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    Hi. I installed Android TV OS 7.1.2 on my Vorke Z6 Plus. Before I did that I mostly used LibreELEC which I booted up with my USB stick. The whole system + the hard drive for LibreELEC was on the drive. I didn't use the internal memory at all for LibreELEC.

    Whenever the USB was inserted it did automatically boot up from LibreELEC. After installing ATV, it does not boot up. With the reset button it boots up LibreELEC with the error which says that data could not be mounted. How can I fix this? Do I need to reinstall LibreELEC? Would nice if it was a way to not lose all my settings.

    How can I boot up from my USB flashdrive again after installing ATV? Thanks!

    I've never been able to transfer big files from Mac to Libreelec through Samba. I have been trying different laptops, and also different kodi boxes. One s905x and now on my S912. It works from 1-5 minutes, then I get an I/O error. I tried to use Samba 1, but I couldn't connect.

    Got SSH working now. Tried enabling/disabling it several times. Very weird. Speed = 900 KB/s. File = 16 GB. 1 Gbit full duplex...

    Hi. I am struggling with transferring files from my OS X 10.13.3 machine (High Sierra) to Libreelec. I've tried Samba. The transfer stops within minutes. I/O error -36 (if I am correct). My network is stable. No packet loss.

    I tried SFTP with Forklift. Doesn't work. Then I downloaded FileZilla. It doesn't work either. If I hope terminal on my Mac it connects, but I can't transfer files that way. I am trying to transfer a 16 GB file to the local eMMC. I don't have an external drive.

    Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks

    EDIT: been looking at this again, and it seems that I am actually connected, but how can I transfer a file? No folder shows up on the remote site window/tab.

    Both of these have been covered before, we really should make an FAQ for these kinds of questions.

    AFS/Samba don't work well on these boxes, transfer via NFS if you can and don't use wireless.

    LibreELEC is not the reason or cause for slow transfers, it's a combination of a poor kernel and slow hardware, when transferring over USB the kernel stack has to handle not just the usb stack but also the ext4fs which adds an overhead to the CPU which impacts performance in Kodi which is why you see the slow down and stutter, the file system format becomes irrelevant when transferring over NFS the overheads are then handled on the remote side.

    Thanks for your replies. I am transferring to the internal eMMC. I don't use USB at all. Should I still be experiencing this? Small files work perfectly. Big files don't. The transfer always stop after a certain period of time.

    I tried searching for Libreelec NFS server and kodi NFS server, but couldn't find anything except for a ubuntu NFS server guide... can you help me out? Every other guide is about NFS sharing from OS X. I just want to copy a file to the internal memory. Hope it is possible in some way without read/write error. Thanks!

    Thanks for the work.

    I'm trying to transfer files from OS X to the box. Gives me -36 after a certain period of time. File "can't be read or written". Smaller files work fine. Tried different LibreELEC versions. I'm transferring from my mac to LibreELEC.

    I've read several troubleshooting guides, but they are all if I experience trouble with accessing files on my mac. Not transferring them from Mac to LibreELEC.

    Does anyone know a workaround?

    ^ You only need crazy amounts of storage if you download full movies before watching or use wildly inappropriate buffer settings.

    With Qu*** you need the full space available. I don't know of any other good addon to stream legal 2160p legal documentaries or old non copyrighted movies

    I use an addon with Kodi which streams legal movies which are so old that no one can claim the copyright. If they are in 2160p you need 15+++ GB available for streaming. I only bought a s912 device with 32 GB. I regret it. I want 64 GB.

    I am buying my brother in law a remote for his Mini M8s 2. He is using LibreELEC. Is there a remote that just works, without any customisation? I want one with a keyboard.


    H96 PRO Plus KODI 17.3 Android 7.1 Amlogic S912 TV BOX 4K 3GB/32GB 802.11AC WIFI 1000M LAN

    33 quid. Isn't this extremely cheap for the H96 Pro+ ? 32 GB and 3 GB ram. Geekbuying charges $60 or so. Is this for real? And have anyone tried to install the H96 Pro Plus to internal? I can't use SD.

    MOD EDIT: Product Link deleted. Pls read Forum rules.

    I was stupid and used my STB decoder adaptor for my S10 Amlogic S912. It does not boot. The blue standby light is working. Stable blue light.

    Instead of getting 5V 2.5A it got 12V 1.5A. Is there anything to do about it? Could it be a fuse? Could I jump start the thing? Or is it likely to be dead? Is there another way of booting it?

    This is what I got: R-TV BOX S10 KOD17.3 DDR4 3GB eMMC 32GB TV Box

    How do I tell if HDR is working? I have a S905X box connected to a HDR Sony TV, played a HDR test clip (Life of Pi) and the picture seems ok.

    So also brings me to ask - what happens if you try and play a HDR clip and the box is not able to render HDR? How would I know?

    Does your Sony remote work over CEC? Mine works, but I can't use the num pads, subtitle button and a few other buttons. Would also love to be able to push long click