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    Same Box.. everything fine here with 8.0.0c

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    And same as GrafT for me with same box too
    i.e. don't see the issues frem is reporting

    edit - quick question frem - are you using ethernet or internal wifi?
    One thing I found using ethernet is that it still shows a connection to wifi - that seemed to be affecting download rate for me and I always make a point of 'disconnecting' the wifi

    DEcosse, so you type exactly this "rm -rf ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/Addons27.db" , either before or after placing the img file into the update folder then reboot ? If I chose to go back to, can I just remove the img file from the update folder and reboot again?


    Are you using a Windows PC?
    You might find it easier to use Cyberduck if you're not sure about commands

    Cyberduck | Libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Backblaze B2 & OpenStack Swift browser for Mac and Windows

    Cyberduck is a Windows Explorer type interface and gives you a 'directory' based interface;
    it is VERY intuitive to use, especially for those not so comfortable working with Linux commands.

    Select the SSH protocol to your box's local IP address and enter the root/libreelec access
    once you connect the first thing to do is click on the 'view' tab and select 'show hidden files
    You need to do that to expose the 'update folder' and the .kodi folder

    Then you can navigate to the Addons27.db file (>kodi -> userdata -> database -> and just highlight the file & delete it (as you would if you were in a regular Windows Explorer directory)

    Then navigate back and open the 'Update' folder, and use the 'upload' icon at the top of the screen & select the image file from your windows directory
    You should see it in the upload folder if you navigate 'back' to the /storage list.
    Even if you inadvertently upload it to /storage, you can 'move' it into the update folder by just dragging & dropping within the window!

    You can either go back to the module & reboot from there, or simply from Cyberduck - from 'go' menu select 'send command' and type 'reboot' and click 'send'

    For the second part of your question, placing the new image file in the update folder and rebooting will execute the actual upgrade.
    Once it has completed the upgrade it will reboot itself and if you were to reconnect by SSH into the box, you would find the update folder is now empty.
    You cannot revert backwards once you have upgraded so you may want to save your original config if necessary.
    In actuality you won't see much difference I suspect operationally other than the K17 differences, so if you have already experienced K17 on your other box, you should probably have no need to revert.

    Footnote - even though you deleted that file, your addons from 16 will all migrate.

    I just added 8.0c to my second Beelink Mini MXIII II via SD card and so far it works great. My other Beelink has but I'm a little gun shy about adding 8.0c to the update folder in fear of screwing it up. I only use both boxes to stream movies and TV shows. I haven't so far noticed any difference between 8.0 and You guys on here are amazing. I did revert back to the Confluence skin in 8.0 as I was familiar with that skin and found it much easier to navigate. Kszaq, I have the utmost respect for the work you do here and have sent you some coffee money, enjoy...


    I have same box and did this upgrade from to 8.0.0c by exactly that method - you only need the img file, you do not have to reload the tree into upload folder
    The only 'gotcha' I encountered was it stuck on the LibreElec screen on reboot - easy fix, see my post 1288 in this thread.
    In fact you could probably even delete the file up front while you are in ssh anyway and THEN reboot to apply the update.

    Re the skin - a shout out for Black Glass Nova skin - been using it on every revision since about 14.

    Hi kszaq. I was running your version on my Beelink Mini MX box and wanted to upgrade to 8.0.0c build. I grabbed the .tar file and a new device tree (named it dtb.img) and put them into the Update folder on the box and reboot. Everything looked fine installing but now when it boots up it just gets stuck on the Libreelec screen? I tells me its 8.0.0c build in top left though. Any suggestions?


    bluejay86 - see this post - thread-2156-post-36281.html#pid36281

    After upgrading from 7.03.012x to 8.0.0c * it just hung at the libreElec screen after the reboot

    *This was running on an SD card and simply put the img.gz file in the update folder and reboot
    No need to even include a device tree for this update.

    I suspected the problem was similar to when I updated my Linux system from 16.1 to 17 and employed the same fix as indicated here
    [ubuntu] Kodi fails to start

    So a heads-up for anyone who finds the same situation, follow instruction in that link above
    (just ssh into box and delete that file - I actually use cyberduck which is an awesome utility with very simple 'explorer' type navigation - I highly recommend it)

    I have tried to solve this in many different ways but it looks like fixing it for QCA9377 (Aigaile included) breaks it for others. For a next build I will try to add QCA-specific udev rule as a workaround. You should know that the need to toggle is a long non-solved connman bug which we can only workaround. :(

    I think you've gone way above & beyond in your efforts here
    As I say, it's only a minor issue and the fact there IS a simple workaround especially mitigates it.
    Thanks again for ALL you do.

    S905X with Aigale chip
    WiFi back to similar to how it was in rev 'c' - need to toggle 'wifi active' on/off to enable it, whether or not Ethernet connected prior to start

    Will try to get log later today if you plan to pursue it further
    But honestly not a big deal in this config - can start wifi manually if need be.

    Changed in

    • adjusted Kodi patch to fix video stalling in some samples
    • adjusted udev rule that fixes non-working WiFi on boot
    • enabled CONFIG_UHID in kernel config for HID over BT devices
    • adjusted udev rule that loads Broadcom BT firmware

    I tested the latest version kszaq, in regard the WiFi on boot situation - thanks for your efforts here.

    On boot, with Ethernet Cable plugged in, the Ethernet link was connected and the Wifi was not.
    I disconnected the Ethernet and 'connected' the WiFi (it was already in the available links, just 'idle' - i.e. did not have to stop/restart the WiFi)
    So far so good!
    I then reconnected the Ethernet - the Wifi did not drop and had to manually drop it.

    Next tried booting with Ethernet disconnected:
    This time it had the same situation as per the earlier fix, where no connections were available and I had to toggle to Wifi Off/On in order to start it;
    then was able to connect.

    Hope that info is helpful.

    I have the same simultaneous wifi/ethernet connected at same time

    Therefor you agree this is a bug - whether or not it affects your particular set-up does not make it 'normal'
    These functions are typically mutually exclusive.
    Also this is not a wifi chip (hardware related) issue - in Android if the Ethernet is plugged in it immediately defaults to that, and disconnects the WiFi
    Therefor it is how it is being controlled by the LibreElec code.

    I'd like to revisit this one again kszaq - it definitely is causing a problem when the wifi connection is being made simultaneously to the ethernet
    - in the connections it shows two IP addresses, one for eth0 and one for wlan0
    Unless the wifi is manually turned off, it causes connection problems:
    I have a speed tester add-on and it just gets stuck on the ping test (& effectively locks it at that point, can't escape out)
    And of course similarly with streaming links it just does not load properly
    When either one is de-activated, it works just fine.
    Even the WiFi performance is actually not bad, even through a couple of walls and a box which has no external antenna!

    Is this possibly because of the fix you introduced to ensure the wifi started (previously there had been a problem with that driver where you you would have to manually disable then re-enable the wifi) and it is proceeding to create the connection EVEN WHEN the ethernet is active?

    Again, currently need to manually disconnect the wifi connection in order to have it work with ethernet connected.

    I also just tried a test where I unplug the ethernet cable - of course this connection drops off.
    Reconnecting re-establishes that connection, however that does not drop the wifi either
    i.e. it is not just at start-up, even if there is no ethernet initially, connecting it does not cause the wifi to disconnect.

    I'm sure this one is quite a low priority for you but if you find some time to examine it, that would be great.
    As always, your development and service to the community are most appreciated!

    kszaq (or anyone else who can assist) - if I may ask for some guidance; Sorry for distraction from all your other fine efforts!

    I use Black Glass Nova Skin and there is no 'reboot from nand' option - I was looking to add this and possibly copy code from your version of Confluence Skin
    - looking in the dialogbuttonmenu.xml under the Confluence Skin 720p folder (from your version) but I don't see reference to that.
    Am I looking in right place?
    or can you give some direction as to how I might add that capability (reboot from nand) to my skin of choice?

    Possible WiFi issue:
    Beelink MXIII II S905X 2/16
    Aigale WiFi chip

    I just noticed today - and consistently same after multiple reboots - that the internal WiFi is connected, simultaneously even with Ethernet connection;
    Should the WiFi not be 'idle' (disconnected) with Ethernet present?
    After start-up I've been manually 'disconnecting' the WiFi