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    I just installed the 8.2.3 update (TAR) on my MXIII 1G. It works without any problems. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Just one question: I have an 200Mbps internet connection, when i run speedtest it only comes too 65Mbps.

    Any reason why? Al cables and switches are 1000Mbps.

    I had the same problem. Then i used this LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.1-MXIII-1G and the Wired internet worked ok again.

    Community releases have their own release circle and in no way attached to any strings from official ones even if they are based on them.

    What if i don't want to pull any other minor stuff in ? Since this is not official i see no harm releasing a "final" after krypton 17.5 dropped and call it a day and if the le team want to take over and release "official" images well, please do. But till that day comes, i call this S8X2 LE-8.2 final release and move on.


    A shame if you are leaving. :( A lot of people depent on you.

    Just want to letting you know, that the final 8.2 works fine on the MXIII 1G.

    Normally when i used the remote of the tv (Sony Bravia) to put the tv out, the box also went out. Now i have to use the button on the box.

    Otherwise no problems at the moment.

    Read this post and you will find the answer.

    You have too put some files on your card.


    I have the same Processor. I used the toothpick methode. When the sd card is inserted, it boot's from the card. Sd out, it boot's to android. I always live my sd card inserted. I dont use android, because my version is too low.