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    Not sure what you'r trying to do but you don't really need to change any ports from your OS..

    You change the ports when you forward them to the outside world trough your router.

    Software decode will drive up the CPU usage and increase temps so get a decent passive cooling case (flirc case is highly recommended). The RPi4 SoC is designed to run much hotter than you're seeing .. it's not some fragile thing that must run at 40ºC.

    Hi Chewitt quick question..

    Are you sure streams using widevine are using software decoding?

    Why does my video info popup says hardware decoding active while streaming a show from an addon that uses widevine?

    peno64 could it be you are disabling hardware decoding?

    Where are you getting stuck?Did you find an openvpn server addon?

    I m using this and it's very easy to setup but its for Rpi's but you can always ask on that thread for any help to get it working on your nuc Open vpn server

    Keep in mind that by setting up the server you ll be probably able to access all your brother's home network connected devices not just the nuc..and your connecting device will be like being at your brother s house and assigned the ip from your brother's isp router..

    The key password is the password you used when you created your ovpn user key on the will need that to connect otherwise anyone with the ovpn file can connect to your server..

    is this supposed to work on rpi4B? i have tried on mine and it doesnt work

    Don't see why not..

    I have power button with led setup on a rpi2 but slightly different setup then this post regarding led control..

    So assuming the eeprom issue is resolved since the start of this thread and you want this'll have to install rpi tools addon for gpio button control...not sure why it says

    install package adafruit-libraries

    Looks interesting, will have a play, Thank you

    Problem with Audio Profiles Addon is that it seems that it doesn't save settings like Audio Delay and other settings that have to be set from OSD menu..but ...

    You can integrate Audio profiles Addon together with Bluetooth Delay for Kodi

    Don't get confused with the bluetooth can rename profile "bluetooth" to let's say profile "projector"

    Second problem you will face is that apperently audio delay is set as per video type if you set the delay to be your default for that profile,so if you play the same movie on your TV you ll still have the same delay set but..

    If you go to post #26 on the link I posted user VIP made a version of the addon that accepts json api commands containing a forced audio delay command...

    So that's what your remote command needs to look like..#26

    I don't think so, see the post #3. Yes the original backup writes just some folders from parent /storage but if you make your own backup script, it's up to you. But the original restore can't restore to read only folders.

    I mean that i think you can only restore to /storage...regarding backup you can backup anything/anywhere you want but I would keep anything out of /storage to backup to a separate .tar just to have a backup and not to use later for restoring purposes..

    edit: looks like we'r saying same thing

    Thanks for your quick support..

    Problem is I had to update from LE 9 which was working fine due to an addon (new ITV HUB) that wasn't available anymore for kodi Leia..never had these issues on LE 9.

    Let me try increasing memory (fingers crossed)..

    Looks like it's time to upgrade to a Pi4 :)

    Hoping to get some help..

    Not sure if this is a known issue..but since LE10.0.* on my rpi I m getting several crashes..

    Skin is Aeon Nox Silvo,but issue happened on basically 99% of the skins I tested besides estuary..

    To replicate crash...

    start movie

    go to home menu and

    browse movies

    scroll widgets

    go to kodi settings/addons menu while movie is in the background..

    Tried many things like starting from scratch,installing my setup with 1 addon at a time...disabling language invoker on the few addons I had installed etc..


    crash log