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    I'm not interested to keep image small on my disk but looking more for recovery time

    I've found this in the meantime GitHub - Drewsif/PiShrink: Make your pi images smaller!

    Will give it try

    Attempting this tool results in:

    ./ line 10: syntax error: unexpected "("

    I'm not the sharpest at linux, is this some kind of bash / shell thing? Where diff distros can process things slightly differently?

    or am I doing something wrong?

    I ran a fresh build of 9.2.7 and noticed no errors in the log, playing back the incriminating file on the Pi4.

    I am now running it on my old install, with MANY addons disabled.

    Getting this one only as a fault.

    2021-07-07 09:48:55.192 T:2433688432 WARNING: CMMALVideo::GetPicture - ret(0) pics(0) inputs(0) slept(500) queued(0.33) (484.44:484.11) full(0) flag>

    2021-07-07 09:48:57.851 T:2433688432 WARNING: Previous line repeats 4 times.

    Well that's a good start!

    Let me check what I'm currently using, which is critical to me.



    LibreElec VNC (Tiger?)

    Library, auto update

    Not critical, wanted:


    Picture Slideshow Screensaver

    That being said, I can't recall my previous favourite skin, but I distinctly recall, it worked on Kodi 15, when they released it for 16 or 17 or whatever, despite the same name, it was vastly inferior :( I'd hope Aura is near identical.




    I also didn't get time last night to re-cook an SD card and try a raw, fresh Pi4 9.2.7 build, with no addons just to see if that addressed the issue, so I will try that in the next 48 hours to see if this is a fundamental issue with 9.2 that I haven't noticed before or if it's just me 'breaking' something on my setup.

    What do the below commands tell you? You have H264 enabled? How much memory do you have allocated to the GPU (second command)?

    v4l2-ctl -d 10 --list-formats-out

    vcgencmd get_mem gpu

    Did this - thank you!

    GPU = 320M (it's a 4GB, Pi4)

    I see mention of MMAL so this must be LE 9.2. Go test LE10. Kodi 19 includes lots of feature/bug fixes, and RPi has an entirely different kernel driver stack. From our side of the fence there is no point (and thus not much interest) in investigating issues on LE 9.2 .. it's an effectively dead codebase now.

    Sure but I (think) this used to be fine for me and I don't want to use LE10 for a very long time. I use the Aura Skin on Kodi and love the hell out of it, I need that skin fully functioning.

    Besides, a Pi3B+ is beating a Pi4, I'm pretty sure this is, somehow, my fault.

    Tonight, I build a perfectly fresh, 0 addons, raw Pi4 with stock 9.2.7 and attempt to play back the same file again.

    Also of note, in case this helps - the only difference I can think of, from my Pi3 to my Pi4 is the Pi4 is forcing display refresh rate to match video? Maybe that?

    So I've tested again

    "CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer"

    This occurs a total of 18 times, on RPi3b+ playing back file.

    It occurs in excess of 200 times, on RPi4, same file

    Also lots of

    "NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled"

    (only on Pi4, *none* on Pi3B+)


    "CMMALVideo::GetPicture - ret(0) pics(0) inputs(0) slept(500) queued(0.21) (982.56:982.36) full(0) flags(0) preroll(0) eos(0 2>"

    (only on Pi4, *none* on Pi3B+)


    "WARNING: ActiveAE - large audio sync error: -89435.153837"

    (only on Pi4, *none* on Pi3B+)

    Final pics - I feel like it's the Pi - or my config, not the network, not the NAS - but would love the smarter people to help :( (Chewitt?)

    Note the processor usage on a Pi3B+


    vs a Pi 4


    I gotta fix this, it's taken years of work to make the wife not hate Kodi!! :)

    This is in the kodi.log file for the Pi4

    and here's the Pi3 for the same duration

    Apologies for the bombardment of information, hopefully the super smart people can make sense of it!.

    Does anyone smart people have any idea how to identify the cause?

    I have mounted a folder on my NAS and copied 300MB of files on to the /tmp directory. It did it in under 10 seconds, easily 30MB/s

    I also copied back at the same speed.

    The file which caused it this time is the following: (it's not even 265! it's 264)


    (10.8GB, 95 minutes, approximately 113MB per minute or as little as 2MBytes per second needed!)

    I'm also a lowly 1080p user, 1080p files, 1080p television so I dunno!

    Here is some random pics of top while it's playing back:




    So I'm not sure what the problem is, it's very random!

    I use subtitles always, not hardcoded, so I guess that might introduce a small amount of processing.

    This problem is wildly random by the way.

    I will consider loading files to USB stick and testing but the problem is, you can watch a movie or tv show for 20+ minutes before it does it. (so this is particularly awkward to do!)

    Anyone got some tips? I mean maybe it's just my NAS being busy at the time but I don't think it is (I've tried reducing that and SURELY video playback doesn't need more than 5 or 10MB/s)

    Can I incease the network buffer significantly? I have a 4GB Pi, happy to blow 500MB memory on it!

    Thank you all.

    One more thing for the super smart folks who actually make LibreElec (??) is there a way to LOG 'caching events' somehow? So I can play a video back, walk away and check the log, so I don't have to watch the thing, to know if it occurred? It would help a lot.


    I re-set up my Pi maybe 3 or 4 months ago, from scratch.

    My library, has always been the same (approximately) - over 2000 films and around 70+ TV shows.

    I used to regularly, clean my library.

    None the less I recall my thumbnails, being so big about 18 months ago, that I thought it was in excess of 6GB maybe 8 or so? It's hard to recall.

    Have the TVDB / Movie Database site moved to higher compressed source thumbnails or is libreelec somehow compressing?

    Maybe it's just luck? I don't know, I'm happy about it but surprised.

    USB boot with a USB SSD adapter. Far superior to even the best SD card.

    I mean heck ok, that's a bit fancy! but, would it genuinely provide higher performance? there's little point in me doing it, if it won't actually help.

    I have spoken with Chewitt before about the GPU drivers on the Pi 4 not being great on LibreElec 9 as well, but Ithink this is a long term problem.

    I find K19 generally better than K18, but then I also don't think the K18 is sluggish. I notice a large difference in navigation scroll performance between IR devices and a BT device and remotes using a flirc dongle; but the same difference exists in K18 too.

    This is more about rendering times than input lag (in my opinion) it it's either the CPU, GPU or the disk read for each thumnail.

    As much as the SSD idea is cool, it becomes bulky and combersome - does anyone have any data quantifying a performance increase with much better disk performance? It 'feels' more CPU and GPU ish but I'm willing to try.

    (Would prefer a slick MicroSD for speed TBH but anyhow)

    In a long video listing, the RPi4 already scrolls much faster and smoother than an Intel / Generic device like my Gemini Lake box despite the more "oomph" it has... ?(

    This is absoloutely not the case using the Aura skin with 75TV shows and 2200 movies.

    However, I LOVE aura and will stick with it as long as I can. It's a very powerful and clever skin.

    I particularly like the 'up next' style widgets I can drop at the front 'next episode of TV show' and 'newly added series' - the layout is wonderful, thumnail size is good, the menu is logical. My wife hated Kodi before Aura and now she at least tolerates it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the UI perform particularly snappy?

    Video playback is fine, the UI with aura skin at least, still kinda not ideal.

    I'm curious if a reasonably priced high performance SD card will make the UI better? If so, what brand is the one you're all using?

    I use the flirc, no fan case, I'm ok with mild overclocking if necessary.

    I purchased the Pi4 18 months ago and I'm still unhappy with the performance of the user interface.

    I have not yet updated to Kodi 19, as my understanding is, its a huge change which breaks many add-ons and I assume my favourite aura skin is no good on it.

    Anyone figured this out? 720p forced UI does help, but it's quite ugly.

    If anyone says Kodi 19 is a huge Pi4 increase, cool, I'll consider it sooner but still intend to wait fair while :(

    RPi3 is using video driver code honed over seven years and millions of installs. RPi4 is using different video drivers that have been around for about nine months (if you include the alpha period) and things are still being fettled into good shape.Things continue to improve over time and with each bump in firmware and drivers.


    RE: Is there an active Pi4 'testing' build? (Sorry, I had a peek, can't see one?)

    Hi Chewitt

    Any progress on the Pi4 driver performance, to make the UI a little more snappy?

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

    I had to use some very obscure commands, to reboot my Pi from SSH. Something went pretty critically wrong with my system and I'd love to identify the cause.

    This isn't a critical problem as I have now rebooted it, but I'm very curious what could cause this?

    "systemctl start"

    Same error.


    [53266.365393] systemd: 37 output lines suppressed due to ratelimiting

    [237211.330113] vchiq: 0: ignoring ERROR from callback to service c00b

    [306445.568291] No dialect specified on mount. Default has changed to a more secure dialect, SMB2.1 or later (e.g. SMB3), from CIFS (SMB1). To use the less secure SMB1 dialect to access old servers which do not support SMB3 (or SMB2.1) specify vers=1.0 on mount.

    [310280.982565] No dialect specified on mount. Default has changed to a more secure dialect, SMB2.1 or later (e.g. SMB3), from CIFS (SMB1). To use the less secure SMB1 dialect to access old servers which do not support SMB3 (or SMB2.1) specify vers=1.0 on mount.

    "reboot" same error.

    "telinit 6"

    Same error :(

    Ok the ONLY way I could remotely reboot was this.

    $ sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq
    $ sudo echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger

    The last thing in Kodi.Log was over 24 hours ago.