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    yes of course. On LE 9.0.2 ES work fine.

    After update to 9.2 I have this error.

    Just tried mine tonight just in case after updating to 9.2 yesterday and it's working fine..I m on version 8.201.1...Rpi2

    Try to force update all addons and rename the ES userdata folder and try again after a restart..

    1. \\LIBREELEC\Storage\.kodi\userdata\addon_data\game.emulationstation

    Also since LE9.1.xx ES needs Locale addon to work from LE repo..set Locale to your location example en_GB>UTF-8

    Comskip during playback is definitely working for me. LE9.2 - Kodi 18.5.

    But.. I couldn't update the TVHeadend Server Addon (still on 1804). The latest version would not start after updating. I have rolled it back for now and will do a clean fresh install at the weekend.'s working with .txt comskip files..thanks

    Are you running LE on 4k resolution?

    If you already have a Rpi 2 or 3 ,stick with it for now till things are ironed out and in the meantime maybe a Rpi4 version 2 is out..If you don't own a Rpi or you would like to help in testing just go for's already working fine for many users but there are still few issues...the Not all USB-C adapters work is not a big issue as you ll probably get 1 with it and you won t have to change it in years...Heating issues I doubt there will be a significant drop with software's probably a design issue and you ll need to adapt it to your probably heatsinks/ventilation or fan is a must

    Hi, i see this addon but i don't understand how It works...

    Now i've a rpi with tvh working with a dvbs2 USB....with oscam etc..

    I installed this addon, but i don't know how It works or how i need to configure to share my dvbs2 in my lan...

    Sorry for my english....i'm spanish.


    I believe Satip is integrated in Tvheadend and you don't need other addons...this addon is probably another option to share your tuner instead of tvheadend satip server...then you will probably need another instance of tvheadend server to act as client for the satip server and scan the muxes/channels...I don't see much advantages in my setup to go for satip instead of normal tvheadend server/client but might give it a go one day...1 advantage I see is that you can probably record locally instead of on the satip server machine..might be helpful for remote servers...but then again if you have issues on network you ll get issues in the recordings themselves..

    edit...I did have recording locally working some time ago but had to create a ffmpeg pipe playlist and load that in another tvheadend for it to work...but not using that setup anymore..

    The version from post #967 on gamestarter should work fine with LE worked for me ..just downloaded and updated my old version...don't think it will work with and doesn't need the file to work. works for me on rpi2

    If you r using gamestarter..retroarch from repo is not updated to work with rpi4 go to the gamestarter thread and there is an updated version to download in latest posts from biteyouridols.still under testing but should work.

    Retroarch rpi4

    Probably it will be easier to say what tuner you are using then just RTL2832U...

    Usually if the scan fails is either because there are no TV channels on that mux or you have poor reception..

    So if your tuner is recognized by tvheadend...start with creating a network for your area from the ready made

    pre defined muxes...then go back to your adaptor and assign that network..then scan.

    If it will fail try the Generic pre defined list (takes longer to scan)but has almost all dvb-t muxes included so you can t go wrong with that.