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    I wonder how temperatures are going to be on that thing with no heat-sink?

    or are they not showing it yet? because it might be massive and cover the whole board?

    Indeed another flawed implementation from Khadas. It will overheat without a heatsink/fan which you will have to bodge together yourself (at least initially). To answer your second question - thats what they did with the VIM2 and it most definitely needed a heatsink and fan.

    The direct competition, the Odroid N2, has a heatsink, a cheap yet decent case and is undoubtedly cheaper to boot.


    Ah... i was afraid that normal procedure would not work and would brick the box ...i dont remember where i have read this, so i never gave it a try hahahahaha

    Many thanks for reply, i will try later :)

    I can't guarantee that it wont brick this box.
    The issue is that the build really should be tailored to the specific box components, which is usually done via the bios reporting to the kernel - but these boxes have very specific unique bios's which might mean that things simply aren't detected. I am about to get an Atomic Pi with the same chip in it. I will be using the preinstalled Ubuntu as my base and simply running the Kodi as an app within Linux. There is a whole raft of scripts to load the specific drivers needed for the board so I simply wont risk a generic Kernel missing hardware support and leaving me with a semi-functional box.
    These chips are more like ARM chips that need a specific device tree to access all hardware.

    There is a way to create a bootable USB stick with the Libreelec OS on it for generic boxes (its a few extra steps), which allows you to run everything off the USB stick and leave your native OS intact. It might be a good idea to try this as a way of testing hardware functionality before doing a full install.

    LibreELEC 8.2.0 live USB how-to with Kodi Krypton 17.5

    Again I cannot tell you if this technique still works on x86 boxes.


    Can anyone please explain for us that are not so tech-experts

    what steps are needed to replace the installed windows with Libreelec

    It used to be that you created a bootable USB stick using the Libreelec USB SD Creater tool. On first boot using the created stick it asked you where you wanted to install your Libreelec on your computer. After that it should simply boot to your installed LE system.

    How to install LibreELEC on HTPC - A lightweight Kodi operating system

    That's how I have always done it in the past, but things might have changed since there is a move towards running off USB/SD recently.


    Libreelec 8.2 had working driver support for your intternal tuner, I am not certain if it was ever ported over to the Leia builds.


    Odroid N2 look like the best available option out there at the moment.

    Going to give the Atomic Pi a spin myself, and if you aren't bothered about lack of 10bit 4K support it might be worth a look.


    I have encountered all of the main personalities in this story and I simply ain't buying the poor Innocent wronged victim narrative.
    What I see is the sad bickering of divorced parents.

    Just as a bit of perspective - hows the relationship with team OE going ?


    These questions are fully discussed at the CE forum, best to take them there. There is a thread called best CE settings.


    Not really sure what you're saying here about "at least one which was not" but please don't tell Kwiboo (or any other forum member for that matter) "to be quiet" as Kwiboo had first hand experience of how it went down in the Team LibreELEC Slack prior to the fork.

    There were several Amlogic PRs from CoreELEC founders merged *before* the fork, many more that were rage closed by the contributor during the peer-review process (as while they might have worked for Amlogic they broke or impaired pretty much every platform other than Amlogic), and I'm certain that there were *no* PRs contributed after the fork as CoreELEC made Team LibreELEC very aware that they would not be upstreaming any of their code. Needless to say, we were left distraught and dismayed at their decision (nah, not really!)

    Unfortunately this lack of transparency is a bit sad, but its helped me decide who is distorting the story.


    Unfortunately I call BS on this since I know of at least one which was not. If you can't even be honest then its best to be quiet.



    1. I'll give you a potted summary: the CoreELEC founders claim they were "thrown out of Team LibreELEC" when in fact they left of their own accord because they couldn't handle their Amlogic contributions being peer-reviewed, and since then they've been sniping at LibreELEC while consuming _everything_ we produce and giving _nothing_ back. They left, it was their choice, and they're full of animosity/hate - there's little we can do about how they feel to be honest, but we certainly won't tolerate their sh*t on our forum.

    Just to clarify this, did LE ever pull in any of the commits submitted by CE team members ?


    The Khadas VIM's had far better support than any of the cheap chinese boxes simply because they sent samples (eventually). The lack of support from LE for the Khadas VTV board was the primary reason I migrated to CE.


    Thankfully he's someone else's nightmare to contend with these days, not ours. Not much sleep lost to his trolling :)

    Whats your nightmare is everyone else's joy. When it comes down to it all the average user should care about is a working OS which is what adams team has delivered. Take a chill pill all this hate is bad for you.


    Also same story with removing cron support from busybox which is PR from another admin here because there is systemd timers, users are second place here it seems.

    These are not even big changes like this.

    I think it does none of us any favours to take this tone. LE is a big project and competing needs have to be weighed up. We should be grateful for both the LE and CE teams in all their hard work so far. If you don't like the tone of a project then don't use it. i personally use both and am grateful for both teams.