[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • Is there an alternative way to update a build installed on internal as for some reason I’m unable to connect via my laptop via ssh or file manager to drop the file in the update folder?

  • You can use your phone and wifi connection. I am very often using my smartphone + turbo ftp/sftp client app to update my box

  • Things change and I no more have free time to release builds "full time". I will be contributing towards improving future Leia builds.

  • Things change and I no more have free time to release builds "full time". I will be contributing towards improving future Leia builds.

    Thank you. I'm trying to pay you a coffee and cannot find the link.

  • My H96 Pro Plus was auto updated to and from but now auto frame rate wont go lower then 50 Hz. On it would go down to 23.98 and 24 Hz. In Setting/System Display Refresh Rate I also see only 50.00 59.94 and 60.00. What is wrong and is there a fix? Powering everything down and up wirh H96 latest doesn't help. On all refresh rates were shown from 23.98 to 60. Can I get somewhere and install it?

  • Yes, sure. First Post, Button older builds. Download the tar file and push it in the update directory. Then reboot the box.

  • heiner59er, did you ever figure out your Ethernet issues? I have a T95Z Plus as well and am having issues with my wired connection, same as you've described. I've tried a few different versions of 8.2 to no avail. WiFi works fine, but I'd like to get the Ethernet working for optimal performance. Any insight would be appreciated. My device is the 3G+32G Sunwell T95Z Plus, I currently have installed using the gxm_q200_3g.dtb device tree.


  • Hi everyone........brand new here and to the whole idea of installing something on an android box and I'm needing some help.

    So please be gentle with me. :)

    I bought the H96 PRO PLUS 2+16 GB ANDROID 7.1 TV BOX from ebay before reading the suggestion to not by Amlogic S912 devices. Since the pre-installed Kodi player has crashed the box, requiring it to be rebooted to unfreeze it, both times I've tried playing a movie, I'm still going to try installing LibreELEC on the SD card and see if that is better. It comes with 2g of RAM and a 1000M ethernet port.

    I wanted to make sure I'm choosing the right "device tree" and build version first though.

    For the device tree should I be using the one labeled gmx_q200_2g.dtb or a different one?

    For the version build, after reading the post by dikkiedirk stating that the latest version had problems on his H96 Pro+ should I install the version and if I do, will it auto update to the latest version anyway and how would I stop that?

    Lastly, once I have everything ready on the SD card, which method should I chose to boot the system for the first time from the list provided in the "How to install...." thread?

    Many thanks. :)

  • peacefulwarrior

    as long you install LE on a good sd card, it should work. it's very fool proof. anything not working on LE then just remove sd and device will boot to android. then you can try again on the sd.

    on how to boot initially, easiest is the toothpick method, if your device comes with a reset button. but no issues trying the others.

    try the latest version first, it's very easy to downgrade if needed



  • Just got this installed on a km8 pro, using Kore on an Android tablet as the video remote same as my previous Intel nuc.

    A couple of questions.

    1) is it possible to sleep and wake using Kore like I did with my nuc? Sleep turns it off but it becomes unresponsive and requires a full manual power cycle to get it back on with wake is not working.

    2) how do I confirm its actually outputting at 4k when playing a 4k file? Menus are 1080p and no idea if it's switching on playback.

  • Hi guys, pretty noobie here,


    I have ordered the H96 PRO PLUS+ BOX from Banggood. I have seen some custom ROM on the website called FREAKTAB which is actually available in two versions one is a customised version know with SCV and the other is the Android TV version.


    And the bugs that are being fixed is pretty amazing there and there is no need for Dual boot and a lot of fixes like 4K youtube and Passthrough features are enabled and hell of a lot of fixes. So, can you suggest which is the best if any of you have tried and why it is better than Libreelec.