S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/9

  • Yeap because you have the MXIII and not the MXIII-G/PLUS

    You should use the S82 image :)

    But me I always use the MXIII-PLUS file for my MXIII-G, but now I have that problem with the black screen after the libreelec logo. I have a 4K TV and I think that after the starting logo the screen resolution is wrong and I cant see anything. I mean that the device try to auto setting the screen resolution to 4K but without result

  • Move your device to a different tv that works,set up the resolution and take it back to your 4k tv and you can continue from there.

  • Move your device to a different tv that works,set up the resolution and take it back to your 4k tv and you can continue from there.

    I don't have second Tv! Which version is right for my MXIII-G TV box (2GB rom with Amologic s812) ?

  • I have an MX111 4K s802 2GB/8GB

    I am using LibreELEC USB/SD creator to create a bootable SD card and rebooting the MX111 using a tooth pick.

    I have tried the following two images:-



    Following tooth pick reboot using both images MX111 stays on initial logo screen.

    Only items plugged into box during toothpick reboot was power cable, Ethernet cable and SD Card.

    Any suggestions on if I am using correct/incorrect image or how I overcome MX111 not booting into LibreELEC issue?

  • This is a big thread and this has probably already been discussed.

    I have a m8s box (labelled M8S) with S812 and BCM wifi. It was a real nightmare to get Libreelec onto this box initially as most of the versions available for it soft bricked the box. It took a bootloader transplant to get the 7.0.2 version that is currently loaded onto it to work.

    I just experimented to see if I could get one of these new versions to load but have come up a blank so far. The box has TWRP loaded onto it so using the toothpick method boots into TWRP rather than the USB/SD card. Loading the upgrade zip file into the .upgrade folder has no effect and attempting to use TWRP to flash the upgrade zip fails.

    This box is pre-dtb and so needs a working uboot bootloader. Is there a way to get these builds to upgrade on my box ?


  • Sad to say i gave up. No way i wanted Internal Install and both SD Card / USB boots failed for me.

    My box is a Custom Linux Proprietary ROM Installed Internally and Bootloader Locked.

    Software updates come over the air.

    Pressed for time at the moment and haven't re visited this experiment.?(


    I have an MXIII G (1GB) and managed to run LibreELEC-MX3G.arm-7.0.1c.img.xz perfectly from SDCard using toothpick method. What i'm missing is what to do now! Is there any chance for me to update?

    I am a bit confused about the steps you took after actually booting Wilro_6276 img.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • That post goes back some time ago. You need to install Wilro's file as explained and then download one of Demetris's images. Once you get wilro's boot image installed you should then be able to toothpick boot Demetris's images. You need to use an img.gz file, not tar. Make sure you pick the right image based on your box specs.

    MXIII-G, M8 and Beeklink MXIII Plus LE 8.2.2 - Demetris, Mecool M8S Pro+/Abox A1, Abox A1 Max Coreelec 9.0.2. Thanks to all.

  • Im Trying to flash LibreELEC onto an m8s box but for the life of me I can't find the correct image link to use.

    Anyone else done it??


    MXQ M10 S805 - LibreELEC 8.1.9
    NEXBOX A5 S905X - LibreELEC 8.1.9
    BEELINK MXIII II S905X - LibreELEC 8.1.10

  • Hello, Demetris and all friends.

    I have an MX3 1GB S802 box.

    An old version of OPPENELEC is installed on the box

    and I wanted to install LIBREELEC.


    I used: "LibreEL.USB-SD.Creator"

    I started the installation, and then the message jumped to me:

    "can not access tty; job control turned off"

    I would be happy to receive your guidance.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Demetris!

    I read this forum for a long time and use your builds, for which many thanks.

    I have an MXIII (802) 2g/8g from beelink and all builds work fine, except for the problem with the constantly occupied one core of the processor by 100% ( brcm_patchram_p process). Bluetooth fnd wi-fi disabled, I use only LAN.

    I really wanted to use newer versions, but all builds started from 8.0.2b (S8X2 LE-8.0.1 & LE-8.0.2 & LE-8.2 images) has

    problems with power management for me (cannot power OFF from remote, only suspend).

    Also, there was a problem with a 100% busy one core of CPU.

    Please build the latest version with power management, as in the version of LE-8.0-RC4.

    The last well-working build was LE-8.0-RC4.

    Also I would like to get rid of CPU usage. Can be brcm_patchram_p removed from the startup process?

    How can i do this?

    Thanks for the help!

  • ...

    Also I would like to get rid of CPU usage. Can be brcm_patchram_p removed from the startup process?

    How can i do this?

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi Kruger,

    This might be a horrible hack, but I added the following to my /storage/.config/autostart.sh

    (sleep 20;

    pkill brcm*;

    touch /storage/killedbrcm.txt) &

    (the last just to get confirmation it ran, and I added the sleep as running it directly at start didn't kill brcm_patchram_p )

    As far as I could tell brcm_patchram_p is a process to patch the BT controller and since I'm not using BT either on my M8 i'm happy to kill it and have all cores normal for now.

  • Good afternoon Demetris

    I finally gave up with my old M8 (TRMK1) S802 due to not being able to activate multiboot and kept receiving a "kernel module loading error" on boot on all updates after 8.0.2. I got a cheap M8S S812 with identical HW (2gb/8gb with realtek 8xxx WiFi, board ID S812+_v1.0 2016.08.11) I successfully activated multiboot and used etcher to burn your latest update to an SD card, on boot I get libreelec splash screen but reduced size and in the upper left corner of the screen, then I get the "kernel module is loading" msg for maybe 60 seconds and then it boots.

    Is there anything I can do to provide you with useful information which may help fix this issue?

    As always all your time and effort is very much appreciated my friend 🙏🙏

    All the best