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    I just don't get it. A database, SQLite or MySQL/MariaDB should not interfere in one way or another. It normally only retrieves data before the video plays. Perhaps streamdetails are updated as well if there are changes detected. After a video ends, then data is written into the database (watched status and playcount), which is trivial.

    So whatever your Docker setup is doing, you may want to check the MariaDB log file and see what it is up to. Especially when things go fine when a local database is active.

    Perhaps the SDcard is having hiccups/problems? If your RPi4's firmware is already up-to-date, then you can also boot from a USB stick, or even an SSD connected via USB/SATA. Use a different image writer, Rufus in Windows usually works for me.

    Logs from that try

    Okay, a full log is good news. Too bad there is also bad news.

    As per Kodi and LibreELEC forum rules, support is halted because you have several repos/add-ons installed which facilitate video piracy. This is not welcome here in whatever shape or form. You can find the problem entries here, colored in orange in this link: hastebin

    Clean up the Kodi setup, and try again. Also, debugging needs to be enabled in Kodi for a more detailed log file. Once enabled, restart LibreELEC so debug info can be gathered from the start.

    Logfiles are empty.

    Indeed they are, which is quite rare to me. How about starting from the beginning again, and re-image your SDcard? Don't install any add-ons, just use basic LibreELEC. We need to have have valid basis to see where your 'NFS crash' is coming from.

    The first order of business will be you providing us the FULL and unmodified kodi.log file, and not just the parts that you find interesting. So far nothing reflects problems with the usage of MariaDB.

    Also remove the cache settings in the advancedsettings.xml file for now. They should be totally unnecessary in a local network.

    The last lines are:

    We always prefer to see the FULL and unmodified log file, so we won't need to rent another crystal ball for more details on your setup.

    Also, kindly provide log files via a pastebin service to keep our forum server from bloating up.

    This is how I set up debug logging but I'm not sure if it already logs after booting!

    The Kodi log start from the very beginning of the application, and there is also the Linux kernel's journal for background/OS processes.

    Please don't shout for help in capital letters in forum titles, it looks a bit childish and obnoxious. We try to provide support to everyone here.

    Try switching to the Estuary skin first and reboot. The Aeon MQ8 skin could have instabilities in it.

    The "libreelec configuration error" could also be because of a corrupted settings file or an SDcard problem.

    but if I try from my phone, or any of the remote devices, I get an error , saying "your media server does not support searching"

    Are you using a web browser on your phone using Kodi's web "remote" for searching? It could be possible, I haven't touch the web remote in years.

    Have you tried Kodi's remote app Kore on your mobile phone (Android or Apple) for searches? That one works quite nicely.

    Crashes can occur for example by installing 3rd party add-ons with a certain functionality, such as facilitating video piracy.

    Your Kodi setup shows souvenirs from such add-ons, as well as a repository which is on Kodi's list of banned add-ons.

    Look for orange-colored entries here: hastebin

    So kindly first clean up your setup (and re-read our forum rules which you have accepted) before you ask your next question. Should the frequent crashes still occur, then provide a new debug-enabled Kodi log/crash file, so we can have a proper log.

    One thing: references in your advancedsettings.xml file to a Raspberry Pi device are not really appropriate for x86-64 machines.

    Has v10 ARM build got working Internet browser?

    The only OS with a web browser for the RPi is Raspberry Pi OS. Kodi has no onboard web browser. There was/is a project to do that, but things are very quiet on that front.

    And to be honest, a modern web browser on a RPi3 isn't the fastest solution, even a RPi4 still isn't giving a good enough user experience yet in that area IMHO.