Posts by sYCO is stable and last version with kodi v17.6 krypton

    unstable pre alpha version with kodi v18 leia [8.90.4] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

    So what didn´t You understand ?

    As I mentioned earlier, this is what I did not understand: "... my work was ported to LE master branch and any development will continue here ..."

    That sounded like no more upcoming versions/threads/links in this forum, but somewhere else on the website and that is why I asked (in a polite way).

    And what is active? There will be no further builds from me. With help from GDPR-2 my work was ported to LE master branch and any development will continue here. But it will be some time before a stable version arrives. Simply use

    Sorry, I did not understand this correctly, I guess. Where exactly can I find newer builds then for the S905, if not here in this forum?

    Sorry, that is just plain wrong. I have the Nexbox MXQ Pro 4K with the S905 chipset and LE is running just fine with it for some months now.

    I am using the temp disabled versions and I have only crashes on webcam streams, but on TV streaming or watching local files on a Synology NAS everything is just fine.

    On the other hand, Android is total bullshit on that box, but I must admit, I used it about 20 minutes in sum only. I never would use that on a cheap TV box like that one.

    Friends. I've a Nexbox A95x S905x 1gb8gb with internal storage bricked. I already tried all kinds of recovery, but without success. So I´d like to install libreelec in sdcard. I have found in all internet hundreds of people with android boxes with the same problem. So why do not we have a libreelec install to sdcard with uboot also on sdcard. The raspberry pi doesn´t have memory nand, but libreelec runs only from sdcard. So, is it possible the nexbox with internal storage bricked to play libreelec from sdcard?

    What?! Actually, Libreelec is intended to run from SD card. What is your problem now, exactly? You can just go on and flash/install Libreelec on your SD card and insert that into your player and boot it using the toothpick method for example.

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, if I am in the wrong forum, but I could not find an area the Raspberry models.

    My Raspberry Pi (512 MB RAM model) is working fine with Libreelec, but there is one issue bothering me a lot and I hope you can help me out with that.

    Now, my RPi is booting every morning (on purpose per cronjob) and I found out, that if the medium (beamer or TV) is not "on", the RPi does not send out a signal. That means, I have no picture, when I turn on the TV or beamer.

    BUT if I have the beamer/TV turned on, when the RPi is booting it recognises the medium and sends out the signal. I can then turn off the TV or beamer and turn it later on and the signal is still there.

    I had that problem, already, while using Xbian, but there was a setting like "force HDMI output" in the menus.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    8.0.2b posted in OP. Changelog in short: performance improvements. :)

    Thanks for the new release and awesome work again. Unfortunately, the sound issue is still there.

    At least, I could find out, what the files have in common:

    Audio: AAC 22050Hz mono 59kbps [A: English [eng] (aac lc, 22050 Hz, mono, 59 kb/s)]

    It seems, Libreelec (or Kodi) has problems with AAC 22050 Hz files, because the sound gets distorted/broken.

    Is there a way we can fix it in the settings somehow or has it to be done on your (developing) end?

    Hi guys and kszaq,

    Unfortunately, I found a bug/an sound issue regarding some videos,

    but not all. I realized it, when I tried to watch the series Orange is the

    New Black (new season 5). Also, I found it, when trying to watch webcam

    video streams. The video is running normally, but the sound is like high-

    pitched/fast and broken.

    So, I thought first, it has to do with the newest 8.0.2b-t1, but that was not

    the case.

    I went back to 8.0.1l-mm and there it happens, too. I guessed, it has to do

    with the reactivated MM kernel.

    But with 8.0.1l (with Nougat kernel) the issue still occured.

    Finally, I found the last working version was 8.0.1k. There the sound issue

    does not appear with exact the same files. No breaks, no high-pitch/fast


    I guess, one of those is the culprit:


    • updated to ce4d3ba
    • added PR#12074 to lower CPUGPU load when idle (thanks @peak3d and koen)
    • added the latest lateframes and VSync patches from afl1 after positive reports from users
    • fixed picture freezing after HD->SD channel switch

    reverted some experimental kernel audio patches

    reverted a CEC patch that caused it not to work sometimes

    merged all upstream LE 8.0 changes

    But I have got no clue, of course.



    kszaq My daily user box is running flawlessly on my 1080p TV.

    Apart from this subtitle fix, what else of any significance has changed in the ?

    Check the changelog! :)

    kernel is back to Marshmallow

    subtitles security patch backport applied

    With 012j you have Marshmallow, too, so there should not be any change, I guess.