Dumb mistake? Pi 3, to Pi 4, Kodi UI is only slightly faster, even at only 1080p?

  • No different from previous Pi boards .. although overclock settings will be different. I'm not sure you gain much though, it's a fast board already.

  • End of the day the UI is slow, so if I can overclock a tiny bit and get away with it, I'm willign to do it.

    I will say the stability has been great, you guys did really well there, thank you.

  • RPi3 is using video driver code honed over seven years and millions of installs. RPi4 is using different video drivers that have been around for about nine months (if you include the alpha period) and things are still being fettled into good shape.Things continue to improve over time and with each bump in firmware and drivers.


    RE: Is there an active Pi4 'testing' build? (Sorry, I had a peek, can't see one?)

    Hi Chewitt

    Any progress on the Pi4 driver performance, to make the UI a little more snappy?

  • I'd say there's huge progress in the drivers all over, but then I find the current GUI performance on RPI4 perfectly fine so I don't know what you see that I don't see etc. .. I'm normally a fairly astute tester (been doing it for a while etc.)