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    Did you find a box? Looking for something with similar specs, only be using it to play mkvs from external hard drive. Could do with gigabit LAN as I have 1000mbps internet. I've done a lot of reading on this thread but feeling a bit confused... I suppose the simple solution would be a Minix U9 but that's almost Nvidia Shield money where I live!
    Currently using a cheapo x96 s905x 1gb ram box that I had gathering dust in a drawer, it works but sometimes buffers or freezes with high bitrate 4k mkv's.

    None of the current crop of Amlogic boxes are supported under LE running Leia, this version has effectively been skipped at this stage.
    The current crop of S922 and S905x3,S905D3 are not supported in LE.
    The older boxes such as S905x2 are supported in community builds of Krypton - but are no longer actively supported by the developer.

    There are alternatives outside of LE, but the new crop of boxes are not that cheap (ie €50+)


    Friend leave here the details of which mini PC you are using.

    I'm tired of the amlogic boxes, Android tv box. They all suffer from the same problems,: the firmware outdates quickly, updates come spotty, if ever, you’ll depend on the hacker scene to get Kodi going with all codecs and features, DRM problems with Netflix and Amazon, limited support of external hardware, missing drivers, etc.

    If 4K and HDR aren't high priorities for you then I have a nice box running on the AtomicPi, very cheap and capable little board with a nice little 4+4W digital amp onboard. Needs a bit of diy skills to get it going.
    However running Windows on it would be problematic so the DRM issues might not be resolved. Unless you splash for a NUC its unlikely that any of the little miniPC's running atom or Pentium chips will address all your needs.


    emmc is a nice speed increase and one of the main reasons for choosing a SBC over an Android box.

    You can use your existing remote if you can find a configuration file for it, otherwise you can create one yourself just so long as you can work out the code standard, the process is well documented and there is a good database as well. CEC is nice as a backup but on mine it hasn't got the context menu mapped which makes a lot of operations painfully limited.
    I find that the on screen keyboard is adequate for all my needs - if been a little painful to use. I wouldn't bother with a remote keyboard, just wouldn't use it enough to make it worthwhile.

    2g of memory is fine and always will be for Kodi/LE. The only reason to go for 4g is if you intend to run ubuntu or Armbien.

    The VIM3L will be a huge step up from your current box and you will probably see only marginal benefit going for an N2 over it. Still the pricing is close so i would still go for the N2.


    It seems that your box is arriving at end of life and hasn't got the chops to do anything but the basics. Its time to upgrade.

    Forget about the S912 because even though its a good piece of hardware its not well supported by Linux and has been dropped by AMLogic for future support.
    The latest S905D3 looks to be a good bet at a reasonable cost. Khadas have released a nice board which will do all you could need for the next few years at a very good price.

    Khadas VIM3L | Amlogic S905D3 HTPC (SBC)

    They have released a media pack version with case and installed CE.

    If you want better performance and a longer useful life then one of the S922 boards such as the VIM3 or N2 is the best thats available at the moment. Any of the Android boxes are tricky in terms of getting them to run anything but Android so are best avoided. The Beelink gt-king has definitely had hardware issues with its LAN port killing its transfer speeds. This will probably get resolved in later iterations but each board upgrade has the potential to break software support.


    Coreelec is listed as not supported by this repo so will not download addons directly. However if you download the addon zip file directly to your CE box and install from ZIP it works.
    The latest versions of MONO and Webgrab+ are broken in CE so you have to use archive versions to get them working and then disable auto-update on the addons to ensure they don't update and break.


    Waveform would unexpectedly lock up my system on a very regular basis. This has been the state of affairs for over a year at this stage. I think the code must be well broken and not well maintained.

    I use Shadertoy exclusively now and it never really gives me trouble apart from not launching initially until I access the GUI and then cancel the GUI, which brings it in.


    The Odroid N2 is the best available hardware in the AMLogic boards and it works with CE for full functionality. A bargain if you are based in the USA but a bit more expensive in Europe. Until mainline support is achieved you can forget LE on any of the ARM chips except for the Pi's.


    I'm having an s912 box collecting dust i tried the other elec with it but I have to say I'm not impressed. With 3.14 it limps ahead, stability is far from what I'd call so. My only chance is mainline with panfrost period. 3.14 might work for 905 but not for ALL AML boxen.

    So please stop the FUD and appreciate what the devs are doing in their scarce spare time. Or use what better fits your needs, but let us enjoy the world revolve regardless there's an ancient 3.14 rotting alive some place out there.

    I don't know what universe you are in but I have been using it on a S912 for over a year at this stage, since version 8.95.4 its been as good as any of my other media boxes, with a few occasional regressions which were quickly been corrected. i think its yourself who has the bad case of FUD.


    I think its totally wrong to say there is no short term future in 3.14
    I think even those using the 3.14 kernel want us to move forward to mainline support - but as has been clearly stated that doesn't work yet and is unlikely to be fully mature for a good while yet - so hang all those AML user out to dry.
    As I said it didn't have to develop this way - that was a policy decision that LE made all on its own.

    If Mainline support where the great bugbear that is claimed why release a Rpi4 none mainline Leia build of LE - its simply inconsistent and that tells the lie.


    It's not working though, that's the point. Digitial passthrough has been broken for quite some time on the LE 3.14 kernel images.

    Obviously the images for the other team are fine, but LE should be about running as close to mainline as possible IMHO.

    Digital passthrough can work perfectly on 3.14. As to the other, its a matter of opinion. I don't think its the right decision to drop support for a platform before the replacement is ready for prime time (especially when there were people who offered to maintain support in the transition) - but thats just my opinion. Duty of care to your loyal user base and all that.


    Shoog I hope you are kidding - 3.14 in 2019... Who will keep the security patches coming? Amlogic?

    This is a bit of a red herring since anyone hacking your media box can what "steel your media", "crash your box", "hack across your badly setup SAMBA network". The security benefits a newer kernel will bring will not prevent any of these scenario's from happening. Get serious.

    There are literally millions of Android devices running these kernels and the sky isn't falling in on those users.


    That's fair enough, but it's easy to see how folks lose hope with this Amlogic hardware.

    I'm just glad we won't see yet another 3.14 kernel release.

    Why ? If another 3.14 kernel release works why should you care ?

    Amlogic hardware offers the best bang for buck relationship on the market and yes there still is software that fully supports it.

    As a developer I can understand the desire to0 move on to better things - but as a user you are just shooting yourself in the foot.



    This would be an issue on N2 because s922x SoC supports h.264 4k only up to 30fps. This is from s922x datasheet:

    H.265 HEVC [email protected] up to [email protected]
    H.264 AVC [email protected] up to [email protected]

    So the N2 would half cut it.

    It seems that the only reliable tick all boxes solution would be Intel based. No point buying an ARM board/box without the prospects of support.
    However - when you can demonstrate a real world need for [email protected] you might be justified in shelling out the extra.