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    Your data drives are normally okay after a power outage, as nothing was probably written to them, but check them anyway to be sure.

    Data on a SDcard is a bit more volatile, however the fact that only part of the tv shows have gone is a bit weird. Nevertheless, data corruption is possible. In such cases, since you can't tell which data is still okay and which is damaged, it's best to either start from the beginning and rescrape your video collection into a new database, or better yet, get your backups out, and restore them (...) .

    Yes, there will always be that moment when backups are welcome. It only costs a couple of minutes of your time, but they are so useful.

    When I copied the movie file from the Pi (USB HDD) to the NAS (NFS), Kodi showed a write speed of about 40-60MB/s in the top corner, so way below what a 1Gbps networks should be able to do.

    Write speeds of SDcards and USB sticks are often not that great, compared to read speeds. 40-60MB/s is quite good though.

    NFS in general should be a little bit faster as there is less overhead in its file protocol. But things can vary per situation, so use SMB or NFS, whichever comes out best for you.

    The ports on the RPi4 also do not reach PC speeds. Both USB3.0 and Gigabit ports have approx half the advertised speeds.

    As your as using a QNAP NAS, this is FYI: https://www.bleepingcomputer.c…ap-nas-devices-worldwide/

    I have an Asrock J5005 ITX board with UHD605 graphics, but I didn't have the boot problem. Perhaps the Brix BIOS/UEFI is being a d!ck again.

    Something that is necessary (at least on my board), is that I had to change to a different/older driver:

    Create /storage/.config/kodi.conf and add:


    Without it, h265/HEVC video won't play correctly.

    So if I got you right, you're saying the Bug about the ASS-Subtitles still exist in LibreElec 10.0.1 ?

    It's very much possible. I cannot confirm it because only use SRT subtitles.

    Subtitle rendering problem can be tied with inadequate graphic card driver

    I doubt the Intel video driver is the problem here.

    I'm using an Asus Eee-PC R101(or 1001PX like the Manual says)

    That's a 12-yr old Atom-based notebook... Intel GMA 3150 graphics... Ugh.

    Kodi's source code for displaying subtitles is being rewritten for Kodi 20 Nexus.

    I'm not sure how far along those have come already, but nothing much will be updated for Kodi 19 Matrix.

    but found there were too many apps that weren't available for it

    Well... It was announced only some 2.5 years ago that the Python part of Kodi would be upgraded from v2 to v3. If developers still haven't found the time to upgrade their Kodi add-ons, then that's on them.

    Which add-ons (apps..) are still not available for Kodi 19?

    And besides this "anti" piracy aspect is purely dishonest.

    Oh.. You mean that paying for a service should be deemed a criminal act? You need to come back to reality. Stealing video content is not what we encourage.

    Keeping talking trash and your forum account will be closed.


    Why do even anybody need Kodi?

    If that's the case, why are you even here?

    or sure not for streaming DRM proofed like Netflix or his own ripped BluRay content...

    Perhaps in your area everyone uses pirated video streams, in other parts of the world, people actually do have DVD and BD collections.

    holymouse It really is NOT appreciated asking for support on this forum when you have piracy repos like xtream and dobbelina installed. It's against the forum rules and Kodi's piracy policy, which you accepted during registration.

    So fully clean up your Kodi setup first, and then we'll continue. FYI, piracy add-ons are known to disrupt Kodi's core functionality.

    Are there any tweaks or settings to adjust?

    Nope, only some proper hardware upgrade like a better video card or a much beefier CPU replacement.

    Either way, the cost of either wouldn't be worth it IMO. A cheaper Raspberry Pi 4 runs circles around your PC when doing HEVC videos.

    The problem is that a RPi4 is currently hard to come by. Chip shortages and supply & demand make it a problem.

    I believe that Geforce GT-7** cards have hardware decoding for 10bit HEVC.

    Nope, proper HEVC support started with the Nvidia GTX950/960 series.

    Open GL version 4.6.0 NVIDIA 460.67

    The video driver is fine, but the GT730 does not have onboard HEVC decoding capabilities.