Switching between incompatible OS uboots the simple way.

  • People are having issues when testing LE and then testing other OS's on the AMLogic platform. They are been advised that they need to reinstall Android firmware after the Uboot is altered on first boot. This is absolutely unnecessary and very poor advice as it is a complex process to restore the original Android ROM assuming you have it.

    Fortunately AMLogic is wiser than this advice and they have built in functionality which allows you to boot a self contained OS off a SD card and this will restore the necessary boot functionality to whatever is needed to operate the OS.

    The simple method is:

    -create a SD card with whatever OS you want to run using the LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator tool (or whatever tool is recommended by your chosen OS) from the full OS image (not the update .tar)

    -insert the card into your SD slot with the power off.
    -Press your boxes RESET button and insert your power cord and hold the reset until the first splash screen has loaded. The RESET button is usually in one of two locations 1) at the back of the AV socket 2) in a hole on the bottom of the box labelled RESET. Use a toothpick or a match. A few very rare boxes have no RESET button and for these you will have to use a different method.

    This has forced you box to boot off the SD card and has run the aml_autoscript which comes supplied with the OS image which sets up the uboot to whatever is needed run you chosen OS on next boot.

    Do this every time you want to switch OS. SIMPLES.

    If this fails for you try it again as the reset detection can be twitchy. There are also a number of other techniques which can be used if this method fails.

    With this knowledge you can safely test whatever OS you choose without reinstalling any firmware or damaging you internally installed system.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Press your boxes RESET button and insert your power cord and hold the reset until the first splash screen has loaded.

    Hi Shoog ,

    my Odroid-N2 hasn't a RESET button ;-)


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  • Hi Shoog ,

    my Odroid-N2 hasn't a RESET button ;-)

    Shoog wrote "Press your boxes RESET..."

    Your Odroid N2 is NOT a box ;)

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  • Not an issue that impacts the N2 because it is a stand alone SBC which has its own unique bootloader.


    Another approach if you can get it to boot into Android is to use the app

    Reboot to LibreELEC – Apps on Google Play

    This will force a reboot from the SD card.

    All this does is issue the console command

    reboot update

    So if you have a terminal emulator loaded on your Android install then simply launch and issue this command for the same effect.


    This technique will also allow free movement between the stable kzaq LE community builds and the experimental Balbes LE builds.


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