LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2.3

  • I've found an issue with over_voltage=4 (or higher) on Pi2.
    Can you test this firmware
    Unzip and replace start.elf/fixup.dat on boot partition with start_x.elf/fixup_x.dat from zip file.
    Let me know if over_voltage=4 starts to work again.

    Hi just tested,replaced firmware and can confirm I can now set over_voltage=4 or higher..but had to remove "_x" from firmware file names otherwise it didn't boot.Thanks.

  • how about tearing in the menu’s etc?

    I never had tearing in any Kodi menu's... since I updated my RPi4 to 9.2.3... Now I have enormous tearing in menus.

    But I dont complain, I can live with it.

  • Wifi Internet Speed in 2,4 Ghz is very slow 0,4 - 6,64 Mbps

    Wifi Internet Speed in 5 Ghz is fast 29 - 33 Mbps but why?

    Can i set it in Setting to use only 5GHz?

  • As this is NOT the area to gripe about issues, I'd just like to thank everyone responsible for this software. The update went flawlessly on both my NUC and Rpi3B setups.

    Just amazing software, what it does for a Pi is incredible.

  • Hi Dennis

    If you'r overvolting set it to over_voltage=3 or lower and it should boot up normally.

    Mario77: I've had already changed the overlocking and voltage to normal and no issues... I will check if I can reset the overclocking and set the over_voltage to 3...


  • Wifi Internet Speed in 2,4 Ghz is very slow 0,4 - 6,64 Mbps

    Wifi Internet Speed in 5 Ghz is fast 29 - 33 Mbps but why?

    Can i set it in Setting to use only 5GHz?

    My normal solution for this is to give my 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks different names.

  • Strange:

    After the 9.2.3 update I've got


    "pulse-eight cec adapter" notification stuck on screen.

    Always there.

    Any idea on how to disable it ?

  • Any idea on how to disable it ?

    Not for now. You are also posting in the News section of the forum.

    For support questions, create your own thread.

    Include a debug log while you're at it.

  • Hello @ all,

    at first i wanna thank all devs for this great software.

    But for all ppl willing to update to 9.2.3:

    Make a backup before updading. I ran into a black screen after boot.

    Created a thread in support for this. :)

    Best regards,


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  • i have the same Problem on Rpi 3 update from 9.0.2 to 9.2.3

    i try 2 time on Clean SD with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator not working

    and 2 from Online Update not working

    so i go back to 9.0.2 and no Problem don´t Update i have lose all my Setting and Data

  • People,

    This is the news section. It's not the place to lay down all your LibreELEC problems.

    If you have a LibreELEC problem, start your own thread in the appropriate forum section.

  • hello, my english is very bad, speak spanish. Tengo problemas al instalar esta version para actualzar libreelec, me da el error de panic noapic y se frena la instalacion, error de muchas instalciones de linux, que tengo que editar y modificar en el usb para que lo instale

    mi pc es un amd64 y una grafica radeon r9 270x

    por favor hay alguna solucion a este problema


  • Wifi speed is very slow with Pi4 9.2.3

    Hi mate, i have the same problem and I have made the conclusion that raspberry pi 4 is working better with 5ghz connection, I have a router that supports only 2.4ghz and I am looking to buy another one with 5ghz to have better connection so you have that problem because your router doesn't support 5ghz i think (sorry for the wrong thread but I wanted to help in this problem )

  • Can someone confirm that analog out on Rpi3B+ does not work anymore? In some older Libreelec (I do not know now the version) it worked normally but in 9.2.3 not.

    Of course, in system is selected "Analog out".