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    Did you manage to fix this?

    petediscrete But then to turn back ON when needed you will need to disable that service?

    Why not you set up a small script depending on your needs of when you need your Rpi to be ON..

    ex if you need your Rpi to be OFF let's say between 8:00 and 20:00 even if there was a powercut and the power came back in that time frame make an autostart script that starts with LibreElec..checks that the time is in your timeframe and turn Rpi back Off..(shutdown...power will still be ON - red light)

    This will lead you to ask if you can then turn it back ON after 20:00 from same script which will not work unless adding hardware and complicating there's really no reason of even switching it OFF unless this Rpi is on a remote island working on batteries..

    did you try to run

    dos2unix /storage/.config/system.d/storage-ProLiant.mount


    LE (error message: network FAILED), before kodi is started.

    I think you mean mount failed..

    That's what you get if you don't set min and max smb version where I told you above...(from kodi)

    Can you access your server from file manager?

    vers=2.1 is probably giving the read my post again...Did you check your SMB settings?

    If your error is error message: network FAILED try to set wait for network with about 5 sec delay..

    If you just upgraded I don't think kodi's SMB settings should had been altered but if you made a fresh install you ll need to set them back up..

    Try..Check kodi settings services smb client minimum 1,maximum 3,

    Make sure folder on your PC is shared..

    Check mount file for any errors from editing on windows

    dos2unix /storage/.config/system.d/storage-test_mount.mount

    This is working to mount an HDD from Windows 11 on LE12...looks same as yours to me..

    Description=cifs mount script



    systemd file name is storage-test_mount.mount

    If You have all data (DB + audio + video) on NAS of other central storage, what can You win with SSD boot compared to good quality SD-card?

    Boot time not counted as an issue as I'm running my RasPi's 24/7 as well.

    Aren't USB devices consuming slightly more power?

    Probably nothing..more headache when things go wrong..leave the SSD connected for backups and other data..Rpi's are nowadays fast enough anyway..

    Yes, it's very likely that the user has no older Widevine available on InputStream Helper. However, he/she can get an older version from other internet resources, and manually copy & paste into the CDM folder.

    Yes that makes sense..

    otherwise best option is test widevine with another addon that is definatly updated to work with LE12 like ViewX addon just to make sure issue is with addon or not..

    You can downgrade Widevine on InputStream Helper. That did the trick for my DAZN problem (missing menu icons)

    Don't think he can downgrade widevine while still using LE12...once you update to LE12 the old version won't work and needs to be's more that the addon he s using needs to be updated too.

    All I done is re installed widevine cdm library from Inputstream helper addon and it just worked on rpi5...didn't delete anything..

    So if you do just that and it will not work there s a very big chance that the Hulu addon needs updating and not widevine...test with ViwX addon to make sure issue in not with widevine..

    First time I tried LE aarch some months ago I remember widevine didnt work for me but after contacting the dev of the addon I was using and he made some updates to make it compatable pointing to new librarys it just worked..

    Hi Mario77 thanks for chipping in,it was probably LE 10.0.0

    did you manage to get ssh to work?

    le 9.2.6 + kodi 18.9 that s the one you downloaded..

    Try to connect to your box with putty...

    Then run these 3 commands...

    wget -O /storage/.update/LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.6.img.gz ""

    touch /storage/.update/.nocompat


    Hi Chewitt the only option in update channel is 11.0 or 12.0 there is no option to go down a version?.

    Update option doesn't allow you to downgrade through major will let you downgrade from ex 11.0.2 to 11.0.1 but not to 10.0.1 hence I mentioned the .nocompat least that how it is on ll have to do it manually..

    My screen

    I don't think LibreElec will let you downgrade by default..

    On your usb alongside your LE image create an empty file and name it .nocompat

    So on your usb you have now 2 items.The image and the file you created.

    Insert USB in your device and browse to where you have your 2 files as you already done according to your screenshot..So in the left pane of filemanager you have your USB files.

    Now go to the right pane of filemanager and browse to the directory /storage/.update

    Go back to left pane and copy both files to the right.

    Thats'all restart and system should downgrade..

    You will have to go in each of your main addons and downgrade manually...usually their dependencys are downgraded automatically but check just in case..

    Hi have been using Kodi for awhile but was having problems with my device so I did a hard reset on libreelec not realising I wouldn't get the same version back it was 19.2 after a re.boot it gave me the option of version 20 which I didn't really want,I have read poeasts on putting a tar image file on USB and updating or downgrade libreelec but I haven't had any success I'm not really computer savvy is there a how to do the procedure anywhere that takes me step by step through it many thanks.

    What device are you using?

    Usually touch /storage/.update/.nocompat and copying LibreElec image to /storage/.update and restart does the trick...

    Also always have backups ready for rainy days..