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    Is it normal for Kodi on RPi 4B using Argon One v2 Case and a Logitech Harmony IR remote to be very slow to respond?

    I find the CEC remote to be much faster but using the Logitech remote its very slow to respond after pressing button.

    ah ok

    i thought the channels was not applicable if you using bitstream.

    thanks will change port too

    Hard to tell without debug logs..

    so long,


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    I tried both output devices. Both same outcome.


    Can anyone who has working HDR on latest LE Nightlies on Intel NUC let me know which NUC you have?

    I am looking to upgrade so want to buy one that works with HDR so far without the extra patches that may never make it into LE11.

    I use my script using ssh and wget:

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    I tried to install 2022/1/07 generic nightly but when its installing it fails MD5 sum check and then reboots back into current version.

    Its not file as I SSH to LE and download again and still same issue.

    Is the nightly broken?

    I will compile an updated build at some point.

    lrusak's Kodi HDR branch hasn't been updated since September. HDR commits from that branch don't apply to a current Kodi master.

    ah ok

    do you know if the commits in current LE 11 nightlies work for NUC6 like your builds? or will the LE 11 official builds only be for NUC8+?

    I cant flash nightly as it keeps saying md5 error for some reason. Will try on next nightly.

    As far as I know there is no open source decoder / renderer for the Dolby Atmos Extensions used with Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby True HD - nor is there a majorly standardised route to sending them as PCM to an AVR.

    As a result Passthrough/Bitstream of DD+ with Atmos or True HD with Atmos to an Atmos compatible sound system is the route to getting Atmos decoding and height speaker playback.

    You can decode the DD+ and Dolby True HD stream to regular 5.1 / 7.1 PCM no problem though (as the streams are backwards compatible with non-Atmos decoders, which ignore the Atmos extensions)

    Ah ok.

    Issue I am having is sometimes Kodi plays back DD and DDP 5.1 as 2.0. Happens randomly.

    Only if I have pass-through set up.

    Will raise thread with logs for that issue again but last time no one had a fix lol


    Happy New Year all!

    Does LE 10 support Dolby Atmos decoding? Or do you have to passthrough?

    Does passthrough need certain NUCs to work or will NUC6 work?