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    Ported OpenPHT-Embedded for S905 TV boxes

    Based on LibreELEC 8.0.2e from Kszaq


    • HDMI DTS passthrought not working

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but running Veisen's version on my MK808B Plus (Amlogic S805) stick, I get DTS on my AVR. I am playing my BlueRay rip of Avatar, and my Denon AVR shows "DTS". This BlueRay rip plays pretty well, but VC1 encoded videos do not play on this 4 year old device. Same for audio, it is limited on which codecs it can natively play, ex, it plays DD and DTS, but no HD audio formats.

    Have not tried your port on my S905 or S905x boxes. And not sure your port will work at all on my S805 stick.


    I am running LibreELEC on several of my Android boxes, but was apprehensive about installing your OpenPHT onto one of them. I do have an Amlogic S805 stick that is retired and was just sitting in one of my boxes for outdated hardware. It was already running LibreELEC installed in the memory, so I just had to do an update.

    I made a video on how easy it is to install.

    Yes, I know.

    I don´t understand why so much users want to play netflix on amlogic box

    They can use the TV to play netflix up to UHD resolution.

    Do You think it´s possible to enable netflix hardware decoding(amlogic) in the future :?:

    The simple answer is because we WANT to to watch Netflix within LibrELEC. Here is my video showing Netflix playing on 3 different devices connected to my Samsung Smart TV. I don't show Netflix running on my LibreELEC, but guess I should have compared it also.

    Three or four years ago, I used my $30 MK808B Android stick, running Kszaqs OpenELEC port as my tvheadend server. It just sat on my network doing it's job as my PVR backend for months/years, never powered it off. Then i retired that stick, and used my $40 Beelink Mini MX3 (Amlogic S905) as my tvheadend server/client running under LibreELEC.

    Now, I have moved my tvheadend server/client to my Mecool M8S Pro (Amlogic S912) running LibreELEC. I never power off my servers, because the use SO LITTLE power.

    I have the Mecool M8S Pro (Amlogic S912) and my Denon AVR shows which audio codec is playing, and this box is running the latest LibreELEC So no matter what audio my BlueRay rips have, it is passed through to my AVR.

    I also have the "L" box, but have not installed LibreELEC on it.

    Load somerhing like FileExplorer which can ssh connections. Then go to the .kodi Folder in storage and there you find the folders. If a Folder isnt there you can copy the whole folder from the .tar file. For example: the folder „RETROARCH“ should not exist in .kodi so you can copy the whole folder.

    In the .tar File is the whole folder structure like it is on your .kodi, like the addons folder and in this folder is f.e. The RETROARCH AND EMUSTATION folders.

    I have been struggling for a couple of days, and still can not get it to work......... If you can give me DETAILED instructions on how to do that. I can use putty or the windows explorer. I downloaded the zip file and extracted the files, and placed the RETROARCH folder in the "configfiles" folder using Windows Explorer, but it still does not show up under addons...........


    Can you give a little more information on where to copy those files?? thanks

    I have got my MeCool M8S Pro L wit S912 today and what i didnt know was, that the remote from the box doesnt work under Kodi, when you use dualboot for LE. Did i oversee that?

    Wrxtasy has a remote.conf for your box, his is for the Mecool M8S Pro Plus, but will work with your "L". I don't remember where his link is.

    The link used to be in his signature, but not there now.

    Found it,

    remote.conf repository

    Thanks guys I'm pretty sure I tried that before and it didn't work but I'll give it a go.

    Install terminal emulator on Android then type "reboot update", your Android will boot to your microSD card and install LibreELEC again. You will not have to do a complete setup again, it just makes your version of LibreELEC bootable again.