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    I would like to think (!!!?!?!) that surely these guys are already doing whatever they can, to reduce SDCard utilisation in LibreElec.

    Perhaps I'm wrong though - I do have a weekly job set up to back up my SDCard in full, so I can just 'burn' a new one in 5 minutes for $10 and I'm done - I even keep a spare.

    I would like my next system to animate the menus at 30fps, 100% consistently at 4k resolution, prefer 60fps but 30 is fine.

    Run 4k HDR, X265 content at full speed, no problems.

    A bonus, I would like to one day be able to decode 4k, HDR, AV1 content on it at full speed. I suspect this will not be possible without waiting 3+ years.

    I appear to be having a library corruption issue with two folders on my NAS (both the ones which get new stuff put in them)

    Movies are being scanned in but they're not being scanned in properly, it's as if a plugin is broke or the local library has issues?

    Example, if I sort all movies by rating.

    The far left (top) of my list, as intended has GodFather, Shawshank etc. Great!

    If I go to the right (end) of the list, I expect to see some terrible 3/10 films in there.

    However it's populated with movies from the 2 folders I mentioned above. In my library of 2000 films is "Back to the Future 2" is apparently the lowest rated movie. That is totally broken / wrong :/

    I'm guessing the rating for this entry, in my local DB is damaged?

    So I manually refresh the movie information, it repairs the metadata properly - it's fixed.

    Ok great!

    Now to try and fix it for ALL the movies in these 2 folders.

    I decide to set both folders to be "content = none" and do a library clean to remove them properly.

    I then set the content back to movies and scan them back in.

    BROKEN again.... same issue - coming up with weirdo ratings.


    Another indication that movie is damaged, when I open the information for the film, it will show the cast / acros for the film in weird order. The bit players at the start (I had to scroll 2 pages of actors for "The Avengers" before anyone actually famous from the film was visible??)

    I *accidentally* am running LibreElec 9.1.0002 (Alpha) - I don't know if this is 100% the problem, but curious if anyone else has this?

    Final thing: So, you'd figure the scanning tool / plugin is actually the issue, but again, I can manually refresh and set the data correctly for the film and it repairs it fine?

    I was having trouble so I went on to my system and went to LibreElec settings, updates

    I was in the LibreELEC-9.0 "train" (chain?) of builds.

    Available versions was 9.1.001 / 9.1.002 etc

    So I grabbed the latest.

    Is this an alpha? How can I avoid this in future? Should all beta and alpha be called

    9.1.002a or something in future?

    Or chaing the train to

    "LibreELEC-10.0 - testing" ?

    With current RPi and Libreelec setups do most people just use the SD for boot/system/storage - or is still recommend to also include a USB key to put storage on?

    Define 'storage'?

    I'll be damned if my media files are on SD (what!) however my copy of Kodi / LibreElec is obviously on SDCard to boot.

    My media is on my NAS on the network.

    For those that want to run docker manually from SSH CLI in its native form, it works fine, I've been using it a month.

    Happy to post how when I get home, it's pretty simple.

    Finally got home assistant installed via docker, however it refuses to scan my network for devices on first run, it also seems to spit out an error.

    docker run -d



    -v /storage/home-assist-config:/config

    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro



    Glad to see it running but something seems off.

    The following components and platforms could not be set up:

    zeroconf 1

    default-config 1

    Please check your config.

    Feels like maybe some underlying components are missing from librelec network? Or perhaps I've got the networking aspect wrong?

    Anyone that got this working properly on a libreelec setup?

    Anyone else see any odd behaviour?

    My pi is mildly custom, very mild.

    I run pihole docker (NOT the addon, direct on the system) and I've made a couple of cron jobs to perform a backup.

    I have Aura Skin and I have some auto library scan plugin and a few things.

    Has anyone seen any issues of any kind?

    It could be something else, I'm trying to isolate it.

    EDIT: why is my post "disabled until approved by moderator" ? I didn't think I had been rude or got in any trouble here, that I know of?

    I did some reading which seemed to indicate that the system only has HDMI 1.4 or something along those lines, indicating it's just not the best way to get this all working.

    Considering a $35 Pi 4 will do x265, HDR, 10bit (soon as some drivers work) - it'll be a pretty good option, I believe it supports HDMI 2.0B