[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • Don´t know much about DVBViewer :(

    I stream ARD/ZDF with the app on my TV or watch TV using DREAMBox(sat).

    Did a few tests stream TV on amlogic and after I was very disappointed I stopped to waste my time

  • Don´t know much about DVBViewer :(

    I stream ARD/ZDF with the app on my TV or watch TV using DREAMBox(sat).

    Did a few tests stream TV on amlogic and after I was very disappointed I stopped to waste my time

    I also have a Dreambox

    do you think satellite channels look better at the dreambox?

  • Is there a way to force HDR output on s912 devices?

    I am asking because my projector isn't HDR capable, but has a wider color gamut (REC2020). In my chain (Minix > Oppo UDP-203 > AV Receiver > Epson LS10000 Projector) sits an Oppo UDP-203 player, which has a HDMI Input and would accept HDR signals and tone map it to BT2020/SDR.

    But /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/edid does not show and Deep Color / HDR strings from the Oppo UDP-203. That's, why I guess, the s912 always puts out REC709/SDR.

    My s912 minix all the way gives out REC709/SDR even when I play BT2020/HDR files.

    So the s912 is converting REC2020/HDR to REC709/SDR, but I would like to output unmodifed HDR and the oppo to do his tone mapping magic.

    cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hdr_cap =

    Supported EOTF:

    Traditional SDR: 0

    Traditional HDR: 0

    SMPTE ST 2084: 0

    Future EOTF: 0

    Is there a way for a custom hdr_cap file, like custom EDID (which is already possible), which overrides what's in /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hdr_cap? Would be a very nice feature for displays which offers BT2020 color gamut but no native HDR support.

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  • From a video playback perspective there is NO normal source video content shot at 100 or 120fps to even output at those frame rates.


    There is no support on any normal media players for those video playback frame rates.

    SES had demonstrated next generation high frame rate (100fps) UHD transmission last year. There was a 5 min clip of the broadcast available on demo uhd 3d which is now RIP. You can find the clip (Astra HFR Test) on YouTube. I'm not sure whether the YouTube ones are actually 100fps.

    Shield can output 1080p 100 or 120 Hz when connected to *some* displays.


  • Your problem is similar to mine.

    New TV, old AVR and HDMI splitter

    You can try to do this with a hdmi cable from AVR to the projector.

    [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • I did some more investigation on the stuttering issues with german progressive tv channels (also the interlaced channels had some juddering - as if fps were missing):


    When using kszaq's latest stable build (Libreelec (2018-01-06) for S912), everything seems to be ok.

    Standard (default) settings in Kodi, hw acceleration turned to "always" for every option.

    h264 1280x720 TV channels run fine, hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing is used (playerprocessinfo shows me so) and I have no judders.
    h264 1920x1080i TV channels are also ok, no skipped / dropped frames.

    Output is set to 8bit (default).
    When set to 4:4:4 (4:2:2 or 4:2:0) 10 bit, I get the green screen you know and fixed in your build.

    When using your optimized build, I get the judders and stuttering I mentioned earlier.

    h264 1280x720 TV channels are unwatchable,

    1920x1080i channels have slight judders and deinterlacing errors.

    I also have a lot of dropped frames.
    Although playerprocessinfo tells me, hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing is used.

    Output is default, 8bit.
    When using 10bit output, the green screen issue is gone (you know about that), but hw acceleration & hw deinterlacing also do not work properly.

    Can I do more testing or provide you with more information?

  • wrxtasy

    Is there is any chance to fix IR Remotes with your build?

  • Hi all !

    Can I now be sure my Minix U9-h will auto switch to correct resolution and color dept between HDR and SDR movies whithout having to add any manual commands during a movie evening with my friends ?

    With the build.

    Panasonic OLED EZ950 TV.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Yes, switching between resolutions and color spaces does work without manual actions.

  • Just installed this on a Minix U9, everything's working except audio passthrough.

    Since my receiver don't support HDR I have to connect the Minix directly to my TV, and then I'm using an optical cable to my receiver.

    And the sound is working in Kodis GUI. I have three audio devices to choose from in "Audio output device" See below.

    But down in passthrough, the audio device is greyed out, and I can't choose, HDMI is pre-chosen and I get no sound at all.

    Just for the hell of it, I booted the Minix into Android and launched Kodi from there, and the only audio track available was "android audiotrack" on both regular audio device and passthrough device, and from there 5.1 passthrough is working!

    I've also made sure not to enable Sync to display, since I know that disables the passthrough.

    How can I get 5.1 passthrough working in Libreelec using an optical cable, since it working in Android on the same hardware it should work in Libreelec as well? Any ideas?


  • wrxtasy

    Is there is any chance to fix IR Remotes with your build?

    Reverted all the new Kernel's IR patches to compile this version, it's untested with IR remotes:



    - deinterlacing - noise reduction is permanently disabled in this version

    - 4K 50/60fps video cannot be played back with a Chroma and bit depth of 444,10bit (out of HDMI 2.0 specifications)

    - also included is this OSMC AML patch for mixing in the LFE channel when using 2.0 PCM audio.

    4K 24p 25/30fps HDR should be using this Chroma settings and bit depth:

    echo "echo '422,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr" >> /storage/.config/autostart.sh