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    Hey everyone,

    I've installed LibreElec on my T95z Plus onto internal storage. I very much like LibreElec but would like to re-install Android on internal storage then use LibreElec on an SD card instead. I'm hoping someone may have some instructions on how to accomplish the Android OS re-installation.

    I've attempted to re-install using USB Burning Tools but my PC won't recognize the device. Though this may not be the right spot to ask, I'm hoping at the very least to be guided to a set of instructions/tips for a device with LibreElec installed internally.

    Thank you!

    heiner59er, did you ever figure out your Ethernet issues? I have a T95Z Plus as well and am having issues with my wired connection, same as you've described. I've tried a few different versions of 8.2 to no avail. WiFi works fine, but I'd like to get the Ethernet working for optimal performance. Any insight would be appreciated. My device is the 3G+32G Sunwell T95Z Plus, I currently have installed using the gxm_q200_3g.dtb device tree.