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    Not with 8.90.6. In this version the script was removed. You can however boot from SD-Card, update with the CoreElec Devel, test extensively and then installtointernal.

    Anyway, this is the wrong thread. This one is about kaszaq's Builds. You want to read AdamG's pinned topic about 8.90.6. And yes, it starts with post #1 and ends with the last one. There you'll find all informations you need.

    Oh shoot, too late. :)

    Thanks _bhf_.

    I posted here because I was considering 'downgrading' to this version, just needed to be sure I can use installtointernal afterwards to return my box to a 'true standalone' device.

    Also, did not find these two answers (your's and frequency's) there. And in a fast and ilucidate manner.

    Your advice (I extend my thanks to frequency) to use CoreElec Devel are turning me again towards Leia versions.

    Anyway, I guess I can run/test this version ( in SD, run installtointernal and them recover the backup I made before my upgrade from 8.0.1l -> 8.90.6?

    installtointernal have been removed on the latest 8.90.x builds that is why your box doesn't boot. the good news is, it's now back on the Coreelec devel builds. you may need to do installtointernal again after booting from sd card then possibly setup as new.

    If you want to install stable Kodi then you can use latest or if you want Kodi Leia then use the Coreelec devel version.

    Isn't the script installtointernal ran only once, and all posterior updates made without issues or special precautions? ?(

    I had 8.0.1l, installed internally, almost for a year.

    Recently updated directly to 8.90.6, with correct dtb file. Worked like a charm. No problems at all, but the remote keys.

    But them, trying to solve a colateral issue, I updated with same .tar file and now it won't boot (AMLogic boot logo only). I used UPDATE folder method.

    Since booting from SD works just fine, I tried to restore dtb file (bellow), but it still doesn't boot.

    My question:

    Can I use this version and do an installtointernal procedure (since it already worked fine with my box)? Will it work fine, or should I be concerned about bricking the box?

    Please, sugestions ... :cool:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Also worked AFTER editing in Notepad++ and change EOL to Unix (Edit menu).

    Can I sugest that you edit your message to tell that for other users?

    Comparing to v8.0.1l I came from, power button now power up but does not shutdown/suspend. I noticed MCE (RC-6) remote power button does make a shutdown. I guess I can use my XSIGHT remote to have discrite power commands, but thta's another conversation...

    BTW, where is supposed to be?

    Hi, I use this serie of builds and now specially the 8.0d one on my Nexbox A95X S905X (2G + 16G) box. Not Nand installed so it runs from SD. I don't no if it's an issue, but the bluetooth interface is always disable with these builds and I cannot find a way to enable it if possible. Can someone helps or clarifies on that.


    Mine doesn't have BT... (1G version).
    I thought it was a missing driver...

    Ok, I attached pictures of my settings and the display on my receiver. What am I doing wrong?
    Same settings used to pass all the digital audio just fine.

    BTW, I am using HDMI to my receiver.

    That receiver does not accept some AC3/DTS modes.
    Yesterday, my Sherlock episode lack sound because of it (I have the 775).

    I just tried playing back the VP9 version and you're right about the S905 not being able to play that! Very slow and 100% CPU usage.

    Hardware decoding wise, there are the same but the "X" has [email protected]10bit and VP9.

    Yes, that was my first suspection... after changing settings, reboot, etc., I ended up making a HARD RESET and restored only ".kodi" directory..
    Please keep in mind I have not done the full backup procedure in SSH (a few pages back), only tried to restore the backup made by LibreELEC.

    That's strange, a VERY usefull feature like backup been broken in LibreELEC.
    Either way, I'm very satisfied with my 22 Euro T95X box and this LibreELEC - top notch!

    I had problem with this feature. If you'd have the same just do the SSH method with few commands, that proved.

    I've tried a BACKUP -> RESTORE procedure and can confirm is not working (TAR file is copied to .restore directory, but nothing is restored after auto reboot).

    I've done SSH procedure (more or less), and now I don't have SSH, says connection refused.
    How can I get SSH back again?

    • instructions say " If internal memory of your box is not visible, try a device tree with _nand suffix.". I don't see internal memory in Libreelec system info (just USB system and storage partitions). That means I should use the "nand" one?
    • if so, how I can I revert my box to original state, as I'm not able to make another USB installation with a new dtb.img?
      (right now, with a new fresh USB memory, I get "*** Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount LABEL=LIBREELEC ***)


    Tested b4 in my M8 (square box).
    Everything seems to be working well, all but DTS and Dolby that insist been converted to PCM 7.1 thought HDMI.

    Something wrong with my settings (analog, pass through, all compatibility modes on)?
    Choosing HDMI

    Again, great build!!!

    BTW, suspend seems to be working very well.

    Wow that was fast, thank you. I tried it on my 2x M8 boxes. Updated from OpenELEC 6.0.3 via SMB into NAND without any problems. Had problem with MAC addressees on OpenELEC (both boxes had the same MAC) now everything is fine. Connected with my MySQL database, all fine. Thank you so much!

    I have OE 6.0.3 from codesnake.
    Was yours the same?
    How did you update? Did you copy it to UPDATE folder and normal reboot to update?

    Thanks in advance