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    You can provide me a dmesg log but controllers dont need any configuration they should be plug and play. Can i have the controller model you are connectiing please?

    And how i was suppose to know what you did and what not when you didn't gave any info about your quirks.

    Last time i looked into my magic sphere, the S802 boxes would normally be bootable with any of the S82/S82B/S82H/MXIII/S89/S89H images.

    MXIII-PLUS/MXIII-G/PROBOX2-EX-PLUS is for S812 boxes.


    What i get from this?

    You don't flash the bootloader and you are stuck with S812 one so S802 images don't work.

    Either flash/wipe with usb and amlogic tool a proper image or stay with S812 bootloader and keep crossflashing S812 images.

    Note that I don't know if reverting to S802 bootloader will fix your issues or not, so do as your gut tells you to do.

    I have actually made it so easy for you to find a compatible image/firmware that the next step is to come over and flash it for you.

    The secret hint is in the naming i gave the boxes in OP


    - S82/S82B/S82H/MXIII/S89/S89H

    Both releases are using exactly the same driver so i don't get how WiFi could be slower.

    Maybe your capacitors that feed the wifi with current are getting old and need replacement, maybe is your router, no one can actually say for sure.

    I've found the issue, the version of "inputstream.adaptive" which I entered manually into the .kodi/addons directory is "old" (2.3.x) for Kodi 18.5 Leia, and I cannot find the correct version 2.4.2 already compiled.

    Could anyone be able to zip here with that compressed folder? Thank you!

    Demetris, is it not possible to make the LibreELEC repo navigable?


    I solved it using the image "LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-9.0-devel-20190517212215-9a6423a.img" with Kodi 18.2, Amazon VOD now works perfectly, and the LibreELEC repo is full functional!
    So please Demetris please check your latest build with Kodi 18.5, there's issue inside, for example:

    2020-01-08 10:52:12.534 T:2680718192   ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):                                              File "/home/demetris/S8X/build.LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.5/LibreELEC-settings-171142f0bfe5e0d875618b8b1f016c1355476691/.install_pkg/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.libreelec.settings/resources/lib/modules/", line 521, in check_updates_v2                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/json/", line 339, in loads                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/json/", line 364, in decode                                            TypeError: expected string or buffer

    Thank you for the feedback :)

    That is the reason why i didn't announce the new version on the main page.

    These images are here for you to test and report so i can fix the remaining issues before the official release.

    Let me know if anything else comes up and thanks again for the report

    Kinda confused by this thread. It has s802 in the title but, as I'm understanding this Demetris is no longer building for Amlogic s802. Do I understand about that correctly? Still, it seems some of his older builds for s802 might be available at the links given in the OP. If that's the case, how do I tell which build is for Amlogic s802? Also, have I understood correctly that these builds are for writing to SD card so that the OS boots from it rather than from the box's internal ROM? Clarifications will be appreciated.

    PS Currently nursin along my older box with MyGica, which works acceptably for now. Would like to try out LibreELEC though.

    S802 & S812 are the same minus the gbit lan on the later thus the S8X2 abbreviation ;)