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    I have a Nexbox A95x-B7N (there is a small Sticker on the bottom of the box) with 1 Gig RAM and 8Gig eMMC. It works flawlessly with kszaq's builds (now discontinued) ie and the gxl_p212_1G device tree.

    Not with 8.90.6. In this version the script was removed. You can however boot from SD-Card, update with the CoreElec Devel, test extensively and then installtointernal.

    Anyway, this is the wrong thread. This one is about kaszaq's Builds. You want to read AdamG's pinned topic about 8.90.6. And yes, it starts with post #1 and ends with the last one. There you'll find all informations you need.

    Oh shoot, too late. :)

    When does the update notification pop-up? When the file is physically downloaded into the update directory already? Or prior to that, when update detects a newer version?

    Because I got the notification, rebooted the box and got an error of corrupted file. The box booted into the current version. A couple of minutes later, I got another notification and this time, I checked update directory and the file was there.

    Reboot installed the update and Settings/LibreElec was dead, no reaction whatsoever. Another reboot and Settings/LibreElec responded again. BTW. Update Channel and Available Versions are both empty.

    I guess I deactivate automatic update for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for that. I will give it a try. The bigger issue is why the remote works with no remote.conf found on the box.

    Maybe your search string should have been remote* or *remote*. On my box the remote.conf is found in /etc, like Tim_Taylor said. But even that is no guarantee that this original android remote.conf will work in LibreElec.