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    Use the USB burning tool to get it back to android then install LE on eMMC

    Thanks for the reply! I couldn’t find a working link for the stock rom so I used the usb tool to install a custom nexus rom from freaktab, box now boots and is useable but I ran out of time so I havnt installed librelec yet but hopefully all will be ok now.. will definatly be sticking with wrxtasy’s build from now on!

    For anybody with the same mecool m8s pro 3gb s912 box there is a hard reset button on the bottom of the board you have to remove the case and the board to access it (6 small Philips screws in Total)

    Hi hopefully somebody can help me.. I’ve been using wrxtasy build for a long time without any problems and for some reason I decided I would try out the coreelec build, it installed ok but playback was terrible so I copied over the wrxtasy image and dtb to the upgrade folder and restarted and it went through the process but I am now stuck on the mecool logo. I’ve tried creating a sd cars with the image creator tool and it is still stuck on the mecool logo. (My original install was installed to internal) I’ve looked and I can’t find any hard reset button. The device is a mecool m8s pro 3gb s912

    Anyone have any ideas?


    Is anybody else having issues connecting to their box using windows 10 SMB network shares? Ever since I updated my laptop to the latest windows 10 creators update I’m unable to connect at all. I used to be able to just type \\192.168.0.**\ into windows explorer and it connected straight away and I was able to drag and drop files to both my drives that are connected to my LE Box, I’ve tried enabling smb1/2/3 on both windows and LE, I’ve turned off antivirus and firewall and still unable to connect. I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the latest windows update because it was working fine before that with the same box, same wrxtasy LE and on the same network

    Any tips on why it won’t connect?

    sorry to be a pest but do you have the model number or a photo of the adapter... there seems to be so many to choose from.. i am in philippines so for me its hard to find the correct one

    thanks in advance

    I’m not sure what the model number is, this is the one I have;

    UGREEN Ethernet Adapter, USB 2.0 to 10/100 Network Adapter , USB to RJ45

    Hi I have mecool m8s pro and I control it using my tv remote with CEC

    My question is, is it the tv or the le box that receives the remote signal because I would like to hide my le box behind the tv And still use my tv remote to control it


    I’ve been using this build daily and I’m very happy with it there’s just one bug/issue I’ve found, if you fast forward for anything more than 1 minute the audio skips for about 10 seconds unless you pause then play again. It happens on every file I’ve tested (720p 1080p and 4k mostly mkv hevc)

    Not a major issue at all but it didn’t happen in your previous build before the pass through audio improvements were added

    I purchased my mecool mainly to play local stored content but while browsing the Amlogic community builds section I kept seeing tvheadend pop up time after time from many different users, I didn’t know what it was so I googled it and from what I can tell it let’s you watch IPTV through the kodi interface, this led me to look into IPTV and I feel like I’ve found exactly what I’ve been wanting for years-All the main uk channels streamable live with a monthly cancel anytime subrcription.. I’ve just got a few questions I havnt been able to find the answer for

    -what is the best IPTV provider that works with libreelec (I’m from the uk)

    -how easy is it to setup on Kazaq/wrxtasy

    What does the epg look like?

    What are the loading times like from say first boot to having the Chanel list loaded and ready to watch

    My box is a mecool m8s pro S912 3gb

    Thanks in advance!

    Updated to the subtitle fix build, overclock and chroma settings enabled and deinterlacing disabled- subtitle frame skip is fixed and I can’t see any gui tearing at all it actaully seems even snappier especially while using the onscreen keyboard and

    navigating the keys with a normal remote.

    Also added a 5v fan and extra holes beneath the fan very similar to @mrbig and temps are down from around 60-65• to 35-45•

    M8S Pro S912 3gb installed to internal

    wrxtasy does this build with the fixed subtitles also have the community features like your other builds with overclock, chroma setting and deinterlacing setting?

    ok thanks.. and thanks again for taking the time to improve and share these builds it really is appreciated! I hope you keep up the good work because without you and the other libreelec/kodi/amilogic devs these Chinease boxes would be mostly junk but with your guys work they can be a very capable device 👍😁