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    I've obviously read post #12 and I've also explained the reasons why I don't think it applies to my case. Thanks anyway.

    EDIT: I need to apologize both with Mario77 and gedakc. Going into details, I've missed the most obvious thing: deinterlacing always happens, no matter if the contents are locally stored, internet based or broadcasted on DVB-T! Stupid me! Indeed I've choosen MMAL - BOB as the default deinterlacing method for all kind of videos selecting the gear icon from the OSD and now (but my testing has been very limited, only one minute of viewing; I would come back with the results of a more thorough use) HD contents seem fine with no need for buying any codec or else. Usually, they began to stutter immediately so it is at least a good sign!

    Yeah that should solve your issue...I v been there few years ago playing around with BOB and same trick applies today :)

    Thanks for your quick help..

    That trick worked nicely and autostart works fine now..

    Regarding the mount I have tried before to mount it via system.d but was having no success whatsoever and just gave up and went down the easy way..

    This is not a normal mount but an sshfs mount which is 2500km away...saying that it works fine through maybe I was doing something wrong although I was following a thread here and there where other people having issues..

    It is indeed used for tvheadend recordings but not directly...

    Recordings go on the server just in case there is a problem with the if I loose connection for some reason to the box in the middle of a recording it wont be lost..after a recording is finished I made a script which runs comskip and then rsync recording to my country..after that the mount is used for TvHeadend api/dvr/entry/filemoved to edit TvH recordings logs to point to local hdd where the recordings are being moved..

    So i m trying to setup a command with

    command works fine.. works fine...command executed..

    Command is for mounting an sshfs share remotely for recordings which also works fine..

    My issue is that this Rpi is only used as a TvHeadend server and had kodi always disabled and do everything I need trough SSH..

    Kodi is disabled by the kodi.service in .config system.d

    Problem is that when kodi is disabled,autostart won't work/start...

    Is there any way I can make work without kodi running...

    Or does it makes sense if I let kodi start executed and add stop kodi to autostart after my mount command?


    Well I answered my own let kodi start and run autostart and then stop kodi works fine..

    Still can't understand why needs kodi.service to work...

    Maybe someone can shed some light?

    A brief update on the stuttering 'issue'. I've bought a TV hat and the stuttering with HD contents (over DVB-T, we aren't talking about network contents nor recordings or local files in general) is even worse than how it was with the Xbox One tuner. By what I know (but I may be wrong) HD contents should be MPEG-4 here in my country so purchasing the MPEG-2 codec should be useless while, not being a recording, I can't follow gedakc advices (thanks anyway!).

    I've made some digging and I've found some threads like this or even more this one. Unfortunately, I'm still missing how to sum everything up...

    EDIT: I've just checked and the HD contents which stutter are H.264 1080p while SD contents (absolutely fine) are MPEG-2 576p.

    see post #12..that should solve your issues..

    They have to be named properly and in the proper folder...

    TVShows Folder/Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Season 1/Battlestar Galactica (2003)-S01e02-Water.ts


    TVShows Folder/Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Season 1/S01e02-Water.ts


    TVShows Folder/Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Season 1/S01e02.ts

    You add "TVShows folder" as source not Battlestar Galactica (2003) otherwise you ll have to change the setting to "this folder only contains 1 tvshow in scraper settings"...

    Hi Iridium

    I m trying your batch script for comskip..

    My problem is I have my recordings in various subfolders..

    cd /var/media/HDD/Tv_Shows_Recordings

    this command only processes recordings in that folder..

    Do you have any idea how can I make this script to work with subfolders..


    The rsync command isn't installed by default:

    # rsync
    -sh: rsync: not found
    # find / -name rsync
    (nothing returned)

    I've read you need to install Network Tools, but I'm not sure how. I didn't see it listed under Add-ons.

    just install rsync on both libreelec it's part of network tools addon

    it's in libreelec repo

    setup the cronjob like this,it should work

    * * * * * kodi-send --action='PlayMedia("/storage/.kodi/userdata/playlists/music/morningplaylist.m3u")'
    * * * * * kodi-send --action='PlayMedia("/storage/.kodi/userdata/playlists/music/lunchplaylist.m3u")'

    Oh, I'm sure it has: The very same video caused problems on one of the earlier versions of LibreELEC bacause of a severe continuity error somewhere in the middle. But if I truncate the video as described earlier, that exact continuity error is in the truncated part, but playback controls are there. I suppose the suggestion that fill bits or something like that cause the issue is more likely. What I'll try is to truncate the file from the back, i.e. cutting away bytes until it works, and then see what actually is in these bytes. Will keep you posted.

    Is this issue with 1 recording or with all?

    Is the troubling recording the one you uploaded?

    You have many ffmpeg errors on your logs..