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    The Digibit avoids the need to muck around with drivers in Linux / LibreELEC which is the achilles heel of DVB tuners. My Digibit R1 sits on a shelf in my rack and never misses a beat, hands down the best DVD-S2 tuner I've ever had and I've had a few.

    CA configuration is not different using the Digibit than with a USB/PCI tuner.

    If you're looking for a drop in replacement I'd probably hold off till we see Jasper Lake ITX boards from ASRock etc.

    Something like the ASRock J5040-ITX would be a good option today, but it doesn't have an M2 port. You can likely get an adapter for the PCIe 1x slot if NVMe is really key to your use case. For LibreELEC NVMe is probably overkill.

    Otherwise you'll probably need to go to something like LGA 1200 to get a M2 port, an i3 or low spec CPU would probably suffice.

    The RPi4 would be an option too if you're willing to compromise on your Intel requirement, perhaps replace the DVB-S2 tuner with something like a Digibit R1.

    For LibreELEC the RPi4 is your best option of the two. To get the full benefits from the Pi you need to run nightly's at the moment, but I think there was a comment previously that these improvements would be backported to the next 10.0.X release.

    It would be great to get some feedback on the LE10 testbuild as well, initial testing here looked good, but we'd like to have some more positive confirmation that things work as expected before adding the backport patches to official LE10 releases.

    Installed on my spare machine, so far so good. Have flicked through a few channels with 1080i content and it looks as good as my main Intel HTPC. TV isn't 4K so haven't had a chance to try that or HDR etc yet.

    Thanks for the help, think its a false alert.

    I am running the BanIP package on OpenWrt and looks like is being blocked by one of the blacklists. Will do some digging to find out which blacklist but for now the package is disabled and everything is running as expected.

    Clean install on LE 10.0.1 on an x86/Intel box and I'm unable to access the LE repo. My Google'ing indicates its a NTP issue, but fixing the time doesn't seem to be working.

    Kodi logs ->

    NTP ->

    Interestingly LE has my time zone as Antarctica/McMurdo even though it set to New Zealand/Auckland in the Kodi GUI. If I change the time zone in the GUI to New Caledonia it show correctly on the CLI.

    Can I force the time zone manually by the CLI?

    Any chance you’re using Gemini lake hardware? I’ve lost UI sounds on LE10.