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    I'm guessing that Issues that cannot be reproduced are hard to fix.

    What is that suppose to mean? It is a FACT that it has not been working for the longest while. I have posted about it, and YOUR team member has recognized that it is an ongoing issue, so I am confused why you would reply without checking with your colleges first.

    Plot & Cast not showing on LibreELEC

    I posted a simple question about it a few months ago, and I got attitude for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I don't understand how, when why or who to ask. Am I asking in a way that is offensive? Why is this so difficult? I have been using LibreELEC for so long and never had issues with the CAST showing up in TV Show episodes while playing and pressing "I"nfo on my remote. It is a problem as DaVu noticed.

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    Then maybe a database entry is missing on the LE installation, and the add-on can't write into it.

    I don't know the database type (MySQL etc.), but there are tools to read those files (MySQL workbench etc.).

    If you really want to invest the time, compare the database files by using appropriate tools, and eventually add missing entries.

    For the amount of times that I have installed LE I am 100% certain that it's not a DB problem. I can't get every LE installation wrong and all the Windows installations right. Just today alone I've installed LE over 4 times regarding another issue. I also tested it today with 3 TV show series (Blue Bloods, Hooten & the Lady and Strange Things) The cast did not show in those either. I have tested this to the max of my ability and I have not gained any head way so far. I have asked the developers on the Kodi forums and was instructed to post it here, but I can't get any of them to let me know if it will be addressed because I am sure they have more important issues to deal with, which seems reasonable.


    I am just using LE straight into my TV. It has been that way for over 8 years. Well, prior to LE, it was on OpenELEC. It is definitely not on my end. I just started another TV show from the previous one and the cast does not show. I also did this installation at 4am, and I can't be doing anything wrong on every install when in the past it has always worked. DaVu did confirm that he replicated the issue. Other than that, I have no clue. It is driving me crazy though. I can also take this entire installation, ie, my addons folder, as well as userdata folder excluding the database file and it works on Windows without any issues.


    This is really, really strange. I am back on LE 9.0.2 and I am currently watching a TV series called "This Way Up" and the Cast is actually showing, but yet it does not work for any of the other TV Show episodes that I have watched in the past. This is about the 6th re-installation of LE and it has never worked before. I wonder if it is a TVDB issue, which is strange considering I've always used TVDB to scrape my TV shows.


    Looks like we have not solution, because we can only guess what the add-on does.

    Find the developer of the add-on, and ask. Maybe milhouse knows him, and can make it happen.

    This is not an addon issue. If it were, then it would not be working on a windows setup. :D

    Da Flex - Are you using LE? If so, does your Cast show up while watching a TV episode and pressing Info on your keyboard, or remote?

    shedrock :

    Do you use a custom skin or fanart? I'm asking because I read "fanart" lines at your log.

    If yes, use the default skin and disable fanart. Sometimes GUI entries are invisible, because graphics is missing for a custom GUI config.

    I have a few test LE setups with just the default skin. However, the default skin as far as I know does not have the option of showing the cast while the episode is playing using the info button on the remote. It is definitely an LE problem. I just wanted to know if it was addressed yet, but I guess it hasn't. :(

    I only use TVDB for TV shows and UMS for Movies. Here is the screenshots. This is just an example of one of my TV folders. All the others *only* use TVDB for TV Shows.



    DaVu confirmed that this was indeed broken on LE 9.0.1, but I have checked to see if it was fixed in the follow up releases, but never got confirmation.

    Here is a partial log of me refreshing the series "Discovery of Witches" using TVDB.




    @milhouse - I am using the TVDB scraper as I always have on LibreELEC. I also did a fresh install and I still don't see the Cast for TV Shows. I only see it for Movies. This is not an issue for me when using Kodi for Windows on my Laptop PC.

    A few months ago I asked about this issue on the Kodi forums (THREAD) regarding the "Cast" not being displayed while the TV show is playing and info is pressed. DaVu mentioned that he would speak to the LibreELEC team members regarding the matter so I am just following up on it to know if it is something that would be looked at in the near future. :)

    Regards,and thank you all for the ongoing hard work on LE.


    I am not certain where I should have posted this, or even the subject title. If this is the wrong forum, then please accept my apologies.

    Here is the issue I am struggling with for the longest while, and I know now that it may not be an addon issue, but maybe related to LibreELEC. Whenever I setup a widget for "Episodes Airing Today" which uses SHS, as well as SHSW, I don't see the full list of episodes that are airing today while using LibreELEC. However, if I am using Kodi under Windows, it works just fine using either the Kodi Repo version of TVShow Next Aired, or even other modified versions of the addon above v.6.0.15, but this depends on the skin I am using. If I use Aeon MQ7 (Mod), it works great on LibreELEC while using TV Show Next Aired v.6.0.15, but I can use any version on my Windows PC and it works.I even tried copying the entire "addon" and "userdata" folder from Windows (minus the Database folder) and it still does not work as it should.I've tried many installations and configurations, but I have had zero success. I know it is not a high priority for most people but maybe someone can shed some light on it for me. I have also checked with many other versions of the addons "dependencies" and I am out of ideas now.:(

    I would appreciate any help with this if someone has the time.

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    0.o That's very possible. It's also a 4 year old release, so some add-ons of Kodi may no longer work. But it's all up to you.

    Just to be clear. I was referring to LibreELEC in my initial post. My comparison was with Helix, even now, I have zero issues, so it won't be a memory problem. Anyway, I will continue to monitor it.