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    Thanks for sharing. Recently bought a Gemini Lake ITX board so this is helpful.

    Just upgraded my Pi4 from 9.1.001 to 9.1.002 and am having issues with video playback. Experiencing the issue with both offline media and TVH playback.

    When I start a video I get a black screen with no video, but the audio plays. If stop the video etc I can successfully return to the Kodi menu etc.

    I'm having no end of issues dumping the Kodi logs, will continue to try and extract them. This issue has only happened after the upgrade, no issues with the previous 9.1.001 install.

    Is anyone able to point me in the direction of a LibreELEC image for the La Frite sbc? Or alternatively offer any insight into when/if an image might be possible?

    The Libre Computer wiki links to the following site, but it errors out with a 404 erorr ;(