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    Been years since I used a device that used the Allwinner SoC. Winter has gotten me bored, so looking for a new device to tinker with. I think the price is right, and don't mind if I brick it while tinkering with it.

    I really don't just want to purchase it for the existing Android, I really would like to test LE on it. So, give my your opinions if it is possible to run LE on this box.

    Transpeed Android 12.0 TV Box 3D 6K 4K H.265 BT5.0 Wifi6 Allwinner H618 Quad Core Mali G31 MP2 Set top box. Only $37 USD for 4/64 GB.

    Yes, I am aware, no Gigabit ethernet nor USB 3.

    Dug out my old Beelink GT King to test LibreELEC. I did a complete install of the original firmware, then tried to get LE to run from microSD card.

    I tried both device trees for the King and King Pro, but it never boots into LE. What am I missing?? I tried the "tooth pick" method and "reboot to LibreELEC" app from Android.


    Been a few years since I used LibreELEC, because all of my media players are based on Amlogic SoCs.

    Anyway, back to my story. I have been trying to find a good solution for a file server, tried Windows, Linux, NAS etc., none worked exactly as I wanted.

    My media is scattered all over my network in an assortment of storage devices. I needed a GOOD solution to aggregate all of the media and make that media accessible to all of my devices. This has been an on going challenge, and I have finally decided to find the best solution. Right now, I think LibreELEC is about as close as I can get.

    I am testing an older Beelink L55 as my file server, I tried Windows, Linux and now LibreELEC. Yes, I have 3 different NASs, but too expensive, and complicated for what I need.

    Windows was OK as a file server, but had to "mount" those drives when using Linux. What a pain to do.

    I tested Linux file server, and quite a big learning curve, and never was able to get it right, finally gave up.

    Now, I installed LE and this works great for my purposes as a file server. It does have some issues as a player. When testing UHD videos on an older 1080i TV, the video is horrible. Lots of video settings in LE, but not sure which ones to use. Anyway, I will NOT be using it as a HTPC it does not really matter.

    This is just an FYI.

    And thanks to all of the LE devs, that make this possible.

    I had issues booting GT-King Pro using the original Android factory firmwares as Beelink tweaked the u-boot environment to minimise the point in the boot sequence where u-boot waits for input (e.g. IIRC the power button on the Pro being pressed). This makes the boxes boot a little faster, but also makes them a pain in the rear as you need to press the button at exactly the right time (measured in ms) to invoke restore mode; then u-boot checks SD/USB media for images and finds LE and boots. The official response from their developers is "keep pressing the reset button during boot" and after a few attempts you'll get the timing right. More recent Beelink firmwares appear to be easier to interrupt and work with so I assume they increased the wait period a little. I forget which firmware I have installed now (as only booted it once or twice) but it was from ~October ish last year. It's a nice box once you get over the install hurdle :)

    I was also able to get an earlier version to install, but don't remember which version......... But that has been awhile.

    I am again trying to get this version of LibreELEC to run from SD card on my Beelink GT King Pro, but not having any luck. I am pasting this "meson-g12b-gtking-pro.dtb" into the "uEnv.txt" text file, so it looks like this >>



    APPEND=boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE quiet console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 systemd.debug_shell=ttyAML0

    But it won't boot into LibreELEC, just stays at the boot loader screen........What am I missing

    I am running a modded ATV firmware.

    Thank you Erbas for this information.

    Thanks for the info. Nothing more to be said on this thread.

    If you have an old PC, the Android X86 project is an option. I'm not sure whether RPi Android is already usable (young project), but I have been tested Android X86 successfully. In combination with the Kodi app this could be all you need.

    I have this low powered minipC and tried to install LibreELEC but no luck......... Any clues on what I need??

    Swapped OS on my Beelink GT King, that does not contain TWRP. Booted right away into LibreELEC from Android using a terminal emulator app and typing "reboot update".

    It boots and goes into the setup screen, but can't get an internet connection. The Ethernet connection does not connect, gets some strange IP address. The WiFi will not pick up an IP address at all........

    Thanks Balbes150 for working on these Amlogic devices..........

    I downloaded and installed the LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.80-nightly-20200119-635fa1e-box.img.gz file that I got from the link you posted. However, a lot of the device trees are missing, including for the "King".