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    I will have to check if it occurs also during playback.

    Where to I set and increase the SDRAM value? Is this the ammount of shared RAM, reserved for the GPU?


    you need to add the line


    to config.txt. see here for instructions.

    Raspberry Pi Config.txt []

    Reboot pi. Then SSH into pi and run the vgencmd command above. You need to run the vgencmd after ever reboot.

    Try turning off deinterlace first in video settings before changing sdram see if it stops the artifacts. If not then try the sdram & vgencmd.

    I have t230 stick also. Have no artifacts using the dvb- t2 channels on stick. Havent any dvb-c channels to test.

    Do the artifacts occur when you playback a recording? Are you using tvheadend.

    Try increasing sdram to 500. Then run this command in SSH

    vcgencmd arbiter set arm_uc 13 0

    See if it helps.

    Does the stick play ok on pc?

    Try turning off deinterlace also.

    Hi jahutchi

    Just want to thank you for taking the time for finding this commit. Watching TV is a pleasure now without those artifacts.

    We owe ya one bud 👍

    Tried a fresh install of libreelec and it works!!! 😍

    Something has changed in OSMC’s latest update...

    Thank you so much for helping!

    OSMC recently updated to debian stretch which was a big update.

    Using PIA with this addon still works fine with latest update.

    You could try reinstalling the addon.

    Hi yummy

    I'm not sure if it relates to your case but I had problems with random freezes on my h96 pro box. Since uninstalling the bitdefender antivirus app didn't get any freezes so far.

    Could try uninstalling that if you have it installed.

    Hi there,

    I´ve the same problem ( no reboot form internal ) in my S905x with the skin "Skin MOD - MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON", do you think this procedure will work for me ?!?!?!

    I read below another solutions but I´m very noob and I hope I don´t have to try it because i´m afraid I´ll do something wrong !!!

    Hi prpaul

    I'm using the aeon mq7 mod also. Heres how to to add reboot to internal button.

    1. Winscp into your box.

    2. Navigate to aeon mq 7 folder .kodi/addons/aeonmq7.mod/1080i/

    3. Double click the DialogButtonMenu.xml to open file.

    4. Search for the words reboot you should see code similiar to following

      <!-- Reboot -->

    5. Under that paste the following to add the button.

       <!-- Reboot to Internal -->
       <label>Reboot to Internal</label>

    6. Save changes and reboot box (or switch to another skin and switch back to mq7). Press letter S on your keyboard to bring up the power menu. Hopefully Reboot to internal option should be listed. It may take a few seconds after you click it for the box to reboot into android.

    Hope this works for you :)

    Thank you very much Tim and the_Bo:)

    Adding that id="15" to button was the final step and now it is working perfect!

    I did use WinSCP and did login as root - libreelec

    When I boot back from Android to LibreElec no blue light on my H96 Pro anymore, but as I said I can live with that.

    I can now ful enjoy my box, but it wil mostly stay in LibreElec I think:love:

    Must of forgot to put in the button id. Thanks Tim.

    Great you got it going johnberg :)

    Hi Tim,

    Can you give me a clear work around to edit the .xml file.

    Which tool do I have to use: WinSCP or Putty??

    I am not a linux expert so please use donkey language.

    I am using the confluance skin now (just like this) and would be very happy if I could add a button to boot back to Android in the power menu.

    Hi johnberg

    Heres how to add the reboot to internal button.

    1. Winscp into your box.

    2. Navigate to confluence folder. Think its in .kodi/addons/confluence/720p/

    3. Double click the DialogButtonMenu.xml file

    4. Search for the words reboot button you should see code similiar to following

    5. Under that paste the following to add the button.

    6. Switch to a different skin and switch back to confluence to refresh skin (or you can reboot box). Press letter s on your keyboard to bring up the power menu. Hopefully Reboot to internal option should be listed. It may take a few seconds after you click it for the box to reboot into android.

    Let me know if this works for you :)

    Haven't found solution.

    So your saying the FPS works fine on s905 image? What FPS you getting in the menus on s905?

    Much be just the s912 that is affected then.

    Strange looks like the Samsung EVO+ and the Select microSDHC's have issues with AML S912's for some reason ?

    They work on all other AMLogic S8xx/S9xx platforms. Will change my SD card recommendations then.

    Well my Samsung evo+ was working fine up until the 8.1.6 update using the micro SD slot on s912 box.

    After 8.1.7 system stuck on read only.

    But latest update is working fine if I put the sd card into a usb adapter and run from there.

    No luck getting ip to display. I presume the line is correct. Tried without the xbmcgui also


    The kodi forums are down at the moment to check for sure.

    Will keep testing to see

    Switch on debug trace. You should see in the log that the API is at least being called.

    The API isn't available until VPN manager is running, so doing it before any services are started by Kodi could be an issue.

    Looking at debug log seems its correctly calling the GETIP api

    the_bo install 4.1.7, you'll need to get it from GitHub as it's not on the repo (as it's not interesting for most people) and the API is documented on the wiki. It's vaguely tested, but if you see problems, post them up.

    Release 4.1.7 · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager · GitHub

    11. API · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager Wiki · GitHub

    Trespasser, I have a couple addons that I have mapped via the skin I use (Mimic) to leap right into the middle of them. I don't know if you can do this with Favourites?

    Thanks zomboided for update

    But i cant seem to get it to display anything. I'm not sure if im doing it correctly.

    I tried the following. I put the runscript when skin boots then the info label to display. But so far blank

    ace310 have you had any luck?

    <onload>RunScript(/home/osmc/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/, GetIP)</onload>

    Thanks for any info

    Thanks for the info.

    Sounds good I don't mind if there is a delay when displaying the IP.

    I don't have the VPN set to start on boot anyways. I turn it on when I need it using the connect API mapped to button.

    Having the isp IP show when disconnected would be good to have too.

    Also like you mentioned I would like to have label saying if vpn connected or not like it does in VPN dialog (green label on red off).

    So if the function calls is the easiest to implement that would do fine.


    Do you plan on checking it frequently as the IP changes with each connection, which if you're filtering is pretty often

    I only use one VPN connection throughout. No filtering. Using PIA I always connect to same ovpn so address wouldn't change much.