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    CoreELEC is an basically a minimal linux distribution on which to run Kodi.

    We can help with hardware related issues with the actual box you are running CoreELEC on but anything beyond that is outside of our remit.

    For those not familiar with the kodi/hardware/code, the problem is knowing just that...

    Even those like me who have some background, when introducing to new systems could take a while before it becames clear.

    I had a problem... and a dream :)

    After a few tests, I got:

    1. my box worked almost perfectly with 8.90 on SD (a few files from a TV series had problems with fuild playback);
    2. installed to internal; got those problems and one more: at least one file, that always played without problems for many years (in many configurations, including the first RPi), also had video stutter;
    3. installed to internal: perfect!! (but my programmable remote is already configured to 8.90 version...)
    4. reinstalled 8.90, from my working SD, to internal;
    5. I now have a perfect system!!!! No problem at all with those files, and the speed from internal memory is like 10x faster than SD (for exemple, it takes 6-10s to scrap a new TV series, while from SD that could take 1-2minutes; also, I don't see placemarks when browsing my library, while the 'SD version' I see then many times before they were replaced by their respective thumbnails)

    Was that an hardware, CoreELEC or KODI problem?

    I know now is not a hardware problem... and I'm happy!! :cool:

    Joking aside, RPi3b+ doesn't have full HEVC support. If it did, I'd buy RPi3b+ instead.

    Same here... best OOB experience I had (before HEVC became a commom place). Even my Popcorn Hour had more 'problems' to solve.

    But given the lack of source code and limitations devs have fighting the unknown, they do a hell of a job!

    The result is having a cheap box (cheaper than RPi) with H265 decoding capabilities, but a less than perfect OOB experience.

    @jopereira I doubt that the devs will be rushing to look into this as they advise against installing to internal memory. It was re-enabled as a courtesy to those that did not want to pay for SD cards / thumb-drives but, due to the H/W variables and risks involved, I don't think they actually provide support for those that ignore their advice.

    I could be wrong, maybe it's changed back again now but that's how it was not too long ago :S

    Thanks. I'm happy running from SD card, although I find neater (not to say, faster) to run from internal. If that's the price to pay to have a nice, working great version, let it be!8)

    Thanks to developers, I'll keep my 5 stars rating! :)

    Well, that's strange to me...

    My 8.90, upgraded from 8.90.6, works VERY WELL :) in my 4Gb SD card, but stutters (small pauses) video running from internal memory. Maybe like skiped frames.

    Anyone has already seen this kind of thing? (SD <> Internal behaviour)

    (should I post a log?)

    f..k, my SD card is 16GB. This is likely to take a long time =O

    Sequencial reading (that occurs in this type of backup) is way faster than random readings.

    My 4Gb SD takes about 1-2 minutes to backup. For a complete peace of mind, that's more than acceptable.

    The "worst" part is keeping a 16Gb file even if you are only using 1Gb...

    (I have a 4Tb drive full of "material" :cool: and my CE/LE backup has only about 500Mb - I'm backing up ~3.5Gb of zeros :cry:)

    Edit: try MiniPartion Tool (free) - I guess you can backup only the relevant part (I have it, but didn't bother to use for this purpose)

    Yes, Win32 Disk Imager. :)

    "READ" make .IMG from SD

    "WRITE" make SD from .IMG

    My "not booting from internal" 8.90.6 was replaced by this CoreELEC 8.90.

    Needed to make installtointernal twice (instalation process adverts for this possibility, case you don't have standard Amlogic partitions).

    For the first time, since my 'RIP' RPI :cool:, I have smooth pans with 1080p60 (my fixed frame rate).

    About initial display resolution...

    I set mine to 1080p60 but initial boot gaves me no image with this version (8.90.6) and 720p with CoreELEC devel (a reboot solve the problem with both versions).

    I guess my receiver/projector doesn't have HDMI signal stable by then, and it reverts to same kind of default (my long gone Rpi had that problem to).

    My previous version (8.0.1l) doesn't show that symptome.

    Is there a way to force initial resolution?