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    Still some internal debate about whether we punt 9.1.503 (with 18.5) to include some less-tested fixes, or go for 9.2.0 .. but you'll get something soon regardless - although this is allegedly a hobby and people have proper jobs, so be patient please :)

    We do not ship config files that encourage overclocking as it increases the probability of user complaints about unstable systems; different boards and users under different workloads and environmental conditions have different limits on what overclock they will tolerate. So if the lines are missing from the file you add them yourself. If it proves to be unstable your choice is to either experiment and find stable settings; or remove the overclock. The key point being it's your problem not our problem to solve.

    Kodi has some controls for sending a second screen to black or .. I forget because I haven't ever used them. The original purpose is to turn off a laptop screen when the GPU mirrors content to screen + external port. It may or may-not be a relevant hint. The target of the feature is normal desktop OS that run on laptops. LE somewhat deliberately doesn't fit the definition of either so YMMV.

    Historically most of the important media drivers that LE depends upon for RPi were 32-bit only. Over time that situation has improved, but there are still missing bits. RPi4 brings more drivers. It is overall more 64-bit capable in software than previous generations but there are still gaps (mostly bits that are common with older Pi kit) and the development focus is on must-have functional items more than nice-to-have capabilities like ensuring everything can run in 64-bit (but where new code is written it should support both). For LE there is also an additional consideration for libwidevine support (needed for Netflix etc.) so even in the future when a 64-bit kernel is hopefully available we'll still be using 32-bit userspace in the same 64/32 arrangement we use on other Aarch64 devices.

    The Server and Client functions technically have nothing to do with each other, although in most current generation networks everything will be using SMB2/3 to avoid SMB1 so the settings will happen to be the same. The Kodi settings need a reboot (or restart of Kodi) to effect changes.

    The current connman feature is working as designed. It just wasn't designed to do much (2.4GHz) because that's fast enough for data sharing between a phone and a laptop. Enhancement to add support for 5GHz and more config is not impossible, but it's not a simple task and we don't have people on-staff with the skillsets to do it. So your choices are: a) find someone with the skills and willingness to code it, or b) get a proper access point.

    The hotspot (not access point, hotspot) feature comes from software called "connman" that manages connections in the OS. It was originally written for a mobile phone OS to provide a tethered hotspot, e.g. laptop connects to mobile and shares the mobile connection. As a result it is deliberately simple and the only configuration options are on, off, and the ability to change SSID and passphrase. If you want an access point with access point features and config options, you need to get an access point.

    The file /storage/.cache/services/samba.conf (server) is edited via the LE settings add-on. The contents of guisettings.xml (client) are edited via Kodi Services settings. If Kodi is accessing media from something older or misconfigured that only speaks SMB1 then Kodi settings are correct. If the media host is newer and can handle SMB2/3 then it's better to use them (as SMB1 has large security holes) and Kodi settings are wrong. If media is stored on the LE device there is no need to access anything over SMB so it's irrelevant if the settings are mismatched.

    The UK version oif "House of Cards" came first (based on largely the same story-line) and it's a valid response to a query. You either need to provide and nfo file to avoid this, or use the refresh option in the Kodi GUI to select from other available options and then pick the US series.

    "Band of Brother" or "Band of Brothers" ?

    Yes "works fine for me" .. but I'm using a wireless device with a well written drivers (ath9k_htc). If you're using something with a garbage Realtek USB wireless driver .. YMMV.