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    I haven't been around that long, still pretty unfamiliar with the update process of Libreelec. The subtitles patch i just dropped in the update folder, but how do I update the device tree?


    That's amazing! And so fast, thank you! So if I have the GPU overcloc options in my GUI I don't need to update the device tree?

    I'm also using Aeon Nox and the horizontal menu, and I can see tearing when sliding between the items, but it's no biggie, other than that everything is working great. Would I like to see it fixed? Sure! But I'm really grateful for all the work you guys put in and even if it never gets fixed, I'm fine with that! Cheers!

    Hey wrxtasy ! Any recent guide to move LE's data partition to internal eMMC storage? I'm running everything from SDCARD right now, but I'd love for my U9 to be even snappier.

    Would I have to reinstall anything?


    Edit: Would this guide still apply?

    [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data

    Just installed this on a Minix U9, everything's working except audio passthrough.

    Since my receiver don't support HDR I have to connect the Minix directly to my TV, and then I'm using an optical cable to my receiver.

    And the sound is working in Kodis GUI. I have three audio devices to choose from in "Audio output device" See below.

    But down in passthrough, the audio device is greyed out, and I can't choose, HDMI is pre-chosen and I get no sound at all.

    Just for the hell of it, I booted the Minix into Android and launched Kodi from there, and the only audio track available was "android audiotrack" on both regular audio device and passthrough device, and from there 5.1 passthrough is working!

    I've also made sure not to enable Sync to display, since I know that disables the passthrough.

    How can I get 5.1 passthrough working in Libreelec using an optical cable, since it working in Android on the same hardware it should work in Libreelec as well? Any ideas?


    Ok, so I've been reading up which box to buy, but I'm a little bit confused.

    So here's what I want the box to support.

    * Libraelec support (obviously :D)

    * 4K

    * HDR ( I have a Sony XE 9005)

    * Auto resfresh rate switching

    * Smooth interface in Kodi

    * Fast Wifi

    From what I've gathered the Minix U9 is shaping up to be a great contender. It seems to have all of the above?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the U9 och U9H?