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    All you need to do is set your screensaver to turn off your screen after 3 minutes

    then set cron to run every hour...set cron to to wake monitor and load your weather window just in case it has been closed for other media ..

    0 * * * * kodi-send --action="CECActivateSource" && kodi-send  --action="ActivateWindow(12600)"

    Please note RPi 4B has a low power limit on USB ports so even though the power supply (connected to RPi) is strong enough, the external HDD (powered by USB port only) might not work. Use the USB hub with external power supply or a fork USB cable (allowing to connect an external power supply).


    Raspberry Pi 4 once again, just as it’s predecessors, delivers 1.2A max to all USB connectors.

    Meaning, since USB 3.0 needs a max of 900mA and USB 2.0 max. 500mA,at max power you can either use ONE USB 3.0 port or TWO USB 2.0 ports.

    Just use chorus for that..


    6 min is a bit too much for your wifi to connect after startup..not sure if you can delay startup that long from settings but you can always delay the startup of your service but I would avoid these workarounds and start by trying to fix your network issues..or just go wired if possible.

    If you want to try service delay change the content to something like this:

    import xbmc
    import time
    from time import sleep

    Another note: Some of the problems might be caused by a stange thing. If I your txt-file to a zip and upload, it works. If I make the txt file to a zip file, unpack, edit and pack again it doesn't work any more. So I just changed the video ID and get a an error on installation that the structure is not corect and the instalation didn't work.

    Not sure what's going on..

    Can't you just connect to your box from a PC and edit from there?

    post the video id here I ll try it for you

    What do you mean by NONE? In the SAMBA settings, there is only the choice between SMB1, 2 or 3 (for min and max).

    However I just tried to activate the router's media center service (in addition to files sharing). And now, through the UPnP protocol in KODI I can see my USB flash drive!!!

    You should also have "none" option..are you changing the samba settings from kodi system settings on from LE addon?You should play from kodi settings..

    Just ssh

    systemctl restart cron

    after playing around or adding cron timers to /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs/root

    Also you don't need that bash in your commands


    0 0 * * * /storage/

    Are you trying to make the script start at boot instead of alarm/cron?

    As for recording locally and transfering: I will have a hard time figuring out the post processing of TVHeadend. The wiki was not very self explaining. I checked it, because I was planed on converting to .mpg4 after recordings and deleting the .TS. But holy $§%" is that complicated. I quickly gave up.

    I wonder why TVHeadend is so narrow/vanilla/basic regardings the configuration. E.g. the pathlink to the recording folder first of all. Why can't it just offer a GUI-based folder navigation to enter the path?

    Also post processing coman´ds? Often used usecases (mpg-convert, moving after recording, etc..) should definately be possible with drop downs/checkboxes etc. !!!

    Well that's part of the fun to get complicated but once you get used to it it's not that be honest it took me months to build my post processing script to my needs changing here and there but once you r satisfied and it does what you need you ll forget about it..

    If you decide to try ask here and you ll get some have ffmpeg to convert your videos after recording is done and rsync to move it and tvheadend api to change tvheadend path to your moved recording if you still want it to show in tvheadend recordings..

    Not sure why you need autoexec?do you want the video to start when kodi starts or as an alarm while kodi is already running?

    What hardware are you using?is it a rpi?

    here are some commands.

    kodi-send --action="SetVolume(100)" # set desired volume to 100 = 100%
    kodi-send --action="PlayMedia(plugin://"
    sleep 30  # keep volume at 100% for 30 seconds
    kodi-send --action="SetVolume(0)" # set volume to 0 = 100%
    sleep 30  # keep volume at 0% for 30 seconds
    kodi-send --action="SetVolume(100)" # set volume to 100 again = 100%

    You save that as and test from ssh then set cron to run that script at your convenience ..

    brightness I have no idea if it can be set..

    You need to ssh t your libreelec box..use something like Winscp for windows..

    For your youtube video to start as alarm make a small script and run with cron..

    something like this works fine..

    kodi-send --action="SetVolume(100)" # set desired volume 100 = 100%
    kodi-send --action="PlayMedia(plugin://"