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    Hi hopefully somebody can help me.. I’ve been using wrxtasy build for a long time without any problems and for some reason I decided I would try out the coreelec build, it installed ok but playback was terrible so I copied over the wrxtasy image and dtb to the upgrade folder and restarted and it went through the process but I am now stuck on the mecool logo. I’ve tried creating a sd cars with the image creator tool and it is still stuck on the mecool logo. (My original install was installed to internal) I’ve looked and I can’t find any hard reset button. The device is a mecool m8s pro 3gb s912

    Anyone have any ideas?


    Use the USB burning tool to get it back to android then install LE on eMMC

    Hi All,

    I have an ABOX S905W 2GB box that I want to run LE from sd card then do the [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data trick.

    I saw that @kszaq said to "S905W: You should use one of device trees for S905X devices"

    So my question is if I want to install Index of /s905/8.2/ does any one know what device tree works already?

    Im going to try gxl_p212_2g.dtb first and go from there.

    Does anyone have LE on this model if so please could you let me know which newest firmware and device tree you are using please.


    Android has nothing to do with the OpenVFD/FD628 driver in LE.

    If you change a config file, the driver needs to be restarted, yes - you can reinstall it or just restart the box.

    I don't understand what you mean by "can't change the clock". The time displayed is the system time, you shouldn't have to change anything in the driver, just make sure that the system time is set correctly on your box (in Kodi).

    The current time here is 15:45 MST

    The time on my Kodi is 15:45

    The time on my Android side says 3:45PM

    The time on my display says 21:45

    I tried restarting the box after changing the vfd.conf file and nothing changed. Only when I uninstalled and reinstalled the command via ssh did it change.


    I found the issue it was this:


    I do actually now have another problem. I can't change the clock in the display. I changed it in android AFTER i ran the sh command.

    Do you have to set the clock in android first then run the command??


    They are not the same...

    Ahh I see they are actually different, my mistake.

    I have tried both many times and no matter which one i try my display is always upside down.

    Any ideas what the heck could be going on?

    I even deleted my FD addon settings file.

    Well read my post #336 on this thread which will link you to The Coolests post #126 on Page 7. Yes it will be possible as I have my later Tanix TX9 Pro S912 box working fine with the front panel display which before also just showed "boot". So get the files that The Coolest page 7 post links to, and follow the instructions. You will have to replace your device tree file with the equivalent replacement one which is modified for the vfd driver. When you set it up you will likely get a Permissions error which will require changing the linux file attributes on the main FD628Service file, but this is an easy ssh chmod 777 <file name> command into your box. I can help you with that too if needed now that I am aware of how it all works.

    Hi Ray,

    Im trying to get this working on my TX9 box.

    Im on LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2.5-Chroma.422.10bit.img

    I used the gxm_q200_3g.dtb from the Oclock-GPU-new-device-trees-S912-levfd link posted in #126.

    I also used the vorke-z6-vfd.conf as suggested.

    I have the display working but the time is upside down.

    Im wondering if the vfd.conf is the correct one. Maye you could post your .dtb and .conf files for me.


    I know what I’m doing as well. I have been flashing boxes for many years. This is the first box that has given me issues and I can say that now it is back to android the issue with the freezing is still there on android. So the issue was not with me flashing to internal.

    No sooner than I wrote this I found a guide that solved the issue with my computer constantly disconnecting.

    What I didn't know was that the box had to be in recovery mode. To do this I used the most common method which was this:

    Use a USB-C M-M both ends and put it in the USB PORT (can't remember which one, only 1 works)

    Use a pin to hold the reset button in.

    Push the other USB end into your computer with USB burning tool running.

    Hold button in for 10 seconds.

    Device should now show up and burn as normal.

    How to use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to manually update firmware