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    what are you using to be spawned ?

    if using ffmpeg with logs activated, you can inspect the journal to understand why it stopped

    On rpi it just works for few minutes then it just stops

    [  ERROR] spawn: Exiting normally, received signal 15.

    when it works it works fine no buffering or any issues

    Does Tvheadend have a way to transcode a recording from MPEG2 to H264 on disk (not on-demand via a stream profile)? I think that's the one thing it was missing for me when I looked at it a 4 or 5 years ago. I think it was hacky like MythTV's transcode, except the transcode solution I have in MythTV also broke commercial skipping.

    Nope. For transcoding recordings I had to create an addon for kodi that uses nginx to serve a cgi that spawns ffmpeg to list and transcode files from a directory.

    I’ve been using tvheadend for quite a while. Without major complains.

    Good kodi integration.

    Spawning ffmpeg for stream transcode and using m3u playlist to access the channels in my mobile devices. ( there’s a very good client for idevices in the Apple Store ).

    Been keeping tvheadend updated with the nightly builds, or my own builds taken from GitHub.

    It is true that no official new versions had Been released, but 4.3 betas are very stable.

    No interest here in changing 😉

    It's not trivial and there are other things with a higher priority right now.

    And Alternatively won’t it be possible to keep omx/mmal decoding in LE10 as an option to the user ?

    This could led to the ability to choose between DRM_Prime and omx/mmal in the settings and so to have deinterlace available (the quality is really worst in tv viewing without deinterlace when compared to 9.2.6).

    I’ve been using le10 in a raspberry pi4..

    No issues with tvheadend - I’ve just copied the config from the old tvheadend42 to tvheadend43

    But I have a bad video payback due to the loss of deinterlace with the DRM_PRIME (received the info from another thread).

    I just have 2 questions:

    Will it be expected to have deinterlace ability in DRM_PRIME ?

    Alternatively won’t it be possible to choose between DRM_Prime and omx/mmal, to have deinterlace available ?

    (I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this, but i was looking for a specific LibreELEC 10 thread without success)8

    I started testing LibreELEC 10 some days ago.

    it is running on a Raspberry PI4.

    Looking at kodi 19 menus, there is no deinterlace option available in LibreELEC 10.

    Is this temporary ?

    Or some way of enabling it in the advancedsettings.xml ?


    TBS 5520SE drivers for LIBREELEC 10 on Raspberry pi 4:

    Just download the zip file from this link, Mobile File

    Unzip it to your Rpi4.

    Install running the script:



    Compiled tbs 5520se drivers for libreelec 10.

    to be mapped as kernel-overlays.

    a) firmwares (*.fw) files in --> /storage/firmwares

    These firmware files will be loaded as new firmwares.

    b) driver (*.ko) files in --> /storage/.cache/driver.dvb.tbs/lib/modules/5.10.17/updates/driver.dvb.tbs

    These are the new drivers to be mapped over kernel-overlays directory.

    c) 99-driver.dvb.tbs.conf --> /storage/.cache/kernel-overlays

    Will instruct libreelec to map these *.ko files at boot time as drivers updates to kernel 5.10.17

    - To install just run: script

    - To stop loading the drivers, delete the file:


    Hi smp , thank you very much !

    It worked in my RPi4 !!!


    I had to do some changes to adapt the directories to my Raspberry Pi4, from the thread you've referred above

    A quick summary for what I've done to put TBS 5520SE working with LibreELEC 10 in my Raspberry Pi4 - it my help someone.

    ( CvH , crazycat : The patch from smp is great to make TBS 5520SE Receivers to work with LibreELEC 10 ;))

    Note: I used a VM with Ubuntu running in my windows PC to cross compile a patched LibreELEC 10 image:

    - Clone libreelec 10 official git master branch:

    git clone


    git checkout

    - Edit kernel config:

    Edit projects/Rpi/devices/RPi4/linux/linux.arm.conf


    add this line --> CONFIG_DVB_USB_TBS5520SE=m


    - Apply smp patch for TBS 5520SE:

    download from 2smp provided link in the above referred thread:


    copy it into projects/RPi/devices/RPi4/patches/linux/:

    mkdir projects/RPi/devices/RPi4/patches/linux/

    cp linux-tbs5520se.patch projects/RPi/devices/RPi4/patches/linux/

    - Compile LibreELEC 10 and create image:

    PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi4 ARCH=arm make image

    wait ... wait ... wait .... for some hours

    The image will be in .\target directory.

    use *.img.gz file and burn with libreelec sd-card writer tool.



    COMPILATION instructions in the 3rd post:

    RE: LE10 & TBS 5520SE on RPi4 // updated drivers (SOLVED)

    Compiled drivers READY TO DOWNLOAD & INSTALL in the 6th post:

    RE: LE10 & TBS 5520SE on RPi4 // updated drivers (SOLVED)


    I've been using LibreELEC 9.2.6 with Crazycats drivers in a RPi4

    in order to give support for TBS 5520-SE receiver.

    Today, I've tested a nightly build of LibreELEC 10, but TBS 5520-SE is not detected, :(

    and Crazycat drivers are not available to select !

    Is there any plans for the Crazycat's driver with LibreELEC 10 ? Or TBS drivers ?

    (I've also tried to compile TBs drivers in the same x86 machine i've compiled LibreELEC 10 for RPi4, but not being lucky with the cross compiling ...)

    I'm in Lisbon time, my EPG work just ok, and I had no issue with the time changing in the past years - even when recording a program that crosses the moment when the time changes (last weekend of march, last weekend of october).

    Have you setup the timezone using kodi interface ?.


    which epg module are you using ?

    (it could be an issue with it)

    As a reference, I only use tvheadend's "over the air: EIT: DVB Grabber"

    Well ... when I was preparing this addon, it was with the objective of someone entering trough the vpn, would work as he was in the lane, at home.

    What you want to do, needs some adjustments at the routing level to avoid does accesses (I’m not ver proficient with that, sorry).

    You could also define a iptable rule that refuses connections to the lan (or to samba port) when coming from vpn.