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    1) I'm not a Kodi developer, so whatever is (im)possible in terms of error-skipping voodoo I can't tell you. The ffmpeg boys might have a clue.

    2) "Our" OS... is a standard vanilla Linux kernel with just a couple of bells and whistles to run Kodi. Why it is tripping so heavily in your case, I have no clue at this time. I cannot recreate the problem/bug here no matter how many times I play a 4K video.

    For now I've seen only 1 debug log file, and a couple of "metoo" posts. The more log files we have, the more we can perhaps pinpoint the issue.

    If some input is broken and processed by your program, you should get a deterministic result.

    On average, three quarters of a software program is already expected to making that application 'foolproof'. You can do only so much, and a 100% bugfree application will never happen. Kodi uses a 3rd party tool ffmpeg for decoding videos. Team Kodi didn't create it, but we use it because it helps us play Kodi on just about every electronic gadget there is. There isn't much else to choose AFAIK.

    And do you know why the log does report problems? To help the developers with fixing them.

    I've been part of Kodi and XBMC since 'Eden'. I also have a ISTQB certification. I know what testing software is. I think I know what the log file is for. What we cannot do is yank all available Frozen rips from the internet sites, and test all of them. Would you believe me if I said that my Frozen bluray disc rip didn't freeze (how poetic) when played on my RPi?

    I'm using CoreELEC so I'm not sure if that's the right place to report my logs to.

    Yeah, that is a touchy subject in itself. Generic Kodi stuff could be addressed, but when it comes to the more technical stuff sending the log to CE is preferable in my view.

    it still shows the bolt icon at the top right corner and randomly shutts down (or unmounts the hdd)

    In that case, you have a really crappy power adapter. An RPI2/3 needs at least 2.5 Amps, the RPi4 preferably at least 3 amps. And some adapter stickers simply lie about their capabilities.

    0.7 Amps for a RPI is way too low. Also "latest" is not a version number. :)

    but when it comes to blaming HDDs

    I said "maybe". The corruption errors come from somewhere, either the download went bad, or the storage has a problem. I don't care, the log is reporting problems.

    About the russians... Check the log file entry:

    2019-12-02 17:49:11.653 T:2571084656 INFO: ffmpeg[993FA370]: title : Frozen 2013 4K from селезень

    That is not an official video file.

    People coming here, with their 2nd or 3rd post demanding like "Hey, fix this!" simply because other media players with less overhead apparently have less troubles playing those corrupt videos, have no idea how obnoxious they sound. If they have a problem with Kodi because of this, they can use their other media players instead.

    If Kodi had a fundamental problem playing videos, the number of complaints would be in the millions. It is not.

    So yes, it's the attitude that stinks and doesn't help.

    Turning on debug is not an option unless there is a way to remove the debug text,

    There is. You can enable the loglevel and set it to 1 in the advancedsettings.xml file:

    1. <advancedsettings>
    2. <loglevel>2</loglevel>
    3. </advancedsettings>

    Running 9.1.501, Generic X86 on NUC6CAY

    Please upgrade to 9.2.0 first.

    I mean with the "movie preview page" the section, where you can see covers of all your movies - movie overview.

    Okay, so simply the movie listing page :)

    I decided to put the micro sd card in my Raspberry Pi 4 (but with 4gb ram) and it works just perfectly.

    You mean you also have a RPi4 with 1GB with LibreELEC, and that one has hiccups using that SDcard?

    That is not supposed to happen.

    Sorry to be a bit ignorant, but what exactly do you mean by your "movie preview page" ?

    I run a Rpi4 for with a movie library without any hiccups.

    Perhaps you can also provide Kodi's log file for some more insight?

    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem.

    Note: Full logs only. No partial or modified logs.

    Do not post your logs directly into the forum, use and post the link.

    Please note that is an English-only forum. Use your favorite translation tool as we have very little Greek knowledge.

    I'm new to libreelec and am trying to use it

    Unsuccesful. When the libreelec installation is complete and I accept the dialogs and install a build, then if I restart the system it comes to a black screen. Then I try to turn off the power to boot from the sd card, but the result is the same. What should I do?

    Since we have no idea of which computer and/or which graphics card you are using for LibreELEC, providing us with more information on your computer would be a good start.

    WALL-E L6 PV pegatron

    This is possibly the oldest type of hardware you can install LibreELEC on. I'm surprised it still runs at all.

    That hardware is some 10 years old now. I'm guessing there is some new Linux version glitch on old hardware that makes your device misunderstand the shutdown command.

    I don't think we can do anything about that anymore. The simplest thing to do during a (re)boot is to do a hard power-down (hold power button for more than 3 seconds), or simply pulling out the power cord.

    I don't think crashing is an acceptable reaction to a problem in a video file.

    How about using proper movie files instead of remuxed videos with added black borders to a 21:9 movie like the one in Alex24353's log file, all because the russian person creating those remuxes doesn't understand what he is doing? And somewhere along the way, your download/storage of the video got corrupted on maybe drives with disk errors. Depending on the level and amount of corruption, crap videos will no longer be watchable.

    This needs to fixed

    In that case, roll up your sleeves and start coding.

    The other players do not feel this issue at all. So, it could be an issue with the file, but they manage to cope with it. It's probably a good idea to make KODI do the same?

    I always say to use the right tool for the job. If that means using a different tool, so be it.

    Kodi does things by the book, and uses ffmpeg for video decoding. If you want to maintain a collection of corrupted video files on possibly damaged drives, that's up to you. Also, not all pirated content is 100% 'fehlerfrei'.

    If that also means you must use "other players", then do so. You can define external players in Kodi. It's impossible to overcome all types of hiccups or damages in video files.

    We are not changing tactics on our media player that works on "everything" for a media player that works on only 1 operating system.