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    I thought this might be a fun topic to expose features people might not know about.

    My system is pretty basic, I've been using Kodi since XBMP on the OG Xbox.

    I run the Aura Skin, with some custom playlists for my wife, so my more obscure movies are filtered out.

    I run a weekly cron script which backs the entire system up to a file, so I can re-burn an SDCard super super easily.

    I did run PiHole in docker but moved away from that, if I recall not all docker options are viable on ARM processors.

    I love my screensaver, it's"Picture Show Screensaver" it slides art for random TV and movies around in a very dim mode when left alone for a bit, helps me see some cool stuff I have.

    I have autolibrary updater plugin running.

    No VPN, Wireguard, or web based TV streaming options for me personally.

    I found getting youtube working a bit tricky to make the API key (and we have switch and PS4 anyhow)

    Wished I could've got Netflix working but it's kind of tricky if I recall, with a mediocre UI, vs "real" Netflix.

    What about you guys, what have you done to your system that makes you particularly happy with it, beyond the stock skin and functions in the tool?

    Thanks for your reply, I'll have a play with this.

    I don't suppose you know a way I can make it so I can select the boot OS BEFORE I reboot - so no keyboard interaction is required?

    Yeah but like

    Say you over write






    DOES file 02a get deleted? Are there any orphaned files, inside the folders for the OS and application?

    Google only publishes 32-bit libwidevine for Linux/ARM use and even that has to be extracted from a 3GB ChromeOS update image. There is no 64-bit lib that's ever been found, and we haven't ever managed to use the 32-bit lib in 64-bit userspace via compat tools. So we can either build images with 32-bit userspace and facilitatte access to Amazon, Netflix and a number of other DRM oriented streaaming platforms, or we can give a marginally better performing 64-bit userspace without them. As much as DRM sucks balls, it's a fact of life in the world of legal streaming, and we (and Kodi) would prefer to encourage use of legal streaming services than create yet-another obstacle to encourage use of pirate services.

    Your comment is appreciated.

    "Google only publishes 32-bit libwidevine for Linux/ARM use and even that has to be extracted from a 3GB ChromeOS update image."

    This seems like a problem long term, how long until the file isn't available at all? Who is responsible for making a 64bit edition?

    Thanks for hard work - agree with your decisions for sure.

    (Can I get an understanding of what these DRM files do? Allow Kodi to use Amazon Prime as a client / Youtube??)

    Worse.. Its copy paste since first 9.1 ALPHA in June 2019... so the phenomenal rate over last year and my Rpi 4 still suffer from tearing in menu and random crashes :(

    They are working on the graphics driver - it's bigger than the LibreElec team.

    I assure you, I get it - My Pi4 is barely quicker than a Pi3B+ or even my Pi3B (!!!) - the video playback is flawless for me (PHEW!) but the UI? it's a bit clunky for something with 4x the memory, double the CPU and better GPU

    It's not their fault though.