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    Hi guys, pretty noobie here,


    I have ordered the H96 PRO PLUS+ BOX from Banggood. I have seen some custom ROM on the website called FREAKTAB which is actually available in two versions one is a customised version know with SCV and the other is the Android TV version.


    And the bugs that are being fixed is pretty amazing there and there is no need for Dual boot and a lot of fixes like 4K youtube and Passthrough features are enabled and hell of a lot of fixes. So, can you suggest which is the best if any of you have tried and why it is better than Libreelec.

    Hi, I am just a newbie, read the starting 15 pages of this thread. And I am thinking of buying a H96 Pro+ S912. So, is the latest built working on the android version of 7.1.2 that the box has been receiving and can we use the android OS just by removing the SD card/USB that has LE just by removing it?? Please answer... kszaq .

    And does the latest build is supporting Atmos passthrough as I am having an Onkyo Atmos AVR.??