SSH.