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    Hi all,

    I am currently using a Lenovo PC with my Harmony One remote and it seems to be working for the most part. I am using LE 11.0.3 and I have the settings set to "Suspend", and the reason I chose that is because if I shut down my PC, the Harmony One, or any other remote does not turn it on from a power off state, even though I am using a few Zotac IR receivers that actually work with this PC for other functionality. I read in an LE posts from ( chewitt) that it is harder to set the Power On, as oppose to the Power Off.

    Anyway, is there some way I can add a script to resent the mini keyboard when I resume? I just hate having to get up and unplug the keyboard dongle each time I want to use Kodi.

    Thank you very much in advance,


    I couldn't get the log file, no matter what I tried. Anyway, I installed Matrix on the RPi4, and so far so good. I do get the occasional reboots when I scroll through the library, or if I try to load YouTube, TMDB Helper and a few others. I actually just tried to use the pastekodi command, but just like with Nexus, it returned the command prompt, so that may be a problem if I need assistance. Unless there is some other way I can gab the log because both methods don't seem to work for me.

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    Please provide pastekodi/pastecrash logfiles, system configuration, journal etc are extremely important, pure kodi logs don't help heere

    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem
    4. Generate a log URL (do not post/upload logs to the forum)

    use "Settings > LibreELEC > System > Paste system logs" or run "pastekodi" over SSH, then post the URL link

    When I try to perform the action, I get the following error message.

    Here are my log files. The 1st one is the kodi,old.log and the 2nd is the the kodi_crash log file.

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    It's been crashing all day while adding to the library. It just crashed when I was scanning and trying to play a movie at the same time. It also happens when I am scrolling through the Movies library.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    one option is to take out the disc (or microSD) from just crashed RPi4 abd mount it in another Ubuntu machine, then restore logs - see here for some ideas

    I am not using the MicroSD currently. I am using the external Samsung 870EVO SSD, but I understand what you're saying. I am currently scanning my TV show library, but it's painstakingly slow, even using NFO files. I am going to turn on logging and will upload the log file later on today.

    Thank you for the advice.


    You were asked to provide a full log and instead decided to have a pop off HiassofT who incidentally is an actual developer, when he points this out to you. You’re not exactly warming yourself to the user base here.

    No, you're assuming that I am trying to have a pop off with him. I am extremely appreciative for the help I receive on these forums. However, sarcasm is not warranted. Not because I need assistance means I should just blow over comments made, when in fact it is uncalled for. Having said that, why are you assuming that I am cherry picking suggestions posted here? I've apologized for a mistake regarding a post higher up in this thread, so I don't need to be chastised for it. I have followed every single bit of advice given to me thus far. Please refer me to the advice I am yet to follow.

    Now, regarding the log file. As previously mentioned, I cannot provide something that did not exist (repeating myself). The RPi4 crashed multiple times, and by crash I mean that it was inoperable to the point that it required me to reinstall LE over and over again. How would you suggest that I grab a log when the log file is from a fresh install? Now, as previously stated, I can provide a log-file because I actually have it running. I am not trying to be difficult, but it appears that maybe my posts are not being completely read, or I am not explaining myself properly. Either way, I am not here to annoy, irritate or argue with anyone. I sincerely appreciate everything the community does, and continues to do, and that includes the work of the main developers. I take none of these things for granted.



    I am well aware that I did not post any debug logs. You apparently missed, or did not read my entire post. You cannot assume that because I put random parts together and just magically expected it to work. I used a 12v power supply that powers a WD 4TB external HD, The enclosure is a Sony enclosure that a few years ago I removed it from the casing. I used common sense and figured that if it can power a 3.5" WD SATA drive, then power was not the issue.

    As I stated before, the RPi4 is using the official PSU. This RPi4 is sufficiently powered, as so is the SSD 870 Evo drive. I also tested it with a Sandisk 3D 250GB drive, a Kingston 500GB drive, and they all worked. In my previous posts, I mentioned all the issues I encountered, but in my last post, I clearly stated that it actually worked with the external power supply connected to the SSD enclosure, as well as the random rebooting. Why did you assume that I was not going to post a log file? Sarcasm was certainly not warranted here. I've been just posting here so that I can give updates on my progress, or lack thereof. I am sorry I did not meet your requirements for a proper post, or not posting a log file. It is also very, very hard to post a log file when the entire system crashes, won't start, and then you have to start from scratch over 14 times in the last 2 days.

    Now that I have it working, I will be posting a log file tomorrow to see if someone can assist me in figuring out the random reboots, and lock ups. My comment in regards to getting another system for my media center does not, or should not indicate that I was not going to keep trying to get this thing up and running. Again, sorry if you misunderstood my post, or took it the wrong way. That was clearly not my intention.



    UPDATE: I tried switching the SSD to USB2 but that did not do anything. What I decided to do was to take an old SSD drive power supply, modded it and plugged in the drive. I then installed LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0.3 and it installed faster and booted up faster as well. It is however much, much slower than my ZBOX -ID88, and that's saying something, considering that it's over 11 years old.

    Anyway, moving the same files across the network to the addons/addon_data folder worked well with no lockups. I managed to add over 3900 Movies, but this is very slow, even with NFO files, compared to the above mentioned ZBOX. The RPi4 does occasionally reboot when I click on some of the Movie folders, when I was adding them. Overall, I don't see how this can be a very functional piece of hardware, even for hobby enthusiast. If you were just plugging this into your TV directly to watch a few movies a week, then maybe this may be sufficient. However, I am not impressed with the speed at all, and my Samsung 870 EVO 500GB drive should be sufficient, so I am assuming the RPi4 is not as fast as I imagined.

    Also, a few posts up, someone mentioned that they can install LE from the LE creator on an external SSD drive. Well, I am yet to figure out how this is at all possible, considering that I can install it on a 16GB, 32GB, and even 128GB drives without any issues. I also tried 7 different PC's/Laptops and not one of them can install it on the 500GB SSD drive. I am not sure if this is a limitation of the LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32software, but it does not work for me.

    Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project and bearing with my lack of knowledge with the RPi hardware. I think I may have to invest in an Intel NUC or similar to accomplish a reliable and more stable media center, using LE of course. :)



    Does the SSD have it's own PSU or are you trying to power the SSD from the board? .. and what PSU is being used?. Note that USB booting has a much higher current draw on the board than SD card and will need something like the official Raspberry Pi PSU that's rated for (and will actually give) 5V/3A to avoid power brown-out issues; which from the description of boot failures and reboots is my guess/hunch on the problem. You might also need config.txt changes to boost power on the USB ports and some USB drives still suck enough current to need their own independent PSU. For kicks, you can also boot an LE12 nightly from SD card and ensure any available firmware updates have been applied (via updates in LE settings).

    The SSD drive does not have its own PSU. I read on a few threads that the RPi4 had sufficient power to run it, so I assumed that everything was going to be fine. I do however agree that this may be a power issue. Although, it still doesn't explain why LE fails at some point on the MicroSD cards as well. I will pickup a PSU for the SSD drive and see if that sorts things out.

    Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.


    Good morning
    I format the SD card, USB stick or ... under Windows in NTFS and so far the "LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32" version 1.4 tool has always recognized everything

    no matter whether LE 11 or Nightly 12
    (translated with Google)

    Here is a pic of the drive formatted in NTFS and not being discovered in the selection drop-down menu in the LE creator.


    Ruling out the adapter may have been premature. They seem to be hit-and-miss, there are tons of reports on the RPi forums of various issues with lots of adapters.

    Run 'lsusb', note the vendor and product IDs (the 1234:5678 number) and search for that on the RPi forums

    Also note that there are some adapters with different internal revisions and the same ID around, some revs will work and some others won't but you can't easily tell that just from the ID numbers. Yes, it's all a mess.

    so long,


    I purchased an official RPi PSU.


    Well, after hours and hours of trying, I did manage to get LE to work on the SSD drive, but it keeps failing at different times. If I copy files from my PC over to the addon folder, it stall, I get errors and the RPi reboots, freezes, or sometimes it says that it is beyond repairs (or similar message). I installed LE on the SSD driver over 7 times, and every time it fails at some point or the other. I eventually gave up and installed it on a Sandisk 128 GB MicroSD using the latest Nexus release, but it is very slow compared to my existing older ZBOX. I then installed LE 10.0.4 which is a bit faster than 11.03 but it gets stuck in a loop for over 10 times before booting to the LE interface, and also locks up and sometimes it just reboots. It has been a horrible and frustrating experience thus far. And as for the SSD drive. I did try 3 different brands, Samsung, Sandisk and Kingston, and they all fail. I don't think the SATA adapter is the issue either, because I tried 2 costly brands and same problems.

    Sorry for the multiple posts. Maybe someone can offer some advise.



    I kept trying to install LE but nothing seemed to work until at one reboot I got the RPi bot menu that asked me to connect a network cable, which I did. It then gave me options to install an OS, to which I selected my own on a flash drive with the LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0.3.img on it. It installed it to the SSD drive but the following screen is where it' stuck at right now.



    Hi All,

    I decided to start a new thread in regards to setting up LE on my RPi4. After working out all the kinks, I finally got it to work on the 128 GB MicroSD card. However, I just purchased a Samsung 870 EVO 5000 GB SSD and I ran the LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 after formatting the drive using exFAT from Windows Computer Management module. The issue I have is that the installer is not seeing the 500GB SSD drive, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I would appreciate it if someone can guide me in the right direction.



    really? there are few more suggestions on this thread than just new hdmi cable :) for example hotplug trick.

    besides there is also guidance there how to create and post full debug log, which seems to be your next option here 8)

    You were right. If I took the time to read the entire thread, I would have seen the use of the hotplug option. My sincere apologies. I added it to the config.txt, and it actually worked. Thank you for pointing that out.