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    I've just made as suggested, but no luck:

    A new sdcard with LE for x86 booting in my PC.

    Only Crazycats drivers recognise the device.

    But the tuning is very bad.

    A transponder that locks and plays perfectly when running within windows (with windows drivers, of course), cannot be locked when running in LE.

    In an entire sat, only 2 transponders are locked by LE.

    In the same sat, running in windows, there are tons of transponders and channels locked.

    One could assume there is a linudvb driver issue (related to signal amplification ?).

    At least for this device.

    Please look at the dmesg above.

    Bellow is the dmesg from LE in x86, with crazycats drivers:

    Hi. Thank you for your suggestions.

    Besides the receiver being self powered, I connect every USB devices to the Pi4 trough a powered USB HUB (which in turn has a 5V @ 4A PSU) in order to make sure that no issue comes from power issues.

    I've also tried the same testing with a Pi 3 running OSMC without any other usb device connected, just to be sure.

    All tests with a raspberry pi official PSU.

    I've been using a Geniatech HDSTAR dvb-s2 usb receiver (self powered) in my Raspberry Pi 4 running LibreELEC.

    recognised by dmesg as SU3000HD DVB-S USB2.0 //: Montage Technology DS3000/TS2020

    firmware: dvb-fe-ds3103.fw

    The reception has not been the best one on LibreELEC.

    I've connected the same receiver to a Windows PC, and the signal and reception improved considerably !

    My tests were with:

    - raspberry pi4, libreelec: DVBLINK and TVHEADEND

    - Windows 10: DVBLINK and SMARTDVB

    using the same receiver.


    A transpoder with 10% signal in LibreELEC on the Pi has like 55% signal in windows.

    A transpoder with 30% signal in LibreELEC (pi4) has 80% signal in windows.

    In the end, I can watch channels in windows with top quality, that are impossible to lock in linux.

    As if windows driver has some way of enable some sort of "amplifier" in the driver.

    Is there way of adjusting the "power" in the linux dvb driver ?

    Or an update to the linux driver that is not included in LibreELEC dvb drivers ?

    This problem happens with all LibreELEC module drivers (crazycat, and "latest" included with 9.2.3. Standard drivers do not support this receiver)

    I've attached a link to my dmesg in LibreELEC.

    I have also a running dvb-c receiver from silicon labs. Please ignore it.

    Only consider the dvb-s2 receiver.

    I use parted and resize2fs.

    both included in libreelec and accessible via ssh.

    Call parted and then use the following commands:

    select (to select your disk /dev/sda ?)

    print (show the size of the disks and partitions)

    resizepart (to resize the partition to the new size)


    Then call resize2fs following the partition path (probably /dev/sda2, but you should validate-it yourself )

    resize2fs /dev/sda2


    Warning: You must be very careful using these tools, as you mich loose everything in your disk.

    Post back your results

    I use a hauppauge wintv, with similar symptoms.

    I've been using different buffering setitngs as the ones reported above.

    I also use:

    Adjust display refresh rate" at start/stop only

    "Sync playback to display" to off.

    Whitelist 23.976, 50 and 60 fps to assure the correct frame rate per content.

    About tvheadend settings, I've noticed better results with a dvr recording profile I've called "matroska", with the following settings in tvheadend:

    configuraiton / recording / digital video recording profiles / matroska /usinng profile matroska

    the maktroska profile is defined in configuration / stream / stream profiles as:


    webm off

    reorder dvbsub on

    when watching tvheadend channels or recordings, if some sound is out of sync, usually a stop and start is enough to solve.

    Not the ideal solution ...

    - NOTE:

    I've also tried realtime ffmpeg encoding.

    Solves audio issues, but for he rpi4,I need to lower the bitrate a lot, and the final quality is not acceptable (for me). And ffmpeg will take a lot of cpu, and during transcoding you will not be able to do anything else.

    Just try creating a new SPAWN profile and using the following command line (assuming you have the ffmpeg add-on installed):

    1. ffmpeg -loglevel quiet -i pipe:0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vcodec mpeg2video -vb 1024k -bufsize 1024k -g 100 -af "aresample=async=1:first_pts=0" -acodec mp2 -ab 128k -f mpegts pipe:1

    Then create a dvr profile that uses this new stream profile.

    Good luck.

    An report your findings !

    I'm also using tvheadend 4.3 betas for quite a while.

    Version 1867 works great.

    Yesterday I've tested version 1885 and had the same issues as you

    It also happened some version ago.

    I suggest you use 1867 until the next releases comes out.

    Tvheadend nightly builds for LibreELEC

    (As I always backup tvheadend add on settings before an upgrade, it was easy to restore the settings and resinstall previous version.

    Settings are here:


    Found it !

    So, let me explain:

    Following HiassofT sugestion of renaming .kodi and running a clean kodi install: Everything works just fine ! No stuck notification

    So: What's wrong ?

    Back to "my" .kodi.

    Went into peripheral definitions, looking into userdata, but nothing.

    Started to remove everything that it was not default, disabled and enable add-ons, etc ...

    And remembered to looin into config files, as .... advancedsettings.xml

    namely this section:

    1. <gui>
    2.   <algorithmdirtyregions>0</algorithmdirtyregions>
    3.   <smartredraw>true</smartredraw>
    4. </gui>

    Removing this part from advancedsetings.xml solves the problem of the hanging cec notificaiton at startup.

    Thank you HiassofT for pointing out the way



    I've made as you suggested replacing start.elf and fixup.dat with the ones from 921 over 923.

    The same issue: Stuck pluse-eight CEC adater notification

    Back to 9.2.1: All ok

    HiassofT I have the logs from a run with 9.2.3 and the notification stuck.

    But they have a lot of personal info (tvhaedend, inadyn, letsencrypt, they all place to much personal info in the journal).

    May I send-them to you as an attachment by private message ?

    EDIT: There is no info about the notification in the logs, but I may share them anyway,

    I’ve been using libreelec with rpi4 since it was released.
    never had an issue with cec

    the pi is connected to the tv with a hdmi cable.

    this issue happens only with version 9.2.3

    I’m just using my Sony Android tv with its remote control - had connected multiple different devices , including also a pi3 and different os distributions without issues.