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    Why PM?

    You are right, maybe someone else has a clue about this, too. The video seems to freeze or stutter really strong. There is no audio. The timecode is screwed up and shows -596 hours or so as current position.

    Here is the important part of the log (had to shorten it due to post limitation):


    At first I have thank kszaq and GDPR-2 for their great development work on making Libreelc available on S905X devices, like my V88 pro box!

    I would like to report a bug. I think it was present in all of the 9.X builds, but it is definitely not present in kszaq's builds. Video files of a specific kind do not play. Today I found the time to prepare a sample file and create a log file. I will send both via PM. I also checked, if this is Kodi or LE related, but the file is playing fine on Kodi/windows/current nightly – so that’s all I can tell.