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    Useful video on how to apply the paste:-

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    Room temperature is about 20o but it's also in a cabinet so a bit higher. When you get the unit, check the temp via SSH with "cputemp" and also "top" to see what it is the main process that might be causing the issue - if there is one.

    What happens is the Mecool just freezes and have to pull the power cable and plug it back in.

    Thanks for suggestions, how do I use SSH "cputemp" and "top"?

    I could try it on a box I have in the UK.

    Jeffers, I am going to either wait, as there is a a lot of stuff coming - ie: Rockchip Libreelec build(s), new Amlogic processors, or consider an S905D processor/box. S905D are a bit hard to find and more expensive than S912. I have had lots of advice to skip the S912.

    I have a 3x S812 boxes that are running great on Demetris's 8.2.2 build and he is shortly going to release Leia builds when it goes Beta. That will keep them alive until Kodi 19 I guess. I also have 1 S905X box (Mecool M8S Pro+) which runs really well and 2x S905 boxes I will likely get rid of.

    So I don't need anything now but like to play with new tech.

    Do you ever have any issues with your Mecool M8S Pro+ running hot?

    I have an M8S. Looking for this image: LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2-MXIII-PLUS which I expect to upgrade my box to Krypton 17.. Currently I am using LibreELEC-MX3G.arm- which is working perfectly with Kodi 16. Dual booting only.

    I am a beginner and have problem trying to get to this image from Page 1. Any help would be appreciated

    Googled what you were looking for and got this:- S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/x

    MXQ 4K (rockchip chip with 1GB RAM) I have is absolutely different from my Tronsmart MXIII (Amlogic S802 2GB RAM) that I'm trying to flash with LibreElec/Lakka. Dont mix up! MXQ 4K will probably never get a LibreElec release and the post I made about updating it was about upgrading original ROM with an updated one that has less bugs.

    Any chance of sharing where you got your ROM for the MXQ 4K from, the stock ROM I have on mine is useless

    Ok, not trying to get my hand holded, but some links or orientation wouldnt be bad.
    I already made an USB-A to USB-A to flash a terrible MXQ 4K and made a tutorial on other places on how to flash the device, so I have "some" experience, but, as of today, I couldnt even start with the Tronsmart MXIII.
    Ok. Will download and test AMBurn and some roms.

    Ok. Boot from USB also dont work. Could you or someone tell me what bootloader could I try and how to flash it?

    I have a MXQ 4K 16GB/2GB which is pretty useless with it's original firmware very slow. Did you flash yours with LibreELEC are you able to point me in right direction regards LibreELEC, DTB and remote .rtf versions to install on it?

    GearBest looks affiliate-kick-back-0verpriced , AliExpress seems sorta like eBay. I find it difficult to measure reputation , when surveying vendors for TV Boxes. any "other usual places" to investigate ?,, all talk about kodi on TV Boxes, any others ?

    thanks in advance

    I bought a Mecool from Banggood with the faulty chip, they offered a new replacement or a full refund. I took the refund and they refunded me in full, can't ask for better service than that.

    I have an MX111 4K s802 2GB/8GB

    I am using LibreELEC USB/SD creator to create a bootable SD card and rebooting the MX111 using a tooth pick.

    I have tried the following two images:-



    Following tooth pick reboot using both images MX111 stays on initial logo screen.

    Only items plugged into box during toothpick reboot was power cable, Ethernet cable and SD Card.

    Any suggestions on if I am using correct/incorrect image or how I overcome MX111 not booting into LibreELEC issue?

    wrxtasy, am I correct in thinking that you achieved a 15-20 Degrees C temperature drop by re-using the existing heatsink and replacing the thermal paste?

    That being the case, why oh why don't the manufacturers use better quality thermal paste in the manufacturing process.

    Would you recommend fitting a bigger heat sink when replacing the thermal paste?

    Generally - not personally You - a lot of users using cheap cables - many of them don´t know about the bad quality.

    I tested ATV box from a friend - working perfect with my 15€ HDMI cable from amazon store connected @AVR

    And I use XBMC/KODI many years too - boxee, raspberry pi 1, 2 and 3 - hifiberry etc.

    I ordered some of these:- AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable - 1.8m / 6 Feet (2-Pack) (Latest Standard) Supports Ethernet, 3D, Audio Return.

    Are these good enough??