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    I prefer this one with the speed adjustment but which one will you recommend? Could you share your exact script and how you set it?

    I red the forum before but there are a few scripts and several ways to launch them and as I am fully beginner I was puzzled

    Are you using this circuit?

    Same curcuit but with no diode or resistance...just transistor

    I m using this script

    Then place this in system.drun-fan.service.txt

    Enable it with

    1. systemctl enable run-fan

    and start it with

    1. systemctl start run-fan


    1. systemctl status run-fan.service

    As you can see from script I created a folder in userdata called fan and placed in there put run-fan.service in /storage/.config/system.d

    I've got this line allready in my config.

    Are there any other known bugs? Do you also have version 1.8.1 or 1.8.2 with the repo?

    Double check that line again then..

    This error:

    1. aplay: device_list:272: no soundcards found...

    you should only get without

    1. dtparam=audio=on

    I m on version="9.181.16"


    1. aplay -L

    should show something like this

    exactly 17 uses 3.3v for management

    if I use the script with PWM pin18 my fan have to be attached on 2/4, isn’t it?

    you can use 2 or 4 positive and 6 negative for 5v or 1 positive and 6 negative for 3.3v and then pin 18 to control...if you r going for the PWM script just use 5v and set speeds from script....if you r going for just ON/OFF script use 3.3v as fan when ON will always be on full throttle and may be bit noisy on 5v.

    For hdmi audio in RA add this to config.txt

    1. dtparam=audio=on

    For menu sound I don t think it ever worked

    PWM is available on 12 and 17 is 3.3v so probably was used for power

    yes of course. On LE 9.0.2 ES work fine.

    After update to 9.2 I have this error.

    Just tried mine tonight just in case after updating to 9.2 yesterday and it's working fine..I m on version 8.201.1...Rpi2

    Try to force update all addons and rename the ES userdata folder and try again after a restart..

    1. \\LIBREELEC\Storage\.kodi\userdata\addon_data\game.emulationstation

    Also since LE9.1.xx ES needs Locale addon to work from LE repo..set Locale to your location example en_GB>UTF-8

    Comskip during playback is definitely working for me. LE9.2 - Kodi 18.5.

    But.. I couldn't update the TVHeadend Server Addon (still on 1804). The latest version would not start after updating. I have rolled it back for now and will do a clean fresh install at the weekend.'s working with .txt comskip files..thanks

    Are you running LE on 4k resolution?