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    Since there is a bump in the GPU core to yet another new design - and this part of the soc has always been the most problematic with Linux porting - expect the roll out of suitable LE/CE versions to be glacially slow. the only thing that looks particularly attractive to me is the USB3 support.

    No matter what they say - the S905D is still the best version of the soc for Libreelec.


    it says "folder and file not found", but i copied all needed files to the correct folder on the stick. and if i try the Code
    ir-keytable -t

    it says "no remote device found"

    thats my problems with the provided coreelec build.

    It looks like you've not yet got the correct dtb.img since it would appear that your ir subsystem isn't been started. Have you tried a few different dtb.img files from the coreelec device tree directory. I would warn you that the device trees changed quite a bit from the ones used in previous LE builds - so simply using a LE dtb probably will have broken functionality.

    Go through the ones supplied with CE systematically until one works.


    Coreelec is working well at the moment. The most stable version so far seems to be 8.90.4, but the current version 8.95.2 seems very usable as a daily driver. Fresh install is the best.

    I am currently running the nightly builds and they work fine with few major issues. Bare in mind though that many of the Skins and Addons out there are incompatible with the latest versions of Leia and they probably wont be upgraded until the final release candidate's come out - whenever that is.


    If you fully understand what will happen when you run it then "installtointernal" is a perfect way to run your box.

    If you go into it lacking the knowledge of how to flash back to Android (as this user did) then you are not ready to use such a feature and the consequences are entirely on your own head.

    i find it regrettable that this useful feature has been taken out because people have misused it.


    Okay, I understand that T820 needs proprietary drivers/libs. But isn't that the current situation? Why will Kodi v19 not work with the current proprietary solution and the current kernel? What has changed on the Kodi side?

    Because the Kodi/Libreelec teams decided to stop supporting the current solutions.

    All of the current fixes which make it work will be weeded out in the next versions of Kodi as matter of active policy.


    i think real world tests show that eMMC is significantly faster than a class 10 SD.

    Of course just as there are different classes of SD card, there are also different classes of eMMC. Many Cheap chinese boxes bundle rubbish eMMC, but the eMMC bundled in with my Khadas VIM2 is much faster than any class 10 SD card.

    The data on your eMMC option is a viable compromise because the system partition is mainly just loaded at boot and resides in memory whilst the system is running, but if you don't use Android (as I don't) then its not worth the bother.


    You are always going to be limited to USB2 write speeds with SD cards since this is the interface bottleneck on most systems. A decent speed eMMC can have much higher access speeds and should have a much better pathway to the CPU/GPU. For me installing to emmc is always worth it unless you have a particularly crap eMMC.


    So it turns out to be the same product with a different packaging.

    Openelec died as a viable general product and retreated into a cosy little niche.
    Libreelec has far surpassed Openeelec and it goes much deeper than simple packaging.


    Did anyone try to backport drivers for the Khadas VIM2 dvb board. Its supposedly run from the kernel, but the driver embedded in the kernel will not scan channels because it was not sufficiently adapted from the KI pro driver it is based upon. I see little chance that it will be fixed within the kernel so is their a backport driver. It works within the Leia builds of CE but not within the test builds of LE Leia.

    Running Leia has been as right royal pain in the ass and I would dearly like to revert to a stable Krypton build on my VIM2.


    "installtointernal" was removed as policy by the Libreelec team.

    As far as I am aware the only "community" build, that runs Leia, that has retained this is Coreelec - which is not Libreelec but a fork of it for AMLogic hardware.

    Krypton builds of Libreelec are the last builds to support this feature.


    Jeffers, I am going to either wait, as there is a a lot of stuff coming - ie: Rockchip Libreelec build(s), new Amlogic processors, or consider an S905D processor/box. S905D are a bit hard to find and more expensive than S912. The curious thing is that the Mecool and Magicsee units show lan as 10/100, so no 1000.

    In the end, I have had lots of advice to skip the S912.

    I have a 3x S812 boxes that are running great on Demetris's 8.2.2 build and he is shortly going to release Leia builds when it goes Beta. That will keep them alive until Kodi 19 I guess. I also have 1 S905X box (Mecool M8S Pro+) which runs really well and 2x S905W boxes I will likely get rid of.

    So I don't need anything now but like to play with new tech.

    My reading of the data indicates that the KI Pro has S905D and Gigabit, its the KII Pro which only has the S905 and 10/100M.