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    I'm running Kodi on RPi 4 and I have enabled VNC. My purpose is to use remote desktop from Win 10 to start music playing on Pi, but I cannot connect unless there is a monitor connected via HDMI. To me this seems to defeat the purpose of the remote login. If I connect a monitor everything works again, but I can't run like that permanently.

    I have ordered an HDMI dummy plug with which I hope to fool LibreELEC that there is a monitor connected, but this is a very clunky workaround. Is there no way to force Kodi and VNC server to start IRRESPECTIVE of whether there is a monitor connected or not?

    If there is no way to do this at present, I would suggest it as a future upgrade.

    Kodi and VNC are 2 different services...VNC works even with kodi disabled..

    No need of a can add

    1. hdmi_force_hotplug=1

    in config.txt

    I would try these 2 emulators:

    You should download the cores from addon settings not from retroarch menu..

    Did you try another version of LE?

    Did you check that the library is there /usr/lib/

    Are you using the cores downloaded from retoarch UI menu or the cores downloaded from retroarch addon settings?

    If you want to use TVH 4.3 try LE9.0..never had issues on UK freeview antenna reception...


    I got a cron job running which outputs a log everytime it runs..

    Issue is the log I can only open trough ssh and cannot open it in windows pc through's clearly a permission there any way i can set permissions to each log to be readable ..

    cron looks like this..

    Thanks for any help

    1. 30 4 * * * /storage/.kodi/userdata/Backup/ >> /storage/.kodi/userdata/Backup/Backup_logs/backup_log_`date +%d-%m-%Y_%H:%M`.log 2>&1

    I've found an issue with over_voltage=4 (or higher) on Pi2.
    Can you test this firmware
    Unzip and replace start.elf/fixup.dat on boot partition with start_x.elf/fixup_x.dat from zip file.
    Let me know if over_voltage=4 starts to work again.

    Hi just tested,replaced firmware and can confirm I can now set over_voltage=4 or higher..but had to remove "_x" from firmware file names otherwise it didn't boot.Thanks.

    Hi Dennis

    If you'r overvolting set it to over_voltage=3 or lower and it should boot up normally.


    Issue is over voltage

    Cannot be set higher then

    1.  over_voltage=3

    from =4 upwards LE 9.2.3 doesn't least mine..on RPi2.

    overclock settings don't matter..tried a few and they all work..


    cmd line is this

    1. boot=UUID=0303-2219 disk=UUID=535ef1f2-87b8-43f9-ad36-036077bb50d3 quiet

    Config is this but even tried it with a fresh install of 9.2.3 and then restored a backup from 9.2.1 and did the same..didn't start

    Typo in config_hdmi_booxx=0 is because is the real word is censored..wouldn't let me post it..

    Just upgraded a RPi2 fresh 9.2.1 to 9.2.3 without issues.

    Also fresh install of 9.2.3 works.

    Maybe removing "quiet" from /flash/cmdline.txt will give more information.


    removed quite from cmdline and booted..nothing...

    removed overclock ....nothing...

    copied a fresh config.txt from a new install...nothing

    New install works fine waiting for my latest backup to restore..

    restore didn't work either