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    Hi everyone,

    I know this RGB issue was discussed many times, but I didn't have a problem until I got my third Minix U1 and connected it to and sony TV.

    Can someone please tell me with LE has RGB working (I don't care if it's LE7,LE8 or LE9) and what the command for enabling it is. It's just too many versions and too many posts to go over - can someone confirm which version is OK please?

    p.s. The problem is that screen at random times goes all green or all purple...and then revert itself back to normal after sometime, but sometimes need reboot (it happens in menus also).

    Thank you very much for your help

    I have the same issues. I use Minix U1 on Samsung 4kTV and another U1 on Sony 4kTV. The problem is present and mostly

    on Samsung (it flickers randomly..sometimes 20times per 40min episode, sometimes it's ok, sometimes it flickers when I'm

    in the menu), on Sony TV I saw this problem occur 2 times in past few months.

    Anyway...the problem goes away on Samsung when I downgrade to LE7. I tried all HDMI ports and it's the same on every one of them.

    kszaq: Hi, I just want to tell you in "i" build a/v sync issues are back for me with Minix U1 and using passthrough. Tested video was 23.976, AC3 DD5.1 Reverted back to "h" and everything in sync again. "h" version is pretty great btw - thank you so much.

    anyone tried running U1 on 792mhz? Any problems?

    Device trees for 7.0 and 8.0 builds are the same but there's no driver for analog audio in my 7.0 build yet. It's scheduled for

    kszaq: I thought so also :) But with and latest Minux U1 device tree the sound device is not recognized - I have only bluetooth audio available. I tried yesterday with clean install. It works great with 8.0.0d build though.

    I have some weird a/v sync issues still with 8.0.0d. Can I upload some video samples and post it here, so you could check? The problem is that not all 23.976fps videos work ok with 0.175s delay, some have no delay whatsoever.
    Otherwise everything works great.

    EDIT: I retested some things. In LE 7.x a/v sync was really messy for me and with LE 8.0.0d and U1 DTB almost everything is great and I could narrow a/v sync problems with using throughput down to this:
    Everything seems to be in sync (at least AC3,MP3,DTS) except E-AC3 which have 175ms delay (all videos tested are 23.976). I am uploading some of them for testing purposes :)

    So we're moving in the right direction :)


    did something change in last builds for SD contents? SD videos suddenly look AWFUL (did not in previous LE 8.x builds) and they are also very very choppy. I did not notice earlier since I don't watch SD often. I tried a couple of them and it seems the same problem with all of them.

    will there be device tree for U1 for LE 7.x builds also?

    For me 8.0.0.c it's smoother then "a" or "b". Keep experimenting on this layer, pls. Still slower then GUI on Jarvis, but definitely an visible improvement on the last iteration.
    On topic: is it only me or could be a known issue - the colours are a little bit darker compare to Jarvis (same box, same tv)?

    +1 about the performance. Much much better, still not the same as Jarvis but very much improved.


    thank you for another cool release. I have a question to all of you. Do any of you notice that GUI is not as smooth anymore as it was in Jarvis?
    When booted up the GUI smoothness is pretty ok and then becomes sluggish over time compared to Jarvis releases...I don't notice any abnormal RAM usage, just the transitions in menus are not so smooth? It's pretty much the same if I use it on USB or SD card - it works flawlessly on the same storage in Jarvis.

    I think the vq patchwork at some point added a lot of delay but with the 012h build fixed it, for me it's only 175ms delay on 24p content as well now :).

    OK I tried fresh install of 12h. It's 0.425ms delay for me with two different device trees:gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb 24-Jan-2017 16:40 38576
    gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port.dtb Anyway...the same (OTG) when used in Krypton means only 0.175ms delay on my device (Minix U1) with Yamaha YSP-2500 soundbar.

    Weird. I will try again ASAP..will do a fresh install and test again.