[8.90.6] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

  • Youtube addon is not working. Twitch addon is not working... come on i removed android just to avoid sh1t like this!

    Please show some respect to people who are devoting their own time free of charge.

    It is comments like this that can cause these good people to stop working on the project.

    Where is your gratitude??

    Completely out of order.

  • Your fault. Overwriting your running version with higher alpha version is big mistake. If you starts testing new alpha version you have to start testing with clean installation on new SD card.

    Now you can start LE installation from scratch. Clean install on SD card -> installtointernal.

    afl1 , i do a fresh install with the KII pro, all worked fine for me.

  • Youtube addon is not working. Twitch addon is not working... come on i removed android just to avoid sh1t like this!

    funny for you i tested out twitch because i normally don't use it and it is working without any issue, same is for youtube which i also use.

    Also next time when you post then i first would check out different things and try to get it working before coming into a thread and post useless information and attack a developer who make it for free and just for fun!

    And last one, if you don't have any technical knowledge then please oh please don't use software which is labled ALPHA!!!!

    Use one of the stable builds and if you have issues then first post logs and ask in a friendly way that someone can help you!

  • Hello there

    I m usnig 1.0.6 now and it works well thanks for the developer amd it is much faster than 1.0.5 in terms of channel change

    Now i want to know how to get the subtitles from opensubtitles.org an subscene to work with live tv on tvheadend not the subtitles accampanied by the channels itself

    I mean the option found on enigma2

  • donger and that builds in this thread are pre-alpha software and some thing will simply not work?

    There is always a chance something won't work even with a stable release, worth mentioning that addons are 3rd party extensions that we are not responsible for. We can only try and help :)

    A lot of my time has been spent making community releases, it takes 2-3 hours for LE to compile, then there is testing, debugging, a lot of smoking cigarettes and headaches that also come with it but hey we do it all for nothing =D

  • Amcodec hardware acceleration is buggy. What can I do to report this properly or is this already reported?

    edit: never mind. Amcodec seem to be the culprit in many issues already discussed.

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  • My buddy has a "Globmall X1" box with a S905X and a RTL8723 wifi chip that he got on Amazon along with a wireless mini keyboard.

    He hears me praising LibreElec and wants to try i too, do you guys think I could burn this version to a microsd card and make him "see the light" ?

    I know this version is "experimental", but will it keep being auto updated until it's fully stable ?

  • Bossman74 For stable LE you can try my build. Then 9.0 when it's beta or final.

    I'm using your version on my boxes, but wondering if I should start him on 9.0. He's not too good at fiddling with theses things (as if I am...) and I like that it would update automatically for him.

    But your way makes more sense.

  • Concerning the problem I face with my USB airmouse, I found that the volume buttons work after reboting but once starting LiveTV, they don't work anymore. Maybe this helps either GDPR-2 or afl1 ? It happened now twice in a row after rebooting, I will investigate further. Could it be that the audio device is somehow "changed" for playing LiveTV? Stopping LiveTV does not make it work again.

  • Hi!

    At first I have thank kszaq and GDPR-2 for their great development work on making Libreelc available on S905X devices, like my V88 pro box!

    I would like to report a bug. I think it was present in all of the 9.X builds, but it is definitely not present in kszaq's builds. Video files of a specific kind do not play. Today I found the time to prepare a sample file and create a log file. I will send both via PM. I also checked, if this is Kodi or LE related, but the file is playing fine on Kodi/windows/current nightly – so that’s all I can tell.

  • Why PM?

    You are right, maybe someone else has a clue about this, too. The video seems to freeze or stutter really strong. There is no audio. The timecode is screwed up and shows -596 hours or so as current position.

    Here is the important part of the log (had to shorten it due to post limitation):