[SOLVED] RPi with Libreelec shows now output, when device is turned off

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry, if I am in the wrong forum, but I could not find an area the Raspberry models.

    My Raspberry Pi (512 MB RAM model) is working fine with Libreelec, but there is one issue bothering me a lot and I hope you can help me out with that.

    Now, my RPi is booting every morning (on purpose per cronjob) and I found out, that if the medium (beamer or TV) is not "on", the RPi does not send out a signal. That means, I have no picture, when I turn on the TV or beamer.

    BUT if I have the beamer/TV turned on, when the RPi is booting it recognises the medium and sends out the signal. I can then turn off the TV or beamer and turn it later on and the signal is still there.

    I had that problem, already, while using Xbian, but there was a setting like "force HDMI output" in the menus.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Well, Google and the Libreelec Wiki helped me.

    I had to set hdmi_force_hotplug=1 in config.txt

    Here is the how-to:

    Config.txt - LibreELEC

    (because Libreelec system is set to read-only)

    Maybe this helps somebody else.