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    i am using a MeCool M8S Pro L (the variant with the Bluetooth Voice Remote) with Elec running from a sdcard. As i cant use the Voice Remote with Bluetooth (IR is not really good and smooth), i bought a Bluetooth Remote from Xiaomi.

    1.) My first problem is, that everytime i reboot my box, the bluetooth remote cant reconnect by itself. I have to connect my K400r and have to "Trust and connect" and so on.

    As i got my hand on another box with a similar remote, where this problem does not exist. I inspected both remotes, which look alike on the first look, but on the second one i saw some difference. The other remote has a smoother feedback and a bluetooth symbol on the back. Mine is more "clickier". Maybe i got not an original one?

    So, i would like either fix this issue or buy another remote. If i buy a new one, it should be max 15 Euro. I already looked a little and considered these ones:

    Rii Mini i7 Wireless

    Rii Mini i25 Wireless

    Wechip W1

    I dont need something fancy, no keyboard, just a good reliable remote. Any suggestions or opinions? Which one would you choose?

    2.) I thought about using only AndroidTV from the box and Kodi from the appstore. This way i could use the original remote. I am using a external HDD with is plugged in the USB port, but i struggled to share this HDD in my network when android is active. Is that possible at all?

    Thank you :)

    Hello, i started thinking about to replace my S912 Box (M8S Pro L with Voice Remote) with a S905X Box (Tanix 5 Pro).

    I primarily use Kodi with the Box booted from a sdcard. Sometimes i use Netflix under Android.

    Which really annoys me, is that i cant use the original remote under Kodi with the S812 box, only IR is available, which kinda works...but smooth is something different! So i use a Xiaomi BT Remote, which works well, but only i need to reboot...which not happens often, but is still annoying.

    Another thing is that i often read that the S912 has worse support from the gpu, because there is only a workaround available for this. So S905X has better/native(?) driver support.

    The questions are: Works the remote from the Tanix TX 5 Pro out-of-the-box under Kodi, or does there only works the IR part of the remote as well? Does the remote works well?

    The box i am looking for needs to have a AV Port, because i cant use HDMI or SPDIF for audio, i need the audio jack! And i need 2 USB ports as well. So the Tanix TX 5 Pro looks good. And here are some users who are saying that the box is working well.

    I have an M8s pro L coming for myself, but I want to buy a new box as a present for my friends so they can play local content off a hard drive easily instead of burning everything to dvd (!!).

    But I don't know what to get. I just want a cheap box since it will only need to:

    • Play regular 1080 content (some x265 probably)
    • Play from a usb hard drive
    • Be easy to use and not annoying or slow or bad remote
    • Have wifi so it can scrape content

    Have the newer version with the voice remote of the M8S Pro L myself and have to say, i wouldnt buy it again for Kodi. It does not work out-of-the-box with Kodi from a sdcard, only the IR remote works with it and this is laggy as hell. Can only press the buttons slowly, when i am too fast, then the box responses far too late and misses some inputs from me.

    I have tried the xiaomi remote then, but this does not connect to the Box whether under Kodi or Android. After a restart i have to manually connect (with the help of the other remote) the xiaomi remote.

    Maybe you are better off, when you look for a wireless remote with an extra dongle, when you want this or any other box, where the rmote does not work for you.

    The Tanix 5 Pro looks decent though. It is maybe a bit slower than the M8S Pro L, but should be fast enough for your needs.

    I have the newest "L" box with the Bluetooth Voice Remote and it is awesome in Android. I have not tested that remote with LibreELEC yet, so don't know if it functions correctly. The remote is a combo Bluetooth/IR remote, slightly better than my Xiaomi Mibox remote.

    Edit: Made a video yesterday for people that wanted to know how the Bluetooth on the Mecool box worked... But again, have not tried this remote with LibreELEC, guess I should get off my lazy butt and try it.

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    Did you try this box with LE yet? I have this box too now, but cant get it to work neither with LE or CE. When i try to connect it with Bluetooth (device is called "RemoterATV3", then it first connects and then disconnects. I thought that many people have this remote working with LE and there should be no problems. I tried a remote.conf, but when it doesnt connect over Bluetooth, then it wont help me, i guess.

    Just remember that there is a risk of bricking the box when you do this. So make sure you are confident you can resurrect it, should that happen ;)

    yes, thanks. I have done this already in the past. Which led to losing the widevine key for Netflix. But it doesnt matter with this box anyway, so it will be a simple player for some video files. It is the box with i can try some things and make mistakes. :)

    This ist last KODI krypton version - end of development - ready for daily use

    LE9 is pre alpha from KODI leia - update is possible but not recommended - fresh install prefered

    Fresh install and then restore the data from a backup is possible or not recommended?

    I mean i would have many addons after the daily use of Kodi which i would prefer to not install and configure again. :)

    M8S Pro L (S912) here with the community build from kszaq. Is it normal, that the video goes black for a moment and "switches", when the resolution from the media differs from the resolution of the display. My display ist 1920x1080 / 1080p with 60hz. Even when i play a 1080p file the resolution switches/the display goes black for a second or two.

    Is that normal behaviour and it works like it should or is it possible to optimize sth?

    You are running android - You have to install/run LE

    oh, that could be it. Thank you! :)

    I didnt really thought about that, because in Android i could install a ssh app, to get access. Stupid mistake from me, but perhaps someone else has/will have the same error some time. The port is 2222 because i changed it, just to be sure. (i have read, that could be a possible cause of error).

    Thank you very much for your help. That would have been the last thing i would have looked for, to be honest.