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    So yes I moved the USB drive from old NUC6 to NUC11.

    Others seem to be using this NUC on LE and having audio issues instead of image so cant be drivers. Its a 1.5 year old NUC now as Gen 12 is out. Could it be a LE11 issue? Shall I try LE10?

    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem.

    Full logs only. No modified logs.

    Do not post your logs directly into the forum,
    use Settings > LE Settings Addon > System > Paste system logs
    and post the link.

    do you mean plug direct into TV so I can enable debug and then power off plug into AVR and boot and then SSH in to get logs?

    wont be able to use LE settings if I get no display output

    I replied to the "Any suggestions or alternatives?" .. because regardless of whether LE supports WOL (don't know, never used it) it is a method that always seems to result in frustrated users moaning about how flaky/difficult it is to get working right on their hardware or the app being used (or some other issue) in forums. So I suggested something low-tech that will work.


    Maybe I should have chosen i3 NUC 11 as that had built in IR.


    I assumed they all would have it if my NUC6 with celeron had it


    So I replaced my old NUC which had built in IR so I could use Harmony remote to power on and off which was great for media center.

    This new NUC has no built in IR and buying FLIRC wont let me power on and off sadly.

    I know LE supports Wake on LAN but not sure how this would work on Kore Android App as once the NUC powers down the app no longer can connect to it over network.

    Any suggestions or alternatives?

    i been running RPi4B 2GB fine since last year.

    only issues for me is the random bugs in LE that break skins on Rpi but not on generic.

    its been broken since October and devs who make skin dont use pie so not sure whats wrong but I raised bug for it on github no response yet.

    swapped back to my NUC until I know its been fixed.

    I'm using the a NUC 11 (Essential Kit NUC11ATKC2) on LE 11 official nightly 20221120 and everything runs pretty well.

    The only real issue at the moment is with broken 4K 10bit HDR 50 frames (vaapi decoder) support.

    These files/streams are not playing at the moment (only audio plays after some seconds).

    I've no issue with other 4K 10bit HDR files/streams as long as they don't have 50 frames.

    Prime decoder is disabled all the time.

    Im thinking about swapping to NUC11 Essential from my R Pi 4 due to the amount of issues with RPi builds and skins breaking.

    Will that 50 frames bug be fixed or is it a known limitation?

    That may be but the cable quality may not be up to standard. Spurious results on different OSes would be a true indicator.

    Before ruling out an Ethernet cable issue try a different Cat5e Ethernet cable. If you did have Cat6 to hand I’d try that too. It could save you a lot of troubleshooting.

    just tried different cable that is working fine on my server and same issue.

    so I checked the Pi and my network by booting Pi OS and doing IPerf test against my NAS and I get 904 Mbits a sec which seems fine.

    so it must be LE or Kodi not being able to run the ethernet port at full speed as the file I was watching had a 15mb bitrate only.

    below is test on LE


    I found the issue.

    On LE when I run ethtool eth0 it shows its only running at 100mb and not 1000mb. While on Pi OS its running at GB speeds.