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    You might still see a blank screen even if the multiboot file was actioned with toothpick. If you cant get it to boot from SD or USB then I would not even try to install to NAND. Usually you need it booted from SD (or USB) to be able to action the install script from SSH. I don't know another method but someone else might if you insisted on trying it.

    How do I confirm if the "multipoot file was actioned with toothpick"? Since I get a black screen when I boot with SD+toothpick, do I simply unplug the power, insert the SD in the USB adaptor, plug in the USB, boot with toothpick and that should open to Libreelec?

    Probably nothing, the multi-boot doesn't seem well supported on these boxes. What worked for me was a hybrid approach. Use the toothpick method with SD to activate multiboot, then reboot with the same SD card as was used in the SD slot but now in a USB converter stick with that in the 1st USB port (and try all USB ports, perhaps only one will work).

    Thanks for the reply. But the problem is that when I insert the SD card using toothpick method I get a blank screen. It won't go into recovery. Shall I just unplug the power, put the SD card in a USB adaptor, plug the adaptor to one of the two USB ports and plug in the power. Or do I have to use toothpick again?

    If I don't manage to boot from SD or USB, what is the process of installing it to NAND?

    I have an M8N box and have tried the following:

    1. Downloaded the M8 8.0.2b img.gz

    2. Used rufus and created a bootable USB and another bootable SD card

    3. With the box being turned off, USB plugged in and toothpick holding the reset button, I plugged in the power

    4. Android recovery appeared and I let the toothpick go

    5. Selected reboot

    6. Box started in Android.

    Repeated the same process with the USB in the other USB port, same result.

    Repeated the above steps using the SD card until step 3 and the screen was blank (didn't get into Android recovery at all)

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Hello everyone,

    I was going through the pages and I couldn't find clear instructions on how to install this:

    a) On my M8 NAND

    b) On an SD card or USB and boot from that while keeping Android on NAND

    I can see that there are two files that can be downloaded, a tar and an img.gz. I assume the tar file is for updating an existing Libreelec installation. So how do I use the img.gz to do any of the two options mentioned above? Note that I do not have any other files that may be required (e.g. recovery image, remote config, aml_autoscript etc).

    I know that each box and each setup/configuration is different, but I was wondering if there are any "standard steps" I can begin with and see how it goes from there. Any help/information will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance