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    We have our share of forum spamming attempts, so personally I'm a bit more careful. If that results in sarcasm, I'm surprise. But then again, not everyone always shares my type of humor.

    On the topic of "Operation not permitted", entire books can be written by now because of Microsoft's changing attitude towards Samba. The old v1 turned out to be a security hell hole (see 'WannaCry'), and v2 and up requires user credentials and don't support network browsing any longer. As long as Kodi and thus LibreELEC are still in Beta territority, I'd say it's best to wait updating Wikis on that topic. Stuff may still change.

    if you don't enable SSH in the initial wizard, it can't be done

    Mmm....That's not what the wiki says.

    Note: SSH has to be enabled at the very first start of LE (installation wizard). Otherwise the SSH service isn't available.

    There is a difference: the SSH server isn't enabled by default, so if users are in need of SSH right away, they can enable it via the 'Installation wizard'. SSH can also be enabled/disabled in LibreELEC's Settings Add-on as you already found out.

    I'm not saying the LE wiki is perfect. Wikis tend to be more like a never-ending story.

    Would like a Wiki account.

    Just to add it to your collection of Wiki accounts, or do you have actual plans to update our Wiki page(s)? And if so, what are your plans? Someone asking already for a wiki account just like that on the first forum visit here simply seems a bit strange to me.

    gpu Intel GMA 3650

    Such graphics processing units are considered prehistoric by now. Also the GMA3650 is not considered one of Intel's finest achievements... Best support comes from Windows drivers, in Linux it's just about impossible to find drivers for it, you could try an (earlier) Ubuntu distro.

    I would recommend you get yourself a Raspberry 3B+ setup, it has major support worldwide, far superior graphics capabilities compared to the GMA3650 and the RPi 3 can even do HEVC/h.265 video pretty decently.

    With 8.90.006 my remote doesn't work as it did until 8.90.005.

    Please don't ask for support via news articles. Create your own thread in the correct forum section.

    Also, always provide a full, uncut kodi.log file. Just 2 lines is often not enough to pinpoint the source of a problem.

    This one I installed maybe as a last shot before I created this post

    Yeah, seeing several VPN services advertisements on that webpage doesn't help either (we all know what VPN is generally for). 3rd party add-ons also tend to install additional modules running in the background, so be sure to root out all the weed possible. Raspberry Pi devices are among the most stable devices out there. So anything stopping stuff 'accidentally' is pretty suspicious.

    1. 15:12:21.927 T:1944973888 NOTICE: ADDONS: Using repository repository.supremebuilds

    That's the problem with those 'streaming add-ons', you never really know if they work or don't work or mess up your setup completely.

    Anything that remotely resembles a wizard or build, to install one or more add-ons for illegal video streaming is considering off-limits on this forum as well as on the Kodi forum. It is clear stated in the forum rules to which you agreed during your forum registration. In short: I suggest you find your support from wherever you downloaded your supremebuild.

    I wouldn't say it is an error. I get this response from an Intel PC:

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=124 time=7.22 ms

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=124 time=6.96 ms

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=124 time=6.94 ms

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=124 time=7.11 ms

    I assume you are using an ethernet connection. The RPi3 does not have a great ethernet setup, it is connected internally to a USB port. Wifi connections will show an even worse performance.

    You are also using a pretty old LibreELEC version: 8.2.5 is currently the latest stable build, and we are testing 8.90.006 with Kodi 18 at the moment.