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    Hmmm I wait more than 10 secs but with the same result :\

    Is your mount script still ended with the & character?

    (sleep 5;

    mount -t cifs -o username="Normandy Server",password=***,rw // /storage/roms/;


    [following scripts]

    This will cause the mount to wait x amount of sleep, but the following scripts will still start directly afterwards, without waiting for the sleep command.

    If you remove the & it might wait long enough for the mount to be present when emulationstation boots.

    (a separate sleep insert would be even better as the removal of the & will cause the boot to hang for quite a while, if your network share is down)

    You can just copy the cores (to /tmp/cores), or you can go into retroarch and download the cores from the "load core" menu if they are available. I have no experience with those cores so I am not sure if something else is needed (like bios, or gamepad/keyboard setup, etc) .

    Then you will have to edit the es_systems.cfg if you want them to show in Emulationstation. The Commodore Amiga core is installed, its just not added to es_systems.cfg

    Ah great, I'll try and report back what is needed/works/etc.

    Which Amiga core is included, by the way? (i've tried to look for UAE variants)

    First of all, thank you very much for all the work you done.

    I spent some time today setting all up (added NFS automount to, indexed some folders, added C64) all without major issues.

    I did run into one issue, and that is that I wanted to add Atari ST and Commodore Amiga options as well, but these cores are not in this version.

    I was thinking of just copying over the cores from the current Lakka for S905, but i suspect there is something more involved.

    Anybody have experience with adding cores ?


    Also I would like to get rid of CPU usage. Can be brcm_patchram_p removed from the startup process?

    How can i do this?

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi Kruger,

    This might be a horrible hack, but I added the following to my /storage/.config/

    (sleep 20;

    pkill brcm*;

    touch /storage/killedbrcm.txt) &

    (the last just to get confirmation it ran, and I added the sleep as running it directly at start didn't kill brcm_patchram_p )

    As far as I could tell brcm_patchram_p is a process to patch the BT controller and since I'm not using BT either on my M8 i'm happy to kill it and have all cores normal for now.

    I've installed numerous s905 and s905x boxes with LE, but I have one box that just flat out refuses to boot LE.
    It's an acemax s905 MXQ pro 4k, and i've tried to flash every known firmware on it, but if it reacts to the toothpick booth (depending on firmware) it just stays stuck on the amlogic logo. (boot from SD or USB).
    (I've fixed a few odd boxes by flashing a new firmware on it)

    (tried with various dtb.img files as well, either 200 or 201, though it is a 201 1G 100Mbit)
    Funny thing is that it does boot almost every Android firmware and even flashing an OpenElec zip works, just not LE.
    (also upgrading from OE with a tar gets it stuck on the boot logo again)

    Does any of you have an idea where to look at to even debug where the problem might be?
    I guess I should just sell it on as generic Android box (or just trash it), but I would love to find out what the *&^#% the issue is.

    With 156 pages , this thread becomes unreadable.

    I have the MXQ PRo 1gb s905. Everything works fine running LE from usb. Even the installtointernal gives no errors. Only problem when i installtointernal and reboot, the screen stays black, nothing happens. When in insert the usb stick + toothpick it runs LE again. I can also reflash to android with amlogic tool. So only running (booting) from internal doesnt seem to work. Any advice?

    I had this issue with 2 boxes before, and in both cases running installtointernal twice did nothing.
    Flashing another older generic MXQ Pro android firmware solved it on one box (install other Android, boot from SD/USB, installtointernal), but the other one just flat out refuses to run from internal.
    (first one was generic no-brand MXQ PRO 4k, the one with issues is an Acemax MXQ PRO 4k)

    I seem to be having some sort of HDMI handshake issue with the M8 build. Booting with TV on get a good signal, but turning the TV off for a while or booting without TV results in a black screen (there is also a receiver in between the box and the TV), only solved by reboot. Any ideas on how to debug or prevent the screen turning off?

    Running RC4 quite nicely on M8, but I find that after a day idle the box just shows a black screen, and even reboot over SSH doesn't reboot the box (ctrl C can just cancel the reboot even if you leave it for a few minutes)
    Anybody else having such issues ? (it's not that bad, the box starts up very fast, so pulling the power is no big deal, but just wondering)

    Strange, that's the version I am using and it does not work for me.

    Have you tried manually selecting 3D mode from the video menu?
    It hardly ever switches automatically for me, even when it shows as 3D, but when I switch 3D mode off and on again from the video menu, it causes the screen to switch to the correct mode.

    Hah, from SD the 905 version works great so far. Picked up USB ps3 controller directly, N64 is close to perfect, and Megadrive and Snes worked perfctly.
    Couldn't get overlays working as I use them normally though. Shader performance not optimised for amlogic so slow as expected.I'll post on the Lakka forums for the rest :)