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    recording to the NAS and watching afterwards works fine with no frame drops. Only watching directly is the problem ... maybe I have to look if there is some transcoding or similar ongoing ...

    I don't have the MPEG license, however German DVB-T2 is h.265 / HEVC ... and it is only the tvheadend backend running on the Pi, not the frontend displaying the video ... so I would assume the license should not really be the issue.


    I use a Raspi 3 with two Geniatech T230C DVB-T2 USB sticks as tvheadend backend with Libreelec 7.0.2-dvbdrivers. I can receive all six test channels currently available in Germany / NRW.
    If I record the stream to my NAS and watch it from there later everything works fine.
    If I directly want to watch the "live" stream it stutters, no sound ... buffering restarts all the time (using LibreElec on a Minix U2 or VLC from my Ubuntu laptop).
    Any hints? Or is a Pi3 too slow to handle a DVB-T2 stream?
    Thanks, krimskrams

    after my unsuccesful experiments with a Minix U1 box I have to functional question for a Wetek Play2 box:

    1.) Can I connect the monitor/video output via HDMI and analog audio output through the A/V socket with the TRRS jack (like Line-Out in earlier days) to connect to my amplifier?

    2.) Is there a LibreELEC build which supports other DVB-T2 receivers / USB Stick than the builtin ones? I would like to use two Geniatech T230C sticks as receivers.

    Thanks, krimskrams

    I installed on my brand-new Minix Neo U1, booting from SD card, and using device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port and most stuff is working fine.

    The only thing a cannot get to work is audio output through the 3.5mm analog output. I did select ALSA:AML-M8AUDIO,PCM as audio output device under System -> Settings -> System -> Audio Output

    And the audio output is still through HDMI to the crappy speaker in my monitor .... under the Minix Android OS I can get the analog audio output to work (FW011).

    Any hints? Thanks, krimskrams

    kodi.log is available: MhgN