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    You can not passthrough DTS HD-MA to your 55OLEDB7V because TV can not read this type of lossless audio stream. HDMI handchake information from your TV to the U9-H i saying " no I can not do this " and therefore no sound.

    When you use the USB test drive. The TV is decoding the core DTS file inside the container and you got DTS sound. But this is not lossless DTS-HD MA. It is corse DTS. This is for backwards compatibility.

    is it correct to say that all 1080p video will never be upscaled to 2160p using a 4k tv. It will be passtrough to the TV to upscale.

    The setting in Kodi: " .Enable HQ scalers for scaling above 20% " will be overrided.''

    Thank you wrxtasy for this information.

    Is the command line in going to be there permanently even after I have turned off the

    U9-h ?

    Thank you for the information.

    I use kszaq build which is working perfect with HD audio passthrough to my Marantz reciever. Can I with this build improve the picture

    quality by enable 422.10bit manually ? I am asking because I do not want to have any audio issues now when the passthrough is working so well

    with this build.

    If so.

    Using the command below via terminal SSH

    echo "echo '422,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr" >> /storage/.config/

    Will this be permanently added to ? I can reboot the Minix and is not changed back to default ?

    Sorry I am completely new to Linux but I am learning.

    HI wrxtasy

    I am running on my U9-h. I am using it only for playing 24p 4k HDR movies via NAS. Is noice reduction on by default in even

    playing only 24p material ?

    If I install your build above. Do I get any picture quality improvements regarding sharpness then ? Noice reduction off ?

    The chroma and bit depth setting above. Does not the system switch to this mode automatic playing 24p 4k HDR content even in ?

    Thank you for your help and fantastic work with the builds.

    Is it possible to fix resolution and framerate at startup?

    If I start S912 box before TV and AVR than I receive 720p60hz after LE started. But I need 1080p50Hz.

    I triedfw_setenv hdmimode 1080p50hz and fw_setenv outputmode 1080p50hz, but it doesn't work in that case

    I am not sure but don’t you med to first start TV and AVR to be able to receive the correct HDMI handchake chain to the S912 box ?

    The box can then output the correct output to the TV matchning the video resolution and color depth.

    Hi all !

    Can I now be sure my Minix U9-h will auto switch to correct resolution and color dept between HDR and SDR movies whithout having to add any manual commands during a movie evening with my friends ?

    With the build.

    Panasonic OLED EZ950 TV.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    I ve been eyeing the Minix U9-H for some time now but its way more expensive than M8S Pro L. To be honest are there any real differences in these 2 boxes?

    Yes. The spec looks similar but I guess the difference between most of this type of boxes is how well they are working out of the box

    with basic functionality. They have difference in technical design. I have not read so much about how satisfied people are with the M85 Pro L but I know people are satisfied with the U9-H running LibreELEC.

    I do not know how my box is working with Android. Have not tested it. After reading this forum I followed the tips to run LibreELEC on the device from start.

    Works very nice and simple.

    Sorry for bothering you with this but am breaking my head to find a sturdy libreelec box to replace my RPi 2 since its annoying that it doesnt do h265 and have to unplug and replug the power cable everytime.

    Can I switch on and off(or maybe sleep and wake?) a box like Mecool M8S Pro L with an airmouse like the Minix A2 lite since the box doesnt have a hardware power button? Or do I need a box like the BB2 Pro? Do 905 boxes do this?

    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Elecer10

    Buy the Minix U9-H

    I have it myself. Plays H265 4K .mkv container movies perfect with LibreELEC

    No problem.


    OK wpc

    Thank You


    OK :cool: You´re the man.

    When I play 4k hevc hdr(BT20.20) on my S912 box connected to my TV supporting 4k hdr - everything is fine

    Why don´t You use a supported TV ?

    Sorry, I don´t understand why You are whining :/

    Hi Tim_Taylor

    Are you forcing the device to output 4:4:4 10bit to your TV or do you let the device do it automatic with support from the

    handshake information between the device and TV ?

    I am asking because I am wondering how good the chroma upscaling quality 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 is on the device. If it is bad it is maybe better

    to force 4:2:0 10bit to the TV and let the TV do the 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 upscaling instead.

    What do you think ?

    Hi all

    I wonder if it is any add-on I can use to change or monitor the video chroma subsampling output. 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 or is LibreELEC always sending

    no subsampling at 4:4:4 ?

    If so. Is LIbreELEC sending full RGB 4:4:4 0 - 256 or Y'CbCr 4:4:4. 16 - 235 ?

    I have the MInix u9-h device with latest LibreELEC installed.

    Hi all

    I am new to this forum.

    I bought myself a Minix u9-h for Christmas. I needed an additional Kodi device to complete my old HTPC which is not powerful enough to

    play 4k movies. Instead of upgrading my HTPC for about $1000 to handle 4k HEVC/H.265 in a .mkv container properly I bought this device

    for the job.

    I am running the device with LibreELEC I am using my old HTPC as mediaserver through Kodi UPnP and it plays 4K UHD movies with

    HD Audio passtrought to my reciever perfect with no audio sync problems. Subtitles is also working perfect through Opensubtitles.

    I want to thank kszaq for all great work with the builds to make our devices work as they were built for. I also want to recommend the Minix u9-h device for people reading this forum planning to buy a Kodi device.