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    I'm in Lisbon time, my EPG work just ok, and I had no issue with the time changing in the past years - even when recording a program that crosses the moment when the time changes (last weekend of march, last weekend of october).

    Have you setup the timezone using kodi interface ?.


    which epg module are you using ?

    (it could be an issue with it)

    As a reference, I only use tvheadend's "over the air: EIT: DVB Grabber"

    Well ... when I was preparing this addon, it was with the objective of someone entering trough the vpn, would work as he was in the lane, at home.

    What you want to do, needs some adjustments at the routing level to avoid does accesses (I’m not ver proficient with that, sorry).

    You could also define a iptable rule that refuses connections to the lan (or to samba port) when coming from vpn.

    My two cents for the thread:

    I have the following WORKING TV reception system:

    I have a pi4 with an amazon powered hub, which as an independent 5V @4A PSU.

    • Running LibreELEC 9.2.6
    • The pi4 is powered by the hub trough the Header Pins.
    • An external hdd and a tv receiver is connected to the hub, which in turn is connected to a pi4 usb port.

    I've been using the following tv receptors (all with supported libreelec drivers) :

    • tbs 5520se (DVB-S2 + DVB-C combo receiver) = awesome receiver (pity I've lost some money with the others);
    • Hauppauge WINTV SOLO Hd -- works ok in DVB-C. But some small lost frames (reception / green artifacts errors);
    • Geniatech / MyGica DVb-S2 (worst receiver I've ever used. works great for DVB-S, but very sensitive with S2 signals);

    TV playback with TBS is very good.

    I have no lost frames with the following configs:

    • Whitelist 1920x1080 formats
    • Adjust display refresh rate ON Start/Stop
    • Sync playback to display OFF
    • Allow hw acceleration MMAL ON
    • During playback: Deinterlace method: AUTO

    And the following configuration in:

    I hope this helps.

    Don't worry about legacy signal strength/quality in %. Usual this calculated in different way depend from developers :)

    ok. thanks. But I'm not much worried with that.

    But i am worried that with the new drivers, the device cannot tune any channels.

    And that could mean it will stop working with libreelec in a near future...

    Is it possible to confirm that the new drivers are still compatible with it ?

    crazycat ,

    After all, I was not compiling your last version, but one I had in my disk.

    Now I've updated form your new gitsource GitHub - crazycat69/media_build

    But now, the device cannot tune-in anymore !

    The device which had the name in tvheadend as "Montage Technology DS3000/TS2020",

    was now recognisable as "Montage Technology M88DS3103B", but incapable to tune in anything !

    Reverting back to the old drivers, I was able to tune in, but with the old low signal issue.

    Even with this low signal issue, is it possible to at least guarantee that the device is still supported (this, thinking in the future)?


    I've just made as suggested, but no luck:

    A new sdcard with LE for x86 booting in my PC.

    Only Crazycats drivers recognise the device.

    But the tuning is very bad.

    A transponder that locks and plays perfectly when running within windows (with windows drivers, of course), cannot be locked when running in LE.

    In an entire sat, only 2 transponders are locked by LE.

    In the same sat, running in windows, there are tons of transponders and channels locked.

    One could assume there is a linudvb driver issue (related to signal amplification ?).

    At least for this device.

    Please look at the dmesg above.

    Bellow is the dmesg from LE in x86, with crazycats drivers:

    Hi. Thank you for your suggestions.

    Besides the receiver being self powered, I connect every USB devices to the Pi4 trough a powered USB HUB (which in turn has a 5V @ 4A PSU) in order to make sure that no issue comes from power issues.

    I've also tried the same testing with a Pi 3 running OSMC without any other usb device connected, just to be sure.

    All tests with a raspberry pi official PSU.

    I've been using a Geniatech HDSTAR dvb-s2 usb receiver (self powered) in my Raspberry Pi 4 running LibreELEC.

    recognised by dmesg as SU3000HD DVB-S USB2.0 //: Montage Technology DS3000/TS2020

    firmware: dvb-fe-ds3103.fw

    The reception has not been the best one on LibreELEC.

    I've connected the same receiver to a Windows PC, and the signal and reception improved considerably !

    My tests were with:

    - raspberry pi4, libreelec: DVBLINK and TVHEADEND

    - Windows 10: DVBLINK and SMARTDVB

    using the same receiver.


    A transpoder with 10% signal in LibreELEC on the Pi has like 55% signal in windows.

    A transpoder with 30% signal in LibreELEC (pi4) has 80% signal in windows.

    In the end, I can watch channels in windows with top quality, that are impossible to lock in linux.

    As if windows driver has some way of enable some sort of "amplifier" in the driver.

    Is there way of adjusting the "power" in the linux dvb driver ?

    Or an update to the linux driver that is not included in LibreELEC dvb drivers ?

    This problem happens with all LibreELEC module drivers (crazycat, and "latest" included with 9.2.3. Standard drivers do not support this receiver)

    I've attached a link to my dmesg in LibreELEC.

    I have also a running dvb-c receiver from silicon labs. Please ignore it.

    Only consider the dvb-s2 receiver.

    I use parted and resize2fs.

    both included in libreelec and accessible via ssh.

    Call parted and then use the following commands:

    select (to select your disk /dev/sda ?)

    print (show the size of the disks and partitions)

    resizepart (to resize the partition to the new size)


    Then call resize2fs following the partition path (probably /dev/sda2, but you should validate-it yourself )

    resize2fs /dev/sda2


    Warning: You must be very careful using these tools, as you mich loose everything in your disk.

    Post back your results