[] LibreELEC 7.0 for S905/S905X

  • kszaq ... do you have a clue/solution maybe?


  • Nothing is impossible when you have time, skills and documentation. Unfortunately when developing for Amlogic a lot of guesses, trials and errors have to be made. I don't think that Amlogic kernel supports any kind of PLL adjustment. You are free to look at kernel source code and try to implement it but I have to warn you that it's a bit messy.

    24p passthrough has always been out of sync with xbmc/Kodi, not just for amlogic hardware for me. LE defaults to a 175ms delay but not for these builds, I would suggest to include it :).

    LibreELEC.tv/advancedsettings.xml at master · LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv · GitHub

  • Hello guys! I would just like to point out that LibreElec works flawlessly on my OTT A95X-B7n box (NexBox A95x, 1Gb/8Gb S905X) except for bluetooth.

    I've tried adding the bluetooth dongle from Gearbest (CW3620) to solve the problem. The dongle detects my bluetooth speakers, but sadly fails to properly connect to it (time out error).

    Can a software fix, solve the problem? Asking for help here because I'm not skilled in software programming. Thank you!

  • Pretty much the same problem here, but with S905 (U1). I did try to modigy advancedsettings for 0.175ms delay for 23-24fps and 0.00 for others, but it doesn't work for all the video.
    I would also like to have this resolved if possible. And I agree it's worst for DD+.

    Same problem here. For this reason I'm still on version

  • Same problem here. For this reason I'm still on version

    It's interesting though. I have around 0.500ms delay with 12h version and only 0.175ms with krypton version with 23/24fps but both with no delay with the rest.
    With 007 as you mentioned everything is ok, and with 009 0.175ms for evereything. So things are definitely changing along the line.
    Btw: is there a way to most perfectly define the a/v delay? Sample videos with different encoding,fps...etc?

  • When I try to play some BR rip, I have some issue with video caching all the time.
    The network bandwidth is enough but the vq % drop down to 0 all the time. ( vq is for Video Queue ? btw )

  • kszaq ... do you have a clue/solution maybe?


    Guys, does nobody have an idea, how to solve that? I mean,
    it was a standard update, which lead to that issue.

    I have no access to the internal side, of course, but I still have
    a working external SD card installation with 012f and I could maybe
    access the internal side with this.

    Maybe it just helps to copy the old system files from 012f to the internal
    SD to overwrite what went wrong in 012h, so that it boots up normally

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  • Hi kszaq,

    I'm running 7.0.3* for a while now. No issues for me. Thanks for the amazing work!
    Mainly using LE for watching movies on my Beelink MiniMX.

    Do you advice to jump over to the 7.95 builds ?
    Or are there still too many bugs in the 7.95 builds ?


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  • Hi,
    I installed on my brand-new Minix Neo U1, booting from SD card, and using device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port and most stuff is working fine.

    The only thing a cannot get to work is audio output through the 3.5mm analog output. I did select ALSA:AML-M8AUDIO,PCM as audio output device under System -> Settings -> System -> Audio Output

    And the audio output is still through HDMI to the crappy speaker in my monitor .... under the Minix Android OS I can get the analog audio output to work (FW011).

    Any hints? Thanks, krimskrams

    kodi.log is available: MhgN

  • I got a Sunvell T95X in my hand (not at home yet... :()

    If anyone has experience with this device (1/8G), what is the device tree for this?
    Is it original firmware dependent? (I see both p200 and p212 in device threes...)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Samba boost !
    thanks for the optimizations ;)
    the best score I have seen on arm :p

    W:95MB/s (!!!)

    LibreELEC:~ #  dd bs=1G count=1 if=/dev/zero of=/storage/pchome_mydatas/test2
    1+0 records in
    1+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 10.769992 seconds, 95.1MB/s
    LibreELEC:~ # dd if=/storage/pchome_mydatas/test2 of=/dev/null  bs=1G count=1
    1+0 records in
    1+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 20.923367 seconds, 48.9MB/s

    I'll check what can be done to optimize read speed ;)

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  • Hello to this great forum,

    I have installed libreelec on my android tv box,
    everything went oke but the only thing is
    how can i install it on the internall storage ?
    now i can only boot from sd
    Grtz Ballgear

    Hello Levimadman
    Maybe you can help me i install libreelec on my android tv box but i think i need a program to install it now i can only run it from sd
    Grtz Ballgear

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