Question about IPTV

  • I purchased my mecool mainly to play local stored content but while browsing the Amlogic community builds section I kept seeing tvheadend pop up time after time from many different users, I didn’t know what it was so I googled it and from what I can tell it let’s you watch IPTV through the kodi interface, this led me to look into IPTV and I feel like I’ve found exactly what I’ve been wanting for years-All the main uk channels streamable live with a monthly cancel anytime subrcription.. I’ve just got a few questions I havnt been able to find the answer for

    -what is the best IPTV provider that works with libreelec (I’m from the uk)

    -how easy is it to setup on Kazaq/wrxtasy

    What does the epg look like?

    What are the loading times like from say first boot to having the Chanel list loaded and ready to watch

    My box is a mecool m8s pro S912 3gb

    Thanks in advance!

    Mecool m8s pro S912 3/16gb installed to internal

  • It's probably time to modify our forum rules to ban discussion on "which IPTV service is best?" because 99.99% of the IPTV services that users occasionally post about are pirate streams that illegally rebroadcast content. It's easy to check. Any UK service that provides more channels/content than freeview is a pirate service. If not in the UK, any service that provides BBC1/2 etc. is a pirate service.