Some problems with Kodi and remote and other stuff on MeCool M8S Pro L

  • Hello,

    i am using a MeCool M8S Pro L (the variant with the Bluetooth Voice Remote) with Elec running from a sdcard. As i cant use the Voice Remote with Bluetooth (IR is not really good and smooth), i bought a Bluetooth Remote from Xiaomi.

    1.) My first problem is, that everytime i reboot my box, the bluetooth remote cant reconnect by itself. I have to connect my K400r and have to "Trust and connect" and so on.

    As i got my hand on another box with a similar remote, where this problem does not exist. I inspected both remotes, which look alike on the first look, but on the second one i saw some difference. The other remote has a smoother feedback and a bluetooth symbol on the back. Mine is more "clickier". Maybe i got not an original one?

    So, i would like either fix this issue or buy another remote. If i buy a new one, it should be max 15 Euro. I already looked a little and considered these ones:

    Rii Mini i7 Wireless

    Rii Mini i25 Wireless

    Wechip W1

    I dont need something fancy, no keyboard, just a good reliable remote. Any suggestions or opinions? Which one would you choose?

    2.) I thought about using only AndroidTV from the box and Kodi from the appstore. This way i could use the original remote. I am using a external HDD with is plugged in the USB port, but i struggled to share this HDD in my network when android is active. Is that possible at all?

    Thank you :)